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14. Hold me in your arms...

  ~~~Harry P.O.V

 I parked my car in front of her house. Things between me and Skai have been going really slow. I have come to my conclusion that I have to step my game up and ASAP. I've been tryna get Skai for about two weeks now... That's the longest I have tried with any girl. They usually give it up by now. But Skai is soo difficult. She's like a miniature firecracker : she's small but when she explodes you don't want to be there. The only problem with my plan is that I like the chase. Chasing Skai is fun because you never know what's coming up and she's not afraid to say 'no'. That's why part of me really wants to be with Skai ... You know like in a relationship with her... But then I have so much fun with the game that the other part of me just wants to fuck her... I don't know how this is going to end but I am going to get what I want. I just hope Skai understands and forgives me .

 I knocked on her front door. 3 minutes later the door opened revealing Skai. She had her long curly hair flowing to her waist . She had on a baggy t-shirt with sweats on. She looked ... Amazing ...

"Ehem." I was brought out of my trance. I looked up at Skai and couldn't help but smile. 

"Hey there beautiful." I said still smiling.

"Hello Harry ." She said looking to her feet. I wonder if she knew she was beautiful . I wonder if she knew how much she turned me on... I wonder if she knew what I was planning on doing after I gain her trust.

"Can I come in?" I asked examining her innocent angelic features. She looked at me and hesitantly shook her head 'yes'. 

"Uhh... Yeah, I mean sure come on in." She said giving me a crooked smile and stepping to the side. I walked into her house . It was huge. I mean it looks big from the outside too, but the inside was just... Wow... The walls were a light grey and a tint red. The floor in the front of the house was hard wood and leading to the back of the house was carpet. The kitchen was all decorated in grey and red everywhere.  The living room was also decorated in grey and red . The sofa was white with patten leather . And there was a round glass coffee table in the living room with a bowl of marbles in the middle. The dining room was right next to the living room.. Everything in her house left me in 'awe' . Everything matched and looked great. Like I said before: it was just... Wow. 
I looked over to Skai , who was now lying on her sofa watching 'Bubble Guppies'. I chuckled to myself. How could  something so innocent be soo sexy and seductive at the same time? This girl will be the death of me...
"Skai..." She looked at me and smiled. She shifted over to give me space. Her eyes never left the tele . I crept over to her and left a kiss on her forehead . I lay down behind her . I looked at the side of her face: pure perfection... I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to me. She turned to look at me and smiled before pecking me on the lips. She looked back to the tele and continued watching her childish cartoon. I nuzzled my head into her neck and left kisses on her jaw. I was so comfortable .. I could stay with her,like this,  forever...


~~~ hey guys ! Sorry about the late and shitty updates lately ... I am experiencing some severe writers block. :((( forgive me but I am trying... Ttyl loves <3

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