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15. Lips pressed to my neck...

~~~Skai's P.O.V

  I lay with my head on his chest. I don't know how long we just laid there in silence, but I liked it. I closed my eyes and listened to him hum 'Kiss Me' by Ed Sheeran. His heart beat was steady , his breathing , steady. I mimicked his actions and relaxed. His hand tangled in my long hair as he stroked my head. He looked down at me . His beautiful eyes were calm. His plump lips parted. His curls tucked into a red beanie. His hand gripped my chin so my face was facing his. He came closer to me and pressed his soft lips to mine. It only took me moments before I kissed back. His lips are heaven. Our lips moved in sync. My heart was beating slow but my stomach was doing backflips. He pulled away leaving the sting of his lips lingering on mine. I lay my head back on his chest while he starts to hum again.

"Settle down with me

Cover me up
Cuddle me in
Lie down with me
Hold me in your arms

Your heart's against my chest
Lips pressed to my neck
I've fallen for your eyes
But they don't know me yet

And the feeling I forget
I'm in love now

Kiss me like you wanna be loved
Wanna be loved
Wanna be loved

This feels like I've fallen in love
Fallen in love
Fallen in love" Harry sung to me ... His voice was beautiful... Almost angelic... 

I looked at at him . He looked at me a d smiled leaving a kiss on my forehead. 

"Harry." I said.

"Yes baby?" He asked. 

"I think you have a beautiful voice." I said .

"Well I think you have a beautiful face." He said. If only that was true...

"Skai... You do know that you are beautiful , right?" He asked. I shook my head 'no'.

" Well your not beautiful ." He said." Because calling you beautiful is an understatement babe." I looked at him and kissed his soft lips. I mumbled a simple 'thank you'. I closed my eyes as I lay on his warm chest . He starts to him again. 

The way Harry makes me feel is unexplainable ...and I think I'm falling in love with him....

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