Hell Bound

(Based off Arrow, TV show. I do not own the show, but I LOVE IT!) 18 year old Blake and 19 year old Brett have known each other for awhile, since Grade 3, but they only spoke once in Grade 5. They never saw each other until College when they're roommates. Blake wasn't happy with him trying to kiss her years ago, but now she finds him irresistible. When Blake and Brett finally kiss, they go a little too far, but Brett is madly in love with her and will do anything to make sure she stays with him. He knows Blake is more of a tomboy and does a lot of stupid things, but when Blake is almost killed, Brett goes back to a job he regrets for a reason. Will Blake ever find out what it is? Will Brett share his past? Will Blake ever share her past? Will anything happen to them?


9. Chapter 9:

I flopped onto the futon, glad to be home. "Wanna celebrate coming home?" Brett asked, flopping down beside me. I shook my head. "Maybe later." I said. He pouted. I pushed him away by his face. "Ow." He said. "So you can take a bullet, but when I push you away, it hurts?" I asked. "It hurts in here." He said, pointing to his heart. "My heart shattered." He said. "You have a heart? I had no idea!" I said. I rolled my eyes and closed my eyes. I felt Brett's lips on my shoulder. "Why do you think I help people and want to keep you safe?" He asked. "Because you're weird." I said. His lips travelled up my neck to my ear. "Come on. I know you want to." He growled. "No. No I don't." I said.

Brett's POV:

I needed to have sex! Like, really bad! I got addicted to her and now she won't let me fuck her! It was killing me and I wanted to fuck her anyway. "Come on! Please! I need to have sex with you!" I said. She rolled onto her side. I needed sex! Holy fuck, I didn't think I'd ever need it so bad! She stood up and walked away to get something to eat. I groaned and waited for her to come back. I loved her so much and I needed her sex everyday! It was like a drug and I needed it daily! I almost went to a strip club! ALMOST! Just to be rid of the feeling! She came back and sat down. I pressed my lips to hers and pushed her back. She was laying under me. I was hoping I could be rid the feeling by kissing her. It only made it worse and I needed to get her out of her clothes. I rolled onto my side and she wrapped her arms around my waist and started pulling off my shirt. I pulled away long enough for her to and I sat up. I knew now she wanted my jeans off. I pulled off her shirt and forcefully pressed my lips to hers.

-An Hour Later-

The feeling was gone and Blake was naked, sleeping next to me in my arms. I was laying on my back and had one arm around her while she had her face buried into my side. I thought for a bit. What have I become? I'm a killer and I used to never want to have sex with a girl until I was married! I only started killing to help when my brother was killed. And I have no idea what happened to no sex. I guess Blake drove me so crazy that the lust just went through me. My thoughts were interrupted when Donny called me. I slipped on my boxers and jeans. I tiptoed away. "Be more quiet. Blake is asleep." I said. "2 things. One, Blake can't stay here any longer." He said. "What?! Why?! We love it here!" I said. "Because she's a distraction to you." He said. "She's my girlfriend and she's staying." I said. "No, Brett. If Donny wants me gone, I'll leave." Blake said. She grabbed her clothes, got dressed, and I caught her before she reached her suitcase. I held her in my arms. "You're not leaving. I need you with me." I said. "Donny wants me gone. He's right. I'm a distraction. We always have sex when we're supposed to work. I may as well just leave. I'm nothing but a distracting, slutty girlfriend." She said, tears running down her cheeks. She tried to move away, but I tightened my grip on her. "You're nowhere near slutty. You're perfect in every way and being slutty isn't a part of that. I should know. My sister used to be slutty. And you're not just my wonderful girlfriend, you're also a part of this team." I said. She went limp and sighed. "But Donn---" I cut her off. "Donny shouldn't have said any of that because it hurt you!" I said loud enough for Donny to hear. She wrapped her arms around me and cried into my chest. I placed one hand on the back of her head. "Shhh. Don't cry." I said. I loved her so bad. I have never fallen for anyone so hard. I mean, this is hardcore.

Blake's POV:

"I'm leaving this time and I hate you!" I snapped. "Go ahead! I don't care! I don't even love you! I have the girl I almost killed right here to fuck!" He yelled. My head shot off the pillow and Brett sat up. He wrapped his arms around me and gently pulled me down, cocooning me in his arms and with the blanket. "It's OK. It was just another bad dream." He said in his sexy morning voice. I cuddled up to him and he kissed the top of my head. "Nothing will happen." He said. I nodded. My phone rang. "Hello?" I answered. "Hey, Blake. You might wanna come here." Niall said. "OK... Be right there..." I said and we hung up. "Niall... He sounds confused and I need to go over. You coming?" I asked. He nodded and threw on a shirt. I got dressed normally. Blue Tee, jeans, and a purple beanie. Brett took my hand and we went over. When Niall opened the door, I saw a girl looking at me. "Wait... Two Blakes?!" Brett said. I stared at the girl. She looked like me. Almost exactly. Only few differences were she had curly hair instead of wavy, her bust was much smaller, and she had glasses. Glasses that looked like you'd buy them at Claire's. "Niall..." I said in confusion. "Don't ask me." He said. Brett squeezed my hand and stared at me. "Hi. I'm Danielle. Your twin sister." The girl said, standing up and smiling. "I don't remember having a sister..." I said slowly. I looked at Niall. "We were separated for a few years. Don't look at me." Niall said. "I was living with our father for a few years and I'm just as surprised as you are. But... The other night, I heard a noise downstairs and dad was almost dead so I called 911... When he was out of the hospital, he went somewhere and didn't come back... I learned he died through Niall..." She said. "I know he's dead..." I said, biting my lip. "Blake, do you know something?" Niall asked. "I was there when he died, but I was in and out of consciousness." I said, laying about not knowing anything. Brett's grip tightened on my hand. I looked up and him. "What's wrong?" I asked. Brett pulled me outside for a second. "I know her somehow. Not because she looks like you, cuz I hardly see it, but somehow." He said. "Do you know what from?" I asked. He shook his head. He took my hand he was holding in his other hand as well. "Promise me, one day when I tell you about my past, you won't hate me." He said out of the blue. "I promise." I said. He nodded and we walked back in. No one noticed we left. Brett suddenly pressed the button on his ear piece, turning away from the small group. "Shit... We'll be there in a second." He said. Everyone looked at him. "Don't worry about it. Blake, we got to go. Now!" Brett said. I nodded. "Be back soon to see ya!" I said to my sister, who I didn't know I had in my life. Brett dragged me to the car. "What's happened?" I asked. "Something important came up. Just shut up and follow." He said. I nodded. He was now in work mode. We rushed down the stairs and Donny waited impatiently. "Apparently I have a twin sister!" I said. "Congrats. Anyway, Brett. You remember Mr. White, correct?" Donny asked. "How could I forget." He snapped. "Right. So. He's back and wanting revenge. He's causing trouble downtown. Seriously people, why not uptown?" Donny ranted. Brett and I rushed to get changed. "No. You go back to your sister. I'll tell you if I need you." Brett said. I sighed and nodded. I packed a small bag. Suit, weapons, change of clothes, and a beanie. I rushed over to Niall's. when I opened the door, Niall and Danielle seemed to be getting along. "Guess what?! I'm suck here because Brett has work to do!" I said. Niall laughed at me. "You know you can stay when ever." He said. "Just saying, if I'm gone in the morning, I'm out for a walk." I added, lying through my teeth. They nodded. "So, how's mom?" Danielle asked. Niall and I looked at each other.

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