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17. At the party

   I walked inside my bedroom. Time to get sexy. I knew that if I wanted Harry , I already have his attention ,but I would have to make him want me and work hard for me. 

I looked inside my closet . I saw a white top  that was cut on the sides and the back was also low cut, but the front covered my whole chest. I grabbed that with a short black leather skirt that had ruffles on the end of it. I wore a black half bra with black lace undies. I got dressed and looked in the mirror. "I look... HOT!" I said as I examined my figure. I was short and petite, but with big boobs and a fat ass. 

I walked into my bathroom to fix my hair. I decided I would just go natural and let my curls down . I applied some lip balm and perfume. I put on my head band that was made of fake white flowers. It rested on the top of my head and my curls dropped from under it. Only thing I needed was heels. I went to my mom's closet and settled on a pair of swede black pumps. 

   I heard my door bell ring. I ran downstairs and opened the door . It was Carla . 

"Hey bae." I said hugging her.

"Hey- wow you look ... Amazing." She said with her mouth hung open. I blushed.

"Thanks , you clean up nice too." I said letting her in. Carla had on a tight pink dress that stopped mid thigh and had loose sleeves that were tight around her wrists. Her short wavy hair was down and she only had  on a tiny bit of mascara . She looked beautiful. 

"Thanks girl." She said as we walked in the kitchen. 

"So tell me something." She started."Are you and Harry like a thing?" She asked. I felt my cheeks start to flush. 

"No. I mean-no... I like him but he's just a player." I said trying to be cool about it. But in reality I wanted to bawl out my eyes. 

"I hear you girl. Guys are unfaithful. They all suck... Except Niall , he's a keeper." She said. My lips perked into a smile .

"You like him don't you ?" I asked , a smirk clearly played on my face. 

"Maybe , maybe not. The world may never know." She said making funny faces. We both laughed .

"So we gonna leave or what . It's already 7:39." She said. 

"Yeah come on." I grabbed my keys and iPhone and we walked to my car... All I know is I'm ready to turn up.!!


   I pulled into the driveway of the huge house . I'm guessing it was Zayn's because his car was in the driveway too. I could already hear 'Love More' by Chris Brown blasting through the house. There was like at least fifty cars here . I got out of the driver's seat and Carla followed . 

 We walked into the crowded house. There was at least a hundred heads here. I recognized all of them though. There were couples making out, red cups littering the floor, teens dry humping each other , and people swaying  to the music . The usual. I saw Niall talking to Zayn and Perrie. I smiled and grabbed Carla's hand leading us to them . 
  "Hey guys." I yelled over the the song 'Burn' . They all turned around smiling at me and examining Carla.

"Hey you made it !" Chimed Perrie .

"Of course I did. I never go against my word ."I said . "Oh and everyone this is Carla ." I said holding on to her hand. They looked at her again and smiled .

"Hey I'm Perrie , and this is Zayn , my boyfriend . Nice to meet you." Said Perrie .

"You too." Carla said smiling. "Hey Niall ." She said looking at Niall who was basically eating her with his eyes.

"Hey babe." Said Niall as he hugged her. I swear they would make the cutest couple ever. 

"Well Carla , it was really nice to meet you... But I would like to have this dance with my girlfriend now." Zayn said grabbing on to Perrie's hand before walking away."Later Ni, Skai, and Carla ." They both said fading into the crowd.

"You guys want something to drink?" Asked Niall . 

"Yeah a beer." Said Carla .

"Nahh I don't like to drink ." I said .

" Well I'll be back ladies. Carla you stay there ." Niall said winking at her. 

"Ooohhh I'm telling . Carla has a crush!!" I started to tease her.

"Shut up ! " she said blushing. 

   We both started to dance to the music . I grabbed her hand and pulled her close to me. She turned around and started swaying to the music and I followed. I put my arms on her her waist and soon enough she was grinding on me . It wasn't weird at all. This is something every person does. I was grinding back. We got wolf whistles and 'damns ' here and there by people watching us. I paid them no attention . I was enjoying myself and I didn't have to be drinking to do so.

"Damn that's hot." I heard Niall say. I looked over to him , he was watching us holding two red cups . I started to laugh and so did Carla . 
   We walked over to Niall . He handed Carla her drink and they started to conversate. I looked around the room for a familiar face. My eyes stopped on a familiar head of curls and piercing green eyes. His lips formed into a smile. I looked at what he was wearing . He had on a white t-shirt that showed off his biceps and abs. The shirt also revealed a lot of tattoos that I failed to notice he had before. He also had on black skinny jeans with white converses . I was so focused on how sexy he looked tonight , I didn't even notice he was now standing in front of me . 

"Fancy seeing you here." He said towering over me. 

"You knew I was coming." I said with sass.

"I didn't think you would actually come." He said grabbing onto my left hand caressing it.

"What can I say?. I like parties ." I said smiling at him.

"Oh really ? Well than , can I get you a drink?"  He asked .

"No I don't like drinking." I said shaking my head. 

"Well you do tonight." He said grabbing my hand and dragging me with him. "Oh and by the way, you look amazing tonight ." He whispered into my ear as he lead me through the crowd.
   Harry poured me three cups of beer. I drunk them all . I might as well, I mean I was at a party . I was already feeling a slight buzz . I watched as Harry chugged down like seven beers. Im surprised he was still standing. He didn't even look affected by the alcohol . 

He grabbed my hand and we walked through the loud crowd of people again. He stopped and spun me around so my back was pressed against his chest. I felt his heavy breath on my neck. It made me shiver. He put his arms around my stomach and started swaying back and forth to the song 'Forever Young'.

"Dance ." He whispered into my ear. I did as I was told . I laid my head back on his shoulder and moved my hips to the rhythm . 

I felt Harry's member on my ass. I guess I was turning him on. The song changed and so did the dancing. Harry put his hands on my waist and put his head in the crook of my neck. I started to grind on him earning groans and moans to escape his lips. 

Soon after we were both grinding on each other and I couldn't keep Harry's hands off of me. Not that I wanted to anyway . Harry spun me around so now I was facing him. His breath reeked of alcohol. He was sweating so his curls stuck to his forehead . He still looked stunning. He eyed my body as we just stood there. I bit my lip as Harry leaned in.He kissed me hungrily like he needed me. I kissed back and tangled my hand is his hair tugging at his curls. He groaned sending a vibration into my mouth. 

After about five minutes of making out Harry pulled away leaving me wanting more. He grabbed my hand and walked to the front door of the house. I guess we were leaving. I looked around for Carla and Niall but I didn't see them . I guess Niall took her home and then some . 

Harry led me to my car. "Give me your keys ." He said. I threw him my keys as he unlocked the car door . He opened the passenger seat for me and I got in .

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Well since Niall was supposed to be my ride home , I'm gonna make sure you get home safe , then walk." He said starting the car.

"No - I mean stay the night at my place. I don't want you walking all the way home by yourself." I said.

"Nahh . I don't wanna make you feel like you hav-" I cut him off.

"None sense . Your staying  the night wether you want to or not." I said crossing my arms.

"Ooh someone's feisty . " Harry said placing his large hand on my thigh squeezing it. I didn't react , I simply gave him a smile and turned my head to the window. 

We pulled into my driveway. Harry opened the door for me and led me to my own house... Like I didn't already know the way-___-... I unlocked the door and kicked off the pumps I was wearing. Hell how about you try to dance in those for four hours. I walked into my kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water. Harry followed me. 

"Did you have fun?" He asked.

"Pshhh. Uh yeah." I said laughing. He laughed too, revealing those deep dimples. I don't know what possessed me at the moment to kiss him , but hell I did it. 

   My tung roamed his mouth . His teeth grazed my lips as we made out . His hands took hold of my arse lifting me up on the kitchen counter. I ran my hands through his hair as I felt his tung in my mouth. I bit down on his bottom lip . He let out the most sexiest groan ever. I couldn't help but moan as his hands roamed my legs and thighs.  I stopped kissing him and gasped as I felt his hands squeeze my breasts . He chuckled and continued to squeeze them . I can't lie it felt soo good . I closed my eyes and threw my head back wishing he would stop teasing me. He took this to his advantage and started leaving little kisses on my neck. I let little moans escape my mouth here and there. He kissed this one spot and sucked which made me almost cry out in pleasure. He put his hands back on my thighs and started leaving kisses on my jaw line. I felt his hands go into my skirt... I didn't know what to do so I just went with it. He put his hand on my .... (You know) . He kept his hand there , cupping my small area as he left kisses all over me. I didn't feel uncomfortable , but it was foreign to me. He stopped and looked me in the eyes.

"Babe, let me pleasure you?" He asked . 

"Okay." Was all I said. There wasn't really nothing else to say . He wanted to pleasure me ,so why stop him?. 
  He lifted me up in his arms and carried me upstairs. Surprisingly he found my room. He laid me on my bed and kissed my lips. He stood up and lifted his shirt over his head letting it fall to the floor. God bless those abs. He  climbed back onto the bed and hovered over me. I placed a kiss on his lips. He pulled away.

"Not so fast baby. I'm gonna pleasure you first." He said kissing my cheek. 

    He left a trail of kisses from my neck all the way to my stomach. He pulled the skirt off of me leaving me in my top and black lace undies . I saw a smirk play on his lips as he slipped the top over my head. 

   He placed himself between my thighs and pressed his soft pink lips to mine. I looked in his eyes. They were no longer the usual beautiful shade of green. They were dark and full of lust. I pulled his face back to mine and kissed him again. I felt his large hand slip into my underwear . He started to rub my clit with his finger. I arched my back and moaned.

"Harry..." I moaned louder.

"Shhh.."'was all he said. He was looking straight into my eyes as he did this . He wanted to see how I reacted. But I didn't have to react . My body did that for me.

He slipped one finger into me. I gasped as his long finger was pushed into me.

"So tight ." He whispered watching me. 
  I arched my back even more in pleasure as he started pulling his finger in and out if me.

"Babe, your so wet." He whispered. 

"Fuck ." I whispered as I felt down there getting hotter the faster he thrusted his finger.

 He entered another finger in me and started thrusting them both into me at full speed. I yelped out in pleasure . It hurt but felt so good. I felt my body start to tremble as he kept curling his fingers inside of me. My breathing was getting heavier and he knew I was coming closer to my climax each second.

"Har-ry.. I'm gonna -" I said moaning.

"Shush baby and cum for me." He said as he started thrusting his fingers inside me faster. Moments later I felt my walls begin to close. As he thrusted his fingers inside me one more time I reached my climax. I felt myself release in Harry's hand. I looked at him and he was biting his bottom lip. I looked down and saw the bulge in his pants . Harry pulled out his fingers and licked 'me' off of them. I looked at him with wide eyes. 

"That was so hot babe." He said as he came up to me and kissed my lips. "Now lets get some sleep I wanna take you out tomorrow ." He said as he laid beside me and wrapped his arms around my waist . He pulled me closer to him and left a kiss on my temple. I felt my eyes grow heavy. Before I knew it the night was taking its course and I was falling asleep .


~~~~ hey guys its pebbles ❤😘 so the story is getting good ... I hope you guys like it :) and comment what you think will happen next... Will Harry get what he wants then leave Skai broken or will Skai find out and still end up broken? Dun dun dun ... Oh and btw Harry is my favorite ❤😘 I love him to the moon and back. But I loves you guys too so do me a favor and: like, comment, favorite and fan ❤😘 ... Bye loves😘❤

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