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3. First junior day

                             As I pulled into the parking lot of a place that I tried so hard to forget I saw numerous faces that mouths dropped when they saw my shiny new silver Audi. I just smirked at their expressions. I got out of my car and grabbed my book bag. I recognized some faces but others didn't really matter. I was scanning the lot for Beth or Chloe, but I  caught another face that I didn't recognize. But his face was different. He was gorgeous. Almost perfect. He had mesmerizing green eyes, curly brown locks, and deep dimples. I caught myself staring... and he did too. He started smirking and winked at me. Oh god no what i doing? He caught me staring...

    I quickly turned my face and kept walking . I entered the familiar building and went to the main office. I saw the old receptionist. She had white curly hair that was pulled into a pony tail and brown eyes. She smiled at me. 

"Hello there how may I help you?"

"Oh um hey ... I need my time table please."

"Your name?"

"Skailar Jimenez ."

She started typing something then she walked over to the printer.

"Here you go sweetie" she said as she passed me my timetable and locker number.

"Thank you." I walked out of the office and made my way to my new locker. As I was walking I saw the curly haired boy talking to six people . Four of them were guys all very hot.But two of them I recognized . Chloe and Beth. Beth looked over tame and smiled. Oh no... I quickly turned away and tried to leave but before I could the inevitable happened.

"Hey Skai!!! Come here !" See I loved Beth but she was so naive. As I walked over to her all of their eyes on me, except Chloe she was smiling and twirling her hair at the curly haired boy who was smirking directly at me. The four other boys were smiling at me for some reason. One had blonde hair in a quiff with pretty blue eyes. The other had a shaven head with pretty brown eyes. The other two had brown and black hair. The one with black hair had hazel-ish eyes. The one with the brown hair had bright blue eyes. He was adorable, almost like a puppy. I made it over to them and smiled .

  "Hey Beth " I said avoiding all their eyes.

   "Oh hey Skai !!! I didn't even see you there babe" Chloe said a little too preppy.

"Hey Chloe ... Well as much as I would like to stand here and have random guys staring at me for no reason, I have to get to my locker. Bye Beth ." Before anyone could say any thing I faded into the crowd .

  First period I had science . Ughh that class was boring and I didn't recognize anyone in there. Second period I had math. I love math ...it's the advanced class I had besides literature .And I actually understood math.

      I walked into math and looked around. I recognize the blonde haired boy from earlier . He looked at me and smiled. He was very attractive. I sat down three seats away from him. But he had other intentions. He got up from his seat and sat down next to me .

   "Hi I'm Niall " his accent was more like an Irish . I smiled at him.

"Skailar , but you can call me Skai . He returned the smile .

   "Well Skai , how would you like to be my new best friend?"

    "Hmm... Well I don't know we kinda just met and I don't think I like you . You aren't cut out for best friend material ." His smiled dropped . His mouth hung open. If I didn't know any better he looked hurt. Now I felt guilty. " Niall , I was kidding . I'd love to be your best friend ." His smile reappeared and I couldn't help but smile myself.



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     The last bell rang . Thank god the day was over . I have second fifth period with Niall (math and literature . I have fourth and fifth period with Beth and Chloe .I don't share any classes with the curly haired boy and if I did I wouldn't know because he didn't seem to show up to any of his other classes or lunch. But I hope I don't have any classes with him ... He seems like trouble. 

I was walking to my locker to get my book bag when I saw Beth and the boy with the shaved head and brown eyes... Kissing? 

" Beth ?" She pulled away from him and both set of eyes were looking at me almost frightened.

"Oh um hey Skai .... This is Liam my boyfriend." Boyfriend? Why wouldn't she tell me this before? 

"Hello there Liam it's nice to meet you sucking my best friends face." Beth started to laugh but look at Liam nervously while he just smiled at me .

"Its nice to meet you beautiful." Liam called me beautiful I quickly looked down to hide my blush. BLUSH???? Since when do I blush ?!? Oh no Skai you can't blush over your best friends boyfriend .Ughhh !!

"So Skai have you met any of my friends?" Liam asked still smiling.

" Um yea I met Niall ... He's kinda my new best friend ."

" Well come with me and Liam so we can introduce you to them." After coming to the conclusion that I didn't really have a choice knowing how Beth is. 

"Okay, I just gotta go get my stuff."

" Kay we'll meet you outside."

 After getting me book bag and keys I made my way to my car hoping Beth will get the idea. But of course luck is never on my side and Beth is clueless.

"Skailar you can't get away from me that easy, come here girl!" Beth called out. Even though the parking lot was pretty empty I'm pretty sure the world was staring at me because of how loud Beth was. I quickly made my way to the group of seven including of Niall , Beth , Liam and Chloe . They all looked at me and smiled . I said hi to Niall and Chloe and smiled at the others.

" Skailar you've already met Niall , and these are my friends Zayn , Louis , and Harry ". Harry... His name is Harry ... Harry looked at me up and down and smirked ...uh oh I was staring again...

"Soo as lovely as this was I gotta get home , you know ... So it was really nice meeting you guys but bye-" I was cut off by Louis .

"Why are you in such a hurry love? Do you not like us?" Louis eyes were slowly skimming my body I felt so uncomfortable.

" I don't know.. Maybe it's because I just met you and your already trying to mentally undress me... Or maybe it's the fact that you all are just staring at me like I'm an alien . So sorry for feeling uncomfortable , oh wait I'm not sorry because I really just don't give a fuck."

 All of their faces dropped . They were looking at me like I was a mental patient. "So as awkward as this is I will be leaving . Adios !" And with that I turned around and made my way to my car but then turned back around to look at the seven pair of eyes on me . "Oh and I forgot , bye Niall ! And it was really nice meeting you all really it was such an honor! " I wasn't lying it really was an honor... Not everyday you meet 5 hot guys.



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