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7. Detention

Why did Harry beat up Caleb? Why didn't Louis stop him ? Why was Harry so hostile ? Why was him and Louis so angry? Why why why... Were the questions going through my mind right now.

    I walked into math . All eyes were on me. I looked at Niall . He gave me a confused look.

"Hello Skailar?" Mr. DeHaven , the math teacher was speaking to me. 

" What?" 

"Do you want to tell the class why your 25 minutes late to class ?" I couldn't tell him. I didn't even want to tell myself.

"No I don't ." Was all I said.

"Well then maybe you should try to make it early... To detention ." What!!! Ughhh I hated detention . Detention was held in a small empty classroom with no windows and the teachers are never there .

"Fine." I took my seat next to Niall and put my head down. As I was replaying the events of today I heard that voice ."

"Hey babe." Said the voice of the last person I wanted to see right now.

"Don't tell me your in this class."

" Oh but I am love." He said as he pulled a chair into the spot next to me.

" Mr. Styles would you like to tell the class what you and Miss Jimenez are talking about?" Ughhh what was with this teacher ? He is always in everyone's business!

" No dick face." Harry said to him a little to calm. 

" Excuse me?!" Mr. Dehaven was basically screaming now.

" You heard me so fuck off!" Harry snapped back at him . By now the entire class including me had the mouth wide open and eyes wide waiting for the next move .

" That's it I've had enough! Styles , Jimenez detention for the text of the week!"

" What the fuck did I do?!" I yelled at him.

" One more word out of you and I'm making a home visit!"

" Good luck with that Mr. Dehaven!" I mocked him

" Shall we make it a month ?" He asked raising his voice.

" No ill take the week." I said coldly looking deep into his eyes and taking his soul. Then the bell rung. Leaving class I kicked Harry in the shin .

" What the fuck was that for?!" He cried out.

" If you didn't open your big mouth I wouldn't have a week of detention!" I yelled at him .

" Oh come on babe , at least we'll be there alone." He said as he eyed my up and down smirking. Alone? With him? Only god knows what could happen ..

" Goodbye Styles!" I pushed him away and made my way to my next class.. This is just great!



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    The rest of the school day dragged on. I saw Beth in class but she was acting weird. Like she knew something I didn't . It's really bothering me that she couldn't even bother to tell me that things between her and Liam were serious. In all of my defense she's changing . She barely calls me or texts me and when I do see her she's always with Liam and the guys. It's starting to sicken me .But Beth is the least of my problems if she wants to distance herself... FINE! Two can play that game bitch...

    The last bell rung.. I was dreading detention with Harry . Not because he was scary... Well kinda but because I didn't really understand what he wants from me. 

I made my way to detention. I stopped be my locker to get everything I needed. I walked to the classroom that detention was held in.  I looked inside ... Empty great ! I turned the knob , i took a seat and pulled out my phone. I heard the door knob turn. I didn't even bother to look up. I didn't really have to I already knew it was Harry . " Babe I don't think you are allowed to have that out."said the raspy voice. I didnt even bother to look at him ... I honestly wanted nothing to do with him ... He was no good... Bad for me and I was bad for him...


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