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4. Apologize

        I heard the doorbell ring. I looked at my phone it read 10:48 in the night . I must have knocked out when I came home. I heard the door bell ring again. 

"Ughhh who the fuck is it!"

I walked down the stairs and swung the door open to reveal a very mad Beth . She walked inside and pulled me into the kitchen.

" What the hell was that earlier?" She basically screamed at me. 

" What did you expect me to do they were making me uncomfortable !"

Great now we were having a screaming match ...

"You need to apologize, they were really mad ."

" Does It look like I give a fuck ! And I'm not apologizing ... Matter of fact I don't ever want to see them again! And why do you hang out with them their bad news ?."

" Because they are my friends ."

" I thought I was your friend!"

" Well I did too until now! Why are you acting like such a bitch?!"

 Is she really sticking up for them? We were best friends for years , and she's willing to throw that away for them... I guess you never really know a person...

" Beth I think you should leave!"



"No we're not leaving until you apologize ."  

What? We're ? 

"We're ? Beth who the fuck did you bring to my house?!?"

Just then right when I said those words I saw 5 boys and Chloe walk into my kitchen smiling at me ... Except Harry he was giving my a look that could kill me ... Then I noticed she brought them to my house...

 ''Beth ... why did you bring them here?'' I looked at all of them and then at Beth ... 

''Because if we're all gonna be friends we need to start off new.''

''Who said I wanted to be friends with any of them-'' I pointed at them ''- no offense.''

''none taken babe.'' said Louis.

''Why are you always so difficult?'' This time it was Chloe interrogating me.

" I don't know...Why are you so easy all the time?'' 

Chloe looked at me , her eyes wide with embarrassment ... Oops now I've done it...

Things between me and Chloe have never been friendly... Yeah she's one of my closest friends but we always bump heads ... Maybe because she swears she's innocent and fires me into things that benefit her. 

I looked up at all of them ... They all wore shocked faces except Harry who was laughing his ass off... Which kinda made Louis and Niall laugh and eventually we were all laughing .

" Okay okay everyone calm down... Skai is there something you to say to us - them considering we are best friends." Niall said .

" Fine. I'm sorry that I was acting like a bitch earlier... But you guys had it coming!"

" Yay so I guess we are all friends!!!" Louis yelled.

" Yeah we are all friends." I smiled 

" So now can you guys leave its kinda weird having you guys in my house... In my kitchen... While I'm in my pajamas ... So um bye!!"

"Kayy bye !" They said as they walked out the front door.

I walked back into my kitchen for some water and to my surprise ... Harry was still here .

" Harry I thought you left with the others ... Why are you still here?"

He looked up at me from his phone andbit his lip.I fet myslef melt."How old are you love ?"

Why does he want to know my age ? "Seventeen why?"

" Because I wouldn't want to go to jail for what I want to do to you right now."

"Excuse me ? What are you talking about ?"

he got off the counter and walked towards me. He bit his bottom lip and eyed me down . Now he was towering over me . He is so tall.

" I'm talking about how I want to fuck you so hard right now."

My heart rate started to speed up. I was becoming scared, not because he was attractive and wanted to fuck me. But because I couldn't read his mind. I couldn't tell what he was thinking . If he was serious or if he thought of me as a joke. My mind told me to stop him as his hands rode up my thighs but my body stood still. I wanted to stay here ... With him... I wanted to see what he would do next . What he would say next ... I wanted more of what he was doing to me... I wanted more of him...

"Skailar your thinking to much." He pulled me out of my thoughts. 

" Huh? Oh sorry ... What were you saying?" He chuckled at my lost for words. What was this guy doing to me ? Time to get back on guard.

" I said let me fuck you ." He whispered into my ear. 

Befored I could talk,move , react, breathe I felt his lips crash onto my neck . He grabbed my arms and pinned them above my head. He started to suck at my bare skin leaving me in shock . He bit at the now purple bruise at my neck and released me from his grip on my hands. He licked the new mark on my neck then blew. He stepped back a few to look at his work. He bit his bottom lip and smirked at me.

I quickly reacted and slapped him hard. " Harry what the fuck do you think your doing?! How am I supposed to cover this up ?!" I was now screaming at him.

" Well love I belove I was marking my territory... And there's this great creation made by women called foundation." 


" WELL NOW YOU ARE ! WHETHER YOU FUCKING LIKE IT OR NOT YOU ARE MINE, SO STOP BEING A BITCH ABOUT IT !!" I was completely taken off guard by his choice of words. It seemed to me Harry is a monster. A monster that now has a hold of me and I don't think he's letting go .

" Good bye Harry ." I said a little too calm .

" Goodnight Skailar ." He placed a kiss on my cheek and walked away closing my front door behind him. I quickly locked the door . I walked into my room and looked at my phone . I had 2 new messages . One was from Niall saying :

hey bestie 

The other was from an unknown number. I pressed it . To my surprise it was my mother .

-hey sweetie it's mum... This is my new number . How's things at home are you okay? Me and Paul miss you bunches!

They both make me sick . So does Harry ... I barely know him but I doubt that we will be on good terms. I looked at the time . 11:58 at night. Great . I layed down and pulled the blankets over me. I felt myself drifting off to sleep....





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