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24. Mother

     "Mum?'' I said walking toward to open bedroom door. I peeked through the door. I saw my mother slumped over on her chair. There was empty bottles of wine on the floor. She had a glass of wine in her hand. She looked at me with bloodshot eyes and slurred.

''Its your fault! You self centered devil child!...Your the reason why he left...Your the reason why I'm not happy...Its because of you."

"Mum your drunk you don't mean that.'' I said taking the wine out of her hand. She stood up and pushed me.

"You look just like your bastard father! Why must you look so much like him? I hate you!'' She said walking over to her bed but falling down instead. I quickly ran over to her helping her up and laying her on the bed. I sat beside her and tucked her in.

"Don't leave me Skailar. I love you soo much.'' She started."Your my only baby. You cant ever leave me...Don't leave me like your father did...''

I was only 12 at that time...But this was an every night thing with mother. By morning she'd forget everything...Like always.

"Its okay mum...I wont ever leave you...I love you.''



 I jumped out of my sleep searching for my mum. To me dreams like that were nightmares. I hated having flashbacks of the times my mum would go on her drunken rants. But they were normal. I got used to my mum acting like a drunken fool. She still does sometimes, but I just stay away from her now.

I crept out of my bed and down the stairs. I walked into the kitchen for something to drink. The clock read 2:15. As I was drinking my cup of water I replayed the events of today. No matter how many times I've tried to stop it, my mind kept going back to Harry. I had to do what was right.

I dialed his number. he answered on the third ring.

H- hello?

S- I cant sleep.

H- Skai? its 2 in the morning, what's wrong?

S- I need someone.

H- I'm here for you,tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it.

S-Sing to me.

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