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29. As If She Knew...

~~~Skailar's P.O.V

I nuzzled into him. His warmth rubbing off on me. His scent filling my nose. I open my eyes to look at him. He was already up. And already looking at me. I smiled at him. Instead of smiling back, he looked away.

"Babe?" I said to Harry. No reply. "Babe." I repeated. 

"Get dressed." Harry said getting out of bed. He pulled on his boxers and a shirt.

"What?" I asked in complete confusion. 

"I said get dressed." He said more sternly. He pulled on a pair of black jeans and his boots. "I'm taking you home." 

"But I thought-" I was cut off.

"You thought what? What exactly did you think was gonna happen huh?" He snapped at me. 

I didn't exactly understand what was going on. I thought we were together. I thought he loved me.

"I thought you said you loved me." I whispered quietly as a tear rolled down my cheek. Harry just looked at the floor.

"I got what I wanted." He whispered to himself, but I heard. "I'll be waiting in the car." And with that he walked away.

We sat in the car, driving to my house. Nothing but silence. None of us spoke a word. There was nothing to be said. I had no words to explain the pain I was feeling. Emotionally and physically. And to make matters worse, I was still sore from last night. 
       We pulled into my driveway. Harry looked at me. I just stared at my lap playing with the strings on my jumper. Harry grabbed my chin and brought my face to his. He pecked me on the lips. 

"C'mon." He said opening his car door.  I opened my car door and stepped out. 
    We both slowly walked to my front door. I stopped and turned to Harry who was just standing there awkwardly. 


~~~Harry's P.O.V
  I looked at her. So beautiful. It never took this much courage to say goodbye to a girl. And it didn't hurt as much too. She turned to me. I wanted to say something, but there was nothing to say. This is how it had to be.  
"I'll call you later." I said. She didn't reply. She just looked at me. Her icy blue eyes held mine. They also held sadness. She looked at me, as if she knew. Knew that I was never gonna call her. Knew that things will never be the same. Knew that this whole time, everything we went through and said to each other was all a lie. As if she knew, she was just a game.

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