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6. I saw nothing

I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock . Great another day here .... Alone.... I got up and walked over to my closet . I felt a really sharp pain in my stomache ... Great ... I walked to the bathroom. Just as I suspected I had my period . I jumped in the shower and decided to not wash my hair. After showering I walked over to my closet and picked out a pair of dark blue jeans , an obey grey loose tank top and some grey vans. I looked simple . I liked it. I threw my curly hair into a messy bun. I grabbed a granola bar and my phone and made my way to my car. Great another day with a lot of people I don't like... It's probably just PMS talking but who cares I still hate that school. 


I walked into an empty parking lot. Where the fuck was everyone? I looked at my phone. It read 9:15 . Shit it was already the end of first period. I walked into school and got a late pass from the main office . I was now walking to math that I shared with Niall .. I liked Niall , he's sweet funny and hot... But I guess we're just friends . I remembered I had to get my math binder. I walked over to my locker . But stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a guy getting the living day lights beat out of him. The boy that was getting beat up was Caleb . I know this because I have literiture with him. The boy beating him up I didn't recognize . He had on a beanie with a grey t-shirt . He looked so familiar but so different. Then my eyes met another figure standing behind him... Louis ? 

" Louis ?" I spoke my thoughts aloud . Uh oh big mistake . Louis' eyes shot at me with anger. I was so caught up in his death glare I didn't notice the figure that was below him stood up and also stared at me. I met the figures eyes... His piercing green eyes... The figure was Harry? Man he was sexy... Was the only thing I could think even though there was a bloody Caleb on the floor probably unconscious. My eyes met Harry's . He started walking towards me. I did what any logical person would do and ran. I ran down the hall and to the girls bathroom . Before I could run in there I felt two huge arms wrap around my waist and pull my back close to his chest.

" Hey love." I felt my heart stopped as he whispered into my ear.

" Hi Harry." I whispered back . I could feel him move my head to the side . He ran his finger over the hickey he gave me. He then left a trail of kisses on my neck. Slowly nibbling at my skin. Caressing my skin yet feeling my soul. 

"Babe what did you see?" My heart sank at his words... Harry was intimidating yes, but right now he was just plain scary .

" Nothing." I managed to say even though my eyes caught everything.

Harry spun me around to face him. He grabbed me and pushed me to the wall and placed my arms over my head .

" Don't fucking lie to me Skai! For the last time , WHAT DID YOU SEE?!" He was screaming at me . I jumped at his tone of voice. What was he being so vicious?

" Everything." I whispered as I looked into his eyes. They were dark with anger . How can someone so beautiful be so scary? 

" Well that's not good now, is it love?" He said in a calmer voice as he lifted my chin.

" Like I said before Harry I didn't see anything , I didn't hear anything, and I won't say nothing !" I spat out at him. He just chuckled at me .

" Good girl now aren't you supposed to be in class right now ? "

" I should be asking you the same thing Harry ." He looked at me his face went serious.

" Leave now Skai . " I pushed him away and started walking to class.

" Hey Skai remember.. This is our little secret . See you later babe." I quickly turned around then ran to class . I came to my conclusion that Harry was a monster... One that seems sweet and nice but then takes you in your sleep. He is one that creeps into your dreams ... He is a beautiful nightmare....

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