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11. I remember


 " Hey Skai you need a ride home?" I nodded .

He helped me up and we walked to his car. The ride to my house was silent. We arrived there and he helped me out of the car. 

" Thanks ." I whispered as we made our way to my front door.

" Anything for you love ." He said as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead. I wrapped my arms around his neck and embraced him in a hug. For the first time in a long time ... I felt safe... I pulled away remembering that this is my best friend's boyfriend .

" Bye Liam ." I said quickly and open the door to my house. I walked upstairs and changed into my pajamas replaying the events of today.... I felt myself drifting off ....I felt safe...


 I woke up with a splitting headache. I looked at my phone : 3 missed calls, 7 messages. I looked at the time . 12:45. Great . I slept through breakfast and lunch . I got up and made my way to my kitchen. "Something to eat. Something for my belly belly ." I sang out loud. I looked into my refrigerator ... "Empty. " I have to go shopping . I ran upstairs and grabbed a pair of sweat pants and a light pink sweatshirt. I threw my crazy hair into a bun and grabbed my car keys. " To the supermarket !" I said to myself running to my car.

 When I pulled into the parking lot I looked around. Empty.. Great I love shopping alone. I got out of my car and walked into the small market . I grabbed a basket and made my way to the dairy isle. "Hmm... What does mama need?" I spoke to myself." Milk..eggs, cheese, yogurt.." I said picking up some items while walking . I walked out the dairy isle and into where the butcher is. 

"Hi Marty !" I said to the husky butcher.

" Hey there Skai ! What ya doin'?" He asked walking away from his area .

" Oh you know food shopping. Getting some meats!" I said .

" Oh yeah! What can I get you love?" He said going back to his area waiting for my order.

" Umm .... BACON!!... And chicken breasts... And ground beef please ." I said plastering a big cheesy smile on my face. I love Marty . He's like my uncle.. Him and my mom used to date and he would always shower me with gifts... He was like my dad, unlike Paul who would mentally undress me .

" Sure love ! And you want turkey bacon right?" He asked. I nodded my head. See he knew me so well. He knew I hated pork and pigs. Just the thought of eating pigs was disgusting.


After paying for all the food I loaded the bags into my car and got in. I unlocked my phone and looked at the messages from yesterday . I had 4 from Niall saying: jgjhjmgu. And the rest were from Harry . 

 H- Skailar I called you like 10 times pick up. 

H- babe are you still mad at me?

H- babe you look hot in that light pink sweatshirt and those sweat pants make your ass look amazing...

S- yes I'm still mad at you , and how do you know what I'm wearing?

H- I have my ways babe ..

S- where are you Harry ..

H- parked right beside you 

 I got out of my car and looked for Harry . I spotted him sitting in a shiny black convertible . I walked up to his car and knocked on his window. He rowed his window down and looked at me. His mesmerizing green orbs scanned my body. I faked coughed and his eyes met mine. His beautiful eyes staring into my dull ones sent chills into my body. He opened his car door and steeped out. He instantly towered over me making me feel tiny in his presence. 

" Well hello there gorgeous." Harry said stepping closer to me.

" Why are you following me Harry ?" I said .

" Didn't we go over this ,you are mine. And I wanna make sure your safe babe." He said wrapping his arms around my waist pulling me close to him. I know I sound stupid, but I love it when he does that. I like it when he makes me feel safe, and I like it even more when he touches me. I like... Harry. 

~~~~hey loves its pebbles <3 sorry I wasn't able to update ... But this chapter isn't done yet sooooo read on directioners<3<3


Harry pulled me closer to him. Our eyes never leaving each others . He licked his bottom lip before he smashed his lips to mine . Our lips moving in sync. Our heads bopping in sync. Our heartbeats steady. Everything was going in slow motion for me right now. Harry's lips against mine were magical. Then something clicked.... I realized that this what it. That no matter what this boy does.... I would always come back to him .. One way or another . Harry had a hold on me... And I liked it. I now want to be anywhere Harry was... I want everything to do with him... Whether it meant being his or just being around. I knew that moment right then and there that I wanted Harry . Because Harry is the  inevetable..


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