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36. I'm Back....

    I looked at my reflection for the millionth time. Usually, I wouldn't care for my appearance but today was different. I couldn't be like I was before. I couldn't be pathetic. I stood up straight and smiled at myself. I hated my smile. I took a deep breath and smiled again. Even though it was going to be hard, I couldn't push past the fact that its not healthy being miserable. I was going back today.

  I decided on letting my curls out of its bun. My attire was simple yet effective. I wore a beige jumper with long sleeves and brown shorts. Slipping on my beige cowboy boots was the finishing touch. Even though it wasn't much of an effort, I still think it was better than before.

 I grabbed my phone and car keys as I walked out the front door. I sat in the drivers seat for about a minute before I started the car. I hope I make it through the day.


  I parked my car between a motorcycle and a black SUV. I took a deep breath and opened the car door. The cold wind blew in my face as I scanned the bodies upon me. I recognized a lot of faces. I saw the jocks, the sluts, the loners, the populars, the losers, the emos, the nerds, and then them. Them, the ones who were supposed to be my friends, the ones who hurt me most. They hadn't even noticed I was looking at them. Niall had his arm around Carla who had the biggest grin on her face. Beth and Liam were holding hands. Louis and Zayn were hugging their girlfriends. My heart sank to my stomach when I saw him. His beautiful face stood out over the rest of theirs. He looked different. He looked happy.

  His curly hair was no longer curly. It was longer and looked wavy instead of its natural curly way. His plump pink lips were formed into a huge grin. His deep dimples were not as deep as I remembered. He looked different. Harry has changed. I tore my eyes from him as I saw Meghan wrap her arms around his neck and place a long kiss on his lips. That should be me.

 I ignored the tears that were threatening to fall and closed the car door. Unfortunately for me the door made a loud slam noise and made me the center of everyone's attention. Even his. His smile dropped, lips spread and eyes widened. Just like everyone else that was staring at me. I kept my head high and ignored all of their glares and whispers. I slung my bag over my shoulder and proceeded my way into the school.

  I felt my heart beat faster as I got closer to humanity. I wasn't mad or nervous, I was petrified. What will happen? Am I strong enough to get past this? Am I ready to confront him? The time has come when I will be the one happy. Not him or them. I will make it, I will survive.

  I didn't dare make eye contact with anyone as I confidently walked past the groups. Niall and Carla looked hurt more than anything else.

 As I finally came across Harry's path I glanced at him. His face expression was unreadable. A mixture of surprise and relief played on his face. I couldn't make out his emotion. Not that he had any emotions, that boy was plain heartless. A walking heart throb. A waist of space. He was nothing to me, anymore... 


so I finally updated! yassss...

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