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25. I Love You?

~~~~ Harry's P.O.V

S-Sing to me.

 It was Skailar. She couldn't sleep. She called me.

H- If we take this bird in
With its broken leg
We could nurse it
She said
Come inside
For a little lie down with me
If you fall asleep
It wouldn’t be the worst thing
But when I wake up
Your make-up is on my shoulder
And tell me, if I lie down
Would you stay now
And let me hold you?

But if I kiss you
Will your mouth read this truth?
Darling, how I miss you
Strawberries taste how lips do
And it’s not complete yet
Mustn’t get our feet wet
Cos that leads to regret
Diving in too soon
And I’ll owe it all to you
My little bird
My little bird..'' I sang into the phone.

  I heard her steady breathing. I heard a slight snore. She must have fallen asleep.

"Goodnight Skai-'' I don't know what possessed me to say it, but the words just rolled right off my tung.''- I love you.'' I quickly hung up. What was I thinking? I don't love Skai... I don't even like her... We cant keep going on like this... Things have to change.


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