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12. I wish I was a leaf...

 Today was Monday ... Yayyy... Not . It's been two days since I spoke or saw anyone... And by anyone I mean Harry . The last time I saw him was Saturday, when we had our make out session in the parking lot. Since then he has not called , texted, tweeted, facebooked, kik-ed, or tried to see me ... And it's really confusing.. One day he's forcing me to go out with him and forcing his tung down my throat... And the next it's like I don't even exist... It's getting tiring . I want to be his ... And I want him to be mine.. But it's like he's just fucking with my emotions. 

 I walked into my most favorite place in the world ... SCHOOL. Note the sarcasm . I walked to my locker and saw... Carla? Carla was a girl I went to middle school with. She was a nice girl, but Chloe didnt like her so me and Carla stopped speaking. In my opinion she was very beautiful. She had short brown wavy hair with pretty hazel eyes. She was a good 6' inches taller than me. And she was skinny with average boobs. ( A/N it's not creepy. Every girl examines another girl like that. Nothing nasty..) I walked to my locker and turned to her.

 "Hey Skailar." She spoke nervously. 

"Hello there Carla ." I said smiling. It was a genuine smile . It really was nice speaking to her, we were close friends.

" How's it been?" She asked smiling back at me .

" Eh I'm living , right? " I said.

" Yeah , I get it ." She said looking down.

" Hey ... Um how about I give you my number so we can talk again. Or maybe hang out. I really miss being your friend ." She said looking back up at me as I closed my locker.

" Yeah , sure... I'd love that actually." I said smiling at her. I handed her my phone so she can type in her number. She handed back my phone and smiled at me.

"Well bye Skai ." She said.

"Bye Carla . See you later." I said walking to my first class. I saw Chloe and she looked at me. More like she shot daggers at me. I rolled my eyes and looked right back at her and stopped in my tracks. 

"Is there something on my face?" I asked bluntly looking her dead in her eyes.

" No..?" She said simply. 

" Then what the fuck are you looking at?!" I snapped walking away from her. She grabbed my wrists and stopped me from walking away.

" What were you doing talking to that thing ?!" She asked with a scowl on her face. I pulled my wrists away from her and looked at her as if she was trash... Which is basically what she was to me right now.

" If your referring to Carla , she's not a thing. She's a girl , and she's my friend. If I want to talk to her than I will ... " I said .

" But she's weird!" Chloe tried to protest .

" And your a bitch !" I said calmly before mushing her away from me and walking to class.


The lunch bell rang indicating it was lunch time. I dropped off my books in my locker. I looked around the hallway . It was practically empty and quiet. I took out my lunch and walked out of the building. I sat in my usual spot . It was under a big oak tree that had a great shade and a swing. I'm surprised no one came here.. I mean it was right behind the school and a good place to come and ditch . I ate my sandwich in peace. I looked up at the leaves and branches that were shading me from the sun. I smiled to myself . I sometimes wish I was a leaf.

~ I could grow. Then be a bright shade of green, orange, dull yellow or red. Then shade people like me from sun. I could absorb the light. And breathe in the carbon in the air. I could feed little insects and sprout little berries. And then after I lived my life... I could fall with millions of others that look just like me, but we are all individually different . I would make a beautiful blanket on the ground for people to admire. I wish I was a leaf.~(A/N I just wrote this poem while making this chapter. I love writing as you can see.) I heard the bell ring . I got up and walked back into school. I wish I was a leaf...

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