Hell Bound

(Based off Arrow, TV show. I do not own the show, but I LOVE IT!) 18 year old Blake and 19 year old Brett have known each other for awhile, since Grade 3, but they only spoke once in Grade 5. They never saw each other until College when they're roommates. Blake wasn't happy with him trying to kiss her years ago, but now she finds him irresistible. When Blake and Brett finally kiss, they go a little too far, but Brett is madly in love with her and will do anything to make sure she stays with him. He knows Blake is more of a tomboy and does a lot of stupid things, but when Blake is almost killed, Brett goes back to a job he regrets for a reason. Will Blake ever find out what it is? Will Brett share his past? Will Blake ever share her past? Will anything happen to them?


8. Chapter 8:

I came to an unsteady stop, since I was in heel boots. Brett was holding his shoulder and was in pain. I rushed over. "Are you OK?" I asked. "I'm fine." He said. A building was on fire, a street light was knocked over. "Who did this?" I asked. He looked at me. "Your dad." He said. "What?! But I killed him!" I said. "I know." He said, looking off into the distance.

-The Next Morning-

"We searched all night and he was nowhere to be found!" I groaned. Brett kissed my forehead. "This isn't gonna end well and I'm leaving in a few weeks..." He said. My heart sank. "I'm not letting you leave!" I protested. "I have to go." He said. I clung onto him. "Well... I would strip you down, but that would be hard." He said. His phone rang and he answered it, taking down his hood. He listened and his eyes widened, smiling. When he hung up, he picked me up and spun me around. "I can stay!" He said. I smiled the biggest smile and I wrapped my legs around his waist. "Victory sex?" I asked. "Hell ya!" He said, already trying to get my suit off.

-An Hour Later-

We weren't dressed and everything, but our lips were attached. We had been making out for a good 15 minutes. I pulled away. "Oh my god I love you." He said. "Not as much as I love you!" I said and we made out again. I was breathless and smiling when we pulled away. "You're the most important person in my life and I couldn't ask for anyone better." He breathed. I kissed his cheek and we sat up to get dressed. "Do you think we should maybe get an apartment or no?" He asked. "Are you kidding? I love it here!" I said. "I do, too." He said, kissing my face. "So, you're both staying here? Cool, now I actually have someone to talk to. I'm not lonely." Donny said. I laughed at him and looked at Brett. "Maybe we should get on the whole 'my dad is still alive and killing' case." I said. They nodded and we sat down. "OK, so I killed him, but he's still running around. It makes no sense." I muttered and started typing.

Brett's POV:

I watched Blake work for 3 hours. She refused to take a break. "Baby, you need to take a break." I said, kissing her shoulder. "No." She said. "Blake, seriously." I said. "Fuck off, Brett. I'm busy." She said. Wow... Right in the feelings... I swear my heart shattered. "OK..." I said and slunked away.


I was getting worried. She still didn't come to bed and I could hear her cursing under her breath. "That's it." I said under my breath. I stood up, walked over to her with a blanket, and wrapped it around her shoulders. I kissed her neck and she stiffened. "I need to work." She gasped. "You need to sleep, you want to work." I said and picked her up. "Brett! Put me down!" She snapped. "Sorry, baby. No can do." I said and threw her onto the bed. I flopped down beside her and wrapped her up in my arms. "Brett." She warned. I pressed my lips to hers and she couldn't resist. She soon fell asleep and snuggled into my chest. I loved cuddling with her. "Love you." I whispered. She snuggled closer and I smiled. I rested my chin on the top of her head and fell asleep, smiling.

Blake's POV:

I woke up with Brett's chin on my head and his arms around me. I tried to wiggle away so I could continue with my work. Brett's grip tightened on me. "Please don't go... I can't lose you..." Brett muttered in his sleep. I felt my heart skip a beat. He curled himself around me and his forehead pressed against mine. "Brett. It's OK. I'm not ever gonna leave." I said. "I can't live without you, baby. Please don't jump." He said, sleeping. I felt my heart melt. "I love you too much. It something happened to you, I'd never be happy again." He muttered. I wanted to cry. "I'm right here, babe." I croaked. He awoke with a jolt. His breathing was heavy. "It's OK!" I reassured him. He held me close. "I thought I lost you forever." He said, starting to cry. "Are you about to cry?" I asked. He shook his head and kissed the top of my head. "Just try thinking about losing the one you love most of all to death." He said. "I don't like letting you go hunt for a reason." I said. He sighed and kissed my cheek. "What if I let you come with me from now on." He said. "Sure." I said. He pressed his lips to mine. When he pulled away, I smiled at him. I felt safe in his strong arms. We sat up and he scooped me into his arms. "I love you so much." He said and I snuggled into his bare chest. "Aren't you glad I brought you to bed last night?" He asked. I nodded. He kissed my cheek and he held me closer. He stood up and carried me out. "You work as much as you want and I'll be in the gym if you need me." He said. I nodded and he kissed my head. I wheeled around to the desk. I picked off from where I left off.

-2 Hours Later-

I sighed and went limp. I had nothing. I stood up and walked over to the doorway of the gym. I watched Brett use the punching bag. I just stayed off to the side and sat on a mat. He was sweaty and it looked so hot. He must have seen me out of the corner if his eye. "Hey, gorgeous!" He said, out of breath, but continued punching. "Hey." I said. "Get nothing?" He asked. "Nope. Nada." I said. He stopped and threw his head back. He pulled his shirt off and I bit my lip, staring at him perfect abs. He laughed at me and walked over. He knelt down in front of me and wiped my chin. "You're drooling." He said. I hid my face with my hair. "What's up with you and getting so strong so quickly. I mean, just... Wow." I said. He chuckled and lifted my chin. "You're so cute." He said and pecked my lips. "What would I do without you?" He chuckled. "Nothing. You'd be a loner." I said. He kissed my cheek, then kissed down my neck. I closed my eyes. "I love you, baby." He said. "I love you, too." I said. He scooped me into his arms and I traced my finger on his chest, drawing invisible pictures. He shivered at my touch. "You're burning me." He said. I giggled and he put me down. I ran out of the room.

Brett's POV:

I put her down and she ran off, giggling. I was tired and I groaned, but, of course, being a guy, I couldn't help but run after her. "Blake, stop moving so I can kiss you." I whined and I ran behind her. "If you want a kiss, you gotta catch me!" She called. I picked up the pace. Finally, I grabbed her and she laughed. I pulled her to me and held her against my body. I kissed her shoulder and up to her jawline. "I love you." I whispered in her ear. "I love you, too." She said. "What do you say, wanna have some fun?" I asked. She shook her head. "Not now. I have some stuff to do." She said. "Like what?" I asked. "What you just finished doing." She said. "Than I will watch." I said. She nodded and went to get dressed. When she came back, she had a sports bra and soccer shorts on. I walked over and kissed her neck. She pushed me off by my face. We walked to the gym and she started to use the punching bag right away.

Blake's POV:

When I finished, I walked up to Brett and put my hand on his chest. I pushed him back and sat on the mats. Brett walked in front of me and made out with me. He grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his waist. He picked me up and took me to the bed, tearing at my clothes.


"Fuck I love you." Brett breathed from beside me. I covered myself with the covers and he smiled at me. "You have no idea how beautiful you are." He said. I rolled my eyes and I got dressed. "You wanna know what we'll be doing tonight?" I asked. "Sex?" He guessed. "No. We're going to a bar." I said. "I like the sound of that. Either way, sex." He said. I rolled my eyes at him.

Brett's POV:

It's been an hour since we got up and she's at the computer again. Of course, I was trying to lore her away by not wearing a shirt, but that wasn't gonna happen. I was reading sometime she wrote down, something she didn't want me to read. I didn't know why. "I got it!" I heard her shout. I shot up to my feet. Donny and I ran into the room and looked over her shoulder. "My dad. He obviously didn't die, as we know. He changed his name again to stay hidden and I think I know where he is and I'll make sure he's down six feet under for good." She said. She typed something and a map popped up. "There." She said, pointing to a house. "But isn't that..." I trailed off. "My old house... He's obviously expecting me. But he won't be expecting you. He'll still be waiting." She muttered. All if a sudden, she flew out of her chair and when she hit the ground, she was holding her bicep. Donny picked her up and ran. I pulled my gun. "Who's there?" I demanded. "Where's my daughter now." A voice said. I froze. I saw him and shot him. He fell to the floor. I walked over slowly, gun pointed. I kicked him and he groaned.

Blake's POV:

"Donny, let me go! I need to help Brett!" I said. Donny clasped his hand over my mouth. "I know you want to, but I can't let you." He whispered. "I will bite you." I mumbled against his hand. He pulled his hand away from my mouth. Donny rolled up his sleeves. "I'm gonna say sorry ahead of time." He said and rolled up my sweater sleeve. He brushed his thumb over the bullet hole. I screamed a bit. When he cleaned it and wrapped up my arm, I pushed him off of me. I ran out of the room and grabbed my bow. I saw Brett talking to whoever shot me, not in a friendly way. "I don't care if she's your daughter. She's my girlfriend and I will keep her safe." Brett hissed. I drew my bow. "Let me take over." I said. Brett looked at me and back up, not wanting to go far. I walked to my fathers side. "I looked up to you for years, you know? You killed my mother." I said. "So what if I did? She was having another useless baby." He said. "You killed the one person who mattered most to me and Niall and the one you claimed to love!" I shouted. "You children were a mistake! You shouldn't even be alive!" He shouted back. A felt my heart shatter. Tears escaped my arms. "You told us that you loved us and you'd keep us safe. You killed our fucking mother and tried to kill me." I said through clenched teeth. He smirked and started to laugh. "Maybe you're not the only one I tried to kill today." He said. My eyes widened. "Donny! Call Luke! NOW!" I shouted as I began crying. "You don't deserve to be with mom. You deserve to be with the devil himself you bastard!" I shouted at my dad. "What are you waiting for? Just kill me you worthless shit." He said. Tears poured down my face. I shot him in the throat. I ran off as he died and into our bathroom, locking the door.

Brett's POV:

He called her a mistake and that wasn't true to me. She was the best thing in my life. I shot her father twice in the chest and ran to the bathroom where Blake was. "Open the door." I said softly. She didn't say anything, she just cried. I tried to open the door. It was locked. "Open the door now, Blake!" I shouted. She cried harder. "Blake! I mean it!" I snapped. Still nothing. I checked the door as hard as I could and it flew open. I saw blood in the tub where Blake was. Her face, arms, legs, and hands were bloody. She had her face in her hands. I dropped my gun and ran to her side. "Bloody hell, what happened?" I asked. I saw cuts all up her arms. "Blake, listen to me. You're not a mistake. You're the best thing that happened to me. I need you to live, without you, I'd be lost. I want you to know how much you mean to me. Your dad was only trying to get to you so you'd snap. Please, Blake. Don't do this to yourself." I said. She looked at me. I took her bloody hand and kissed the back of it. She just looked at me. I found a cloth and wet it. I gently washed her arms. I washed away the blood and she cried. I kissed her cheek. "If I didn't care about you, I would never have tried to protect you. You mean everything to me. I promise you, you're not a mistake." I said. She nodded and I hugged her. "Sorry to break up this moment, but Luke showed up at Niall's flat to find he was taken to the hospital... And how are we gonna get rid of the body on our floor?" He asked. "Simple. We burn it." Blake said. I kissed her cheek and took her out of the tub. "Why is there blood everywhere?" He asked, then he saw Blake's arms. "Well..." He said.

Blake's POV:

The body was burned, now I was the hospital with Niall, Brett rubbing the back of my hand with his thumb. "Everything will be alright." Brett said over and over. Niall's eyes opened and looked at me. I felt my heart lift and I smiled at him. "You lied. Dad wasn't dead." He said. "Now he is. His body is gone and he's dead for good." I said, looking at my hands. Brett squeezed mine. "I know it's hard to kill someone for the first time, but you gotta do what's best." Brett had said. Niall looked at my arms. "What happened?" He asked. "Dad got to me before his death." I said. Brett kissed the back of my hand. Next thing you know, the room went black and I felt my head hit the floor. I woke you and I felt drunk. "Thank go you're OK." Brett said. "What happened?" I asked groggily and sounding drunk. He shrugged. "You just blacked out." He said. "Oh..." I said, looking at the wall to my left. There sat Donny. He smiled at me and I gave him the best smile that I could. "I guess we never got to go to that bar. It was shut down anyway. You were gone for 4 weeks, so... Ya..." Brett said. I looked at him and closed my eyes. "Why do I sound drunk?" I asked, letting my head bob around. "Something they had to give you." Donny said. Brett took my hand and kissed that back of it. Donny got a call and had to leave. "You know. Once I had sex with you, it's kinda addicting. I had such a hard time waiting for you to wake up. You do not know how hard it is not to have sex with you for almost a month." He said. He licked his lips and I rolled my eyes at him, turned my head the other way. He stopped me, sat me up a bit, and smashed his lips to mine. When he pulled away, he was smiling. "What the hell?" I asked. "Trust me. When you have to wait a month to kiss the love of your life, then talk to me." He said. I nodded and he fanned himself with the shirt he was wearing. I know he was gonna take it off. I rolled my eyes at him as he pulled it off. Then, I couldn't take my eyes off him. He looked even better than ever! I mean, he HAD nice abs, but now he HAS amazing abs. He chuckled and pulled me in for a kiss. I threw my legs over the side of the bed and wrapped my arms around his neck. He stood up, but still had to bend over a bit to kiss me. I threw my legs around his waist and we made out. "Careful." Niall said from the doorway. We both waved him off, but he came closer. Luke followed behind him, but stopped in the doorway. Brett and I pulled away, staring into each others eyes.

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