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2. Alone


            We are young 

            So let's set the world on fire

    Tonight by F.U.N was coming from my alarm clock before I hit it with my fist to shut it up. Oh god how I hate that song. I looked at my now broken alarm clock it read 7:15... Then I remembered what today was... Oh god today was the first day of school . I pulled the covers back over my head . If you thought I was going today .. You were wrong.

      I heard footsteps coming closer to my door. Knowing it could only be three people ( my bitch of a mother, Paul her boyfriend, and Bob my imaginary boy friend ) I quickly shot up and locked my door. 

"Skailar sweetly get up breakfast will be ready in a bit , hope you didn't forget today's your first day of school!"

"Ughhh mum go away ! I don't wanna go! "

"Well I don't wanna do a lot of things but I have to so get your ass up and get ready for school now!"

"No mother leave now" I mocked the way she said now .

"Skailar Jimenez get your ass up before I do !" 

Skailar Jimenez ... I always liked it when she said my full name ... She almost sounds like she cares when she says it.

    I got out of bed and jumped straight into the shower. After showering I put my robe on and made my way downstairs into the kitchen . Surprisingly Paul wasn't  there like he always is ...Thanks god. I walked in revealing my mother with a too good to be true smile on her face.

"Why are you so happy?" I said in my bitchiest tone ever.

"Well if you must know , my boss just called me and told me I made the Marcardo case !"

"And I care because?"

"Because if I take this case, which I already did, I get to leave the country for 5-6 months and the best part is .... I get to bring someone with me while I work !"

She said this all a little too happy .

"And me and Paul were talking and-" she paused . Oh god no... She is not gonna make me go with her on a stupid business trip to god knows where. Please tell me she won't make me!

"We were talking and we both agreed that he would be the one to come with me, knowing you would say no and all." 

"Umm okay..."

"Great! Now that you know , Linda will be here to check up on you. And we deposited 4,000 euros onto your credit card ! I love you sweetie but I gotta go Paul is kinda waiting for me ."


"Wait what? Mom when exactly are you leaving ?"

"Today Hun didn't I make that clear?"

  She couldn't possibly be serious ... Leaving this soon ... Before we could even really talk this over....

"Hello Skailar ? I don't have time for this I have to go ... And you have to go to school so goodbye . Ill call you later love you ."

And with that she walked out of my house. I walked to the toaster and popped in 2 breads. I quickly ate my toast and looked over at the digital clock on my microwave. It read 7:55. Shit I was gonna be late on my first day .

  As I walked into my room I looked at the picture on my desk that had me and my dad before he died or at least walked out of my life . I looked at his features. Jett black curly hair and his bright blue eyes. Now i understand why my mother wasn't so fond of me... I resembled the man that walked out on her... that left her with a child to raise all alone... that made her feel like nothing. I shook my head to try and rid the thoughts of him out of my head . 

   I walked over to my drawers and threw out a pair of high waist blue jean short and a dark blue t-shirt that had the batman logo on it. I slipped on some black converses. I looked in the mirror .My long curly black hair was no longer wet.My blue eyes were brighter than ever for some reason.I was actually happy will my appearance I resembled my father. I had his jet black curly hair , his blue eyes and his deep dimples.

      My father was Puerto Rican... That explains my black curly hair. My mother is British and since I live with her we live in London . Yes I do have a British accent but I don't speak Spanish.

     I looked away from the mirror and my eyes caught a familiar picture of when I was younger...when my dad was still here. I was happy.

   My full name is Skailar Jay Jimenez... My name is Spanish. I have long black curly hair that is bast my back and reaches my waist. I have bright blue eyes and tan skin. I'm 5'4 not really model material. I also have deep dimples that show whenever I smile , laugh , or even talk. I know a lot of people but I'm not popular. My two closest friends are Chloe and Beth. Beth is actually my best friend. Chloe and I aren't really that close. If you ask me she's kinda a bitchy slut. Sorry but I'm not one to hold my tung. But me and Beth deal with her because she is also a good friend. 

   I looked away from the picture. I grabbed my car keys from my desk and my phone. I put on my cheetah print Obey hat. And exited my house.Now I was ready to goo .








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