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28. I Win

~~~Harry's P.O.V 
 "Are you sure you want to do this baby?" I ask her in a hushed voice. We ended up at my house. Layed up in my bed. Me on top of her. 

"I'm ready. I want to do this with you. I love you." She said. I quivered at the words she spoke. She was so innocent. And here I was, trying to steal her purity. I almost felt bad for her. I was gonna fuck her brains out and never speak to her again. I was gonna leave her there, like she was trash. I was planning on hurting her. But right now... I'm gonna fuck her.


~~~Skailar's P.O.V
  Harry is so mesmerizing. His lips, body, hair, scent... Him. I wanted him now. I wanted all of him. 
  Harry attacked my lips with his. Our tungs roaming each others mouths. He pulled away and looked me in the eyes. His once beautiful green orbs, were now dark. He licked his bottom lip. Harry stood up on his knees, pulling his shirt over his head. His beautiful tan abs now visible. 
  I licked my bottom lip at the sight of him. I traced his tattoos with my index finger. He is so beautiful.

"Like what you see, love?" Harry asked in his deep husky voice. I felt my cheeks warm. 

"Your so beautiful." Shit... I didn't even think before speaking. Harry chuckled and brought his lip between his teeth. 

"No. Your beautiful." Harry said kissing my cheek. 

"No I'm not. I'm ugly and fat." I mumbled looking down. Harry grabbed my face and kissed me roughly. He pulled away and looked me straight in the eye.

"Don't you ever fucking say that again!" He spat through clenched teeth. "You. Are. Amazing." He said placing a kiss on my lips between each word. "And I'm going to prove it to you." I smiled at his words. 

 Harry pulled the sweater over my head and threw it on the floor. I bit my bottom lip and brought my lips to his ear. I sucked on his earlobe and whispered in his ear.

"Let me suck you off, baby." I said in the sexiest tone ever. Harry looked at me with wide eyes and a shocked expression. 
"You suck dick?" He asked.

"This will be my first." I said fumbling with the button on his jeans. A huge grin crept across his face. He pecked me on the lips.

"Then start sucking baby."


~~~Harry's P.O.V 
I watched as her tiny hands slid my boxers down. I saw how her eyes widened as she saw how big my length was. She was only in her bra and panties. Considering I ripped her other clothes off of her. 
   She brought her lips to my tip, kissing it. 

"Fuck." I said tipping my head back. 

 Skai licked my whole length. Tasting me. I placed my hand on the back of her head and pushed it down. I heard her gag, but she pulled herself together. She started bobbing her head up and down. I let profanities slip out of my mouth every time she moved her head.

"Oh fuck. Baby! You feel so good." I mumbled. I was no longer breathing, but panting. I felt my dick in the back of her throat. She felt so good. I have been waiting for this day so long. And I was going to do everything I had imagined to. 

"Skai stop. I wanna come inside of you, not your mouth." She stopped and licked her lips. 

"You taste good, daddy." She said winking. 

"Oh but I feel better, baby." I said laying her on her back. I brought my lips to her neck leaving little wet kisses. Then to her jaw. Then to her lips. I kissed her passionately.

I unclasped her bra and threw it somewhere. Her large, round, untouched breasts are now mine. To squeeze, suck, and massage as I fuck her roughly. I started to suck on her pretty nipples. Showing her breasts care and love. I started to trail down to her flat stomach, and then to her panties. 
  I slowly pulled her panties down with my teeth. 

"You want me to eat you, baby? Huh? You want me to eat that tight little pussy?" Skai nodded her head and bit her lip. 

I rubbed my thumb on her clit as I licked her. I could eat her all day. Her moans were loud and encouraging. I slipped a finger and two into her. I fingered her roughly until I felt her pussy soaking wet. I licked my fingers. 
 I reached over to my drawer and pulled out a condom. 

"You put it on." I said to Skai. She tore the wrapper open with her teeth and slipped it onto my large shaft. 

"You ready babe?" I asked her again. 

"I'm scared, Harry." She said looking me in the face. I opened her legs and positioned myself near her entrance. I attacked her lips one last time. 

"Don't be baby. Ill be gentle." I said smiling at her. Here goes nothing.   
I slowly pushed myself into her. Her eyes widened and she tried to push me away. But I kept on. She was so tight, I felt the skin on my dick being pushed back. I could feel her insides crumbling as I tried to fit myself into her. 

"It hurts so much." She whimpered as a tear slid down her cheek. I was hurting her. I was hurting the flawless angel that lay under me. I stopped pushing myself into her. That was as far as I could go. 

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked trying to take her mind off of all the pain I was causing her.

"No... Just give me some time to adjust to you." She said taking in a deep breath. 

Now this was the hard part. Waiting. 

"Go. Now." She breathed out a breath I didn't know she was holding.

I started to go slowly. Pushing in and out of her. The faster I went, the better it felt. Within minutes, Skailar's cries turned into moans. Loud moans.
The sweat on my forehead trickled down my face. I looked at Skailar who was loving every inch of me. I started moving faster.

"Fuck Harry!" She moaned. "Faster!" I quickened my pace and pulled Skai's legs over my head. 

"Fuck baby. Your so tight. I don't know if I can hold any longer!" I said pounding into her. She shut her eyes and let out a scream.

"Fuck me Harry! Fuck me harder!" She screamed.

"You fucking slut! I'm gonna fuck you harder!" I yelled pinning her arms over her head. I thrashed myself into her( hard) a few times as she reached her orgasm. I sped up and our bodies were moving in sync.

"Harry!" She moaned my name. 

"Come with me baby. Come!" I panted. My thrusts were becoming sloppy and I was getting tired. Good thing Skai had came. And right after her, I did too. 

"Fuck." We both breathed out. We were both  breathing heavy. I took off the condom and threw it out.  I wrapped my arms around Skai just laying there. Her head was nuzzled into my neck . The sheets covering our naked bodies.

"Harry." Skai spoke.

"Yes love?" I asked kissing her forehead.

"You took my virginity. We made love. Im glad I lost it to you. Because,I love you." Then it all hit me. I took her innocence. That is what I was supposed to be doing. That was the main reason why I put up with her. But this was real to her. She actually cared. She just wanted to feel something. But to me...It was all about the game. And the only thing I could think about was: I won.



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