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22. Him&I?

        I walked into the building hand in hand with Harry. People stopped in the middle of their conversations just to stare at us. Some females looked at me and laughed others just gave me dirty looks. I don't know why they are still acting like this. Harry and I have been an item since that morning at his house.

"She's such a slut.'' I heard this one girl whisper to her friend.

"I wonder if she knows.'' Another one said.

Know what? And how was I a slut? Ever since me and Harry have been seeing each other everyone has been being funny. None of my friends will talk to me and random people started talking about me. I guess they're just jealous. Not only are my friends not talking to me, but Harry has been acting weird too. He brings me to school in the morning, walks me to my locker and that is usually the last time we speak to each other until school ends. When I try to talk to him when he's with his other friends he just ignores me or walks away. Like the other day I saw him talking to Chloe so I walked over to him and tried to hug him. But he just pushed me off and walked away. And whenever I look at him during class, he completely ignores me and flirts with Meghan. I try to ignore it but its like he's ashamed of our relationship. He's ashamed to be with me... Or he's ashamed of me...And then to top it off after school he tries to act like nothing happened...like he didn't push me away when I tried t hug him...like he didn't flirt with Meghan all day and ignore me...like I didn't catch them making out in the janitors closet... he tries to act like he didn't hurt me. But he did. I guess that's just what it takes to be with the one and only Harry Styles.

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