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37. Invisible

 Tap tap tap. I tapped my pencil on the table. It was already study hall and I was the only one in the library. Today has been a huge black hole. I felt like nothing. People treated me like I was nothing. A waste of space. A waste of air. Today has went exactly how I thought it would: depressing. Walking down the halls I felt invisible. Not the good way. I felt as if the walls were closing in on me and the people around me were just ignoring my plea for help. I felt as if I was suffocating. I felt alone even though I was surrounded by numerous bodies. And to make it worse no one suspected a thing.

"Excuse me." A raspy voice spoke to me. My heart skipped a beat. My body stiffened as I tried to turn toward the familiar raspy voice. My mind was telling me not to, but my body wasn't listening.

 I looked at him. The bastard held a smirk on his lips. Arms crossed over his chest. His eyes scanned my body. I took one good look at him from his head to his toe. I felt my stomach churn. In front of  me stood the devil that stole my heart along with my virginity.

"Harry?'' I choked out. It was barely audible.

 I must've been crying because Harry wiped a tear from my eye and engulfed me in a hug.

Mixed emotions rushed through me. I didn't know whether I was happy, sad, mad, angry... Angry. Angry. ANGRY! I was beyond angry at him. He was the reason for everything bad that has happened to me. I hate him. He is the devil. El diablo.

 I quickly pushed him. A look a disgust and betrayal was held on my face. I was sick to my stomach. He made me this way. Its his fault.

"Don't fucking touch me!'' I spat pushing him again. He tried to reach out to me and calm me down but I slapped him. Hard.

"How could you?" I choked out. The tears that were spilling out of my eyes made it hard for me to speak. Harry shook his head. His eyes were glazed over like newly cut glass. Were those tears? Did The Harry Styles just shed a tear?

"Is that a tear I see? One tear? Wow BOO-FUCKING-HOO! That one tear over the hundreds I shed over you. How could you? I loved you!'' I managed to say.

"Skailar I'm sorry.'' Harry said reaching out for my hand. I slapped it away.

"Sorry? Sorry? Your sorry?! No, see you cant be sorry. To be sorry you have to feel guilty. But you cant feel guilty. Because you cant feel anything! You have no feelings! Your heartless! You are the devil! And I cant believe I was stupid enough to fall for someone like you. El diablo.'' I wiped my tears and turned away from him. I proceeded my way out of the library. Out of his presence. Out of his life.

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