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38. Can we take a step back?

 ~~~~Skailar's P.O.V


  Ok. So after listening to everyone's bullshit and gossip I have come to this massive conception that this is not all of Harry's fault. Thinking about it makes me realize that I walked right into this sick game of his. I played along. I made a wrong turn. I'm the one that fell too fast and too hard. He couldn't control my feelings. Harry couldn't possibly know how I felt. He just played the game. I'm the one who made all of the wrong turns. And that's exactly why I lost the game.

  Like just think about it for a moment. Take a step back. I'm the one who let him into my life. I'm the one who let him take my virginity. I'm the one to blame. So I'll be the one to start my own game.



 I grabbed my phone and dialed his number. I'm not trying to get back at Harry, nor do I want too. I don't have this diabolical sick plan to make him rue the day he met me. I'm not going to do anything to him. But  I need to do this to try to get him off of my mind and out of my life. 


- Hey. My voice was smooth and seductive. I wanted him to think that i wanted him.

- Skailar? Whats wrong?

- I want you. Come over. Now.

- You want me? Skai you do know who this is right?

- Shush. Come now. I want you in me right now.

- Uhmm..  Ok I'll be over in 5.








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