Hell Bound

(Based off Arrow, TV show. I do not own the show, but I LOVE IT!) 18 year old Blake and 19 year old Brett have known each other for awhile, since Grade 3, but they only spoke once in Grade 5. They never saw each other until College when they're roommates. Blake wasn't happy with him trying to kiss her years ago, but now she finds him irresistible. When Blake and Brett finally kiss, they go a little too far, but Brett is madly in love with her and will do anything to make sure she stays with him. He knows Blake is more of a tomboy and does a lot of stupid things, but when Blake is almost killed, Brett goes back to a job he regrets for a reason. Will Blake ever find out what it is? Will Brett share his past? Will Blake ever share her past? Will anything happen to them?


7. Chapter 7:

I was putting on my new dress I bought for the party. I looked in the mirror and smoothed it out. I zipped up my white, knee high, high heel boots. I picked up my over one shoulder purse and put a few things in it. Brett walked in, looking around. "Hey, baby. Have you seen---" He stopped dead in his tracks. "Whoa..." He breathed. I giggled and bit my lip. "I was gonna say have you seen my wallet, but fuck that." He said. I turned and, just to mess with his head because I found it funny, I put on red lipstick. I turned back to him and his jaw dropped. He walked quickly over to me and tackled me onto the bed, kissing me passionately. I was underneath him, but I had my arms locked around his neck. We made out like crazy. I knew he wanted in, but I wasn't gonna let him all night until we got back, which meant Donny would be sleeping, meaning not until morning. He pulled away. "Keep the lipstick, but the outfit would look better on the floor... You should wear lipstick more often." He said. I giggled. He looked hot. Skinny jeans, dark blue shirt, chain necklace, and an open leather jacket. I wiggled away and walked out, him following like a lost puppy, eyeing me. He was such a perv. His eyes were glued on me. For fuck sake, he almost ran into a pole. "You better drive and watch the road." I said. "I will, but we're not in the car yet." He said. 

Brett's POV:

Oh my god, Blake was hot. That dress showed off all my favourite things. Her bust, curves, body, her! But her boots just looked sexy as fuck with the dress. Her lipstick had me out of breath. I NEEDED to kiss her. Yes, I loved her. I loved her for her. I loved everything about her. If she still wore what she did when we first met, I'd still love her, but now she was dressing all sexy and hot. She was a beautiful girl, sexy dressing or not! But my god, I needed to fuck her so bad right now. When we got into the car, I made out with her for a bit, trying to ease the need for sex and kissing her, but it only made it worse. I was gonna have a boner by the end of the night. I had her against the car door from the inside. Her legs were around my waist and her arms around my neck. I had my arms tightly around her waist, hugging her against my body. I couldn't ask for a better girlfriend. As I made out with her, the need to fuck her got worse. Yes, I was kinda sex driven and perverted, but I loved her, it was really the only way to show her how much I loved her, and she had a perfect body, what can I say! I was trying to slam into her through our clothes, but it obviously didn't work. I pulled away from her and stared into her eyes. Her perfect eyes. I let go of her and buckled myself into the drivers seat. "We'll finish this later." I said. She giggled. Oh how I loved her giggle. When we got to buddy's house, he was waiting outside for us. "Took you long enough." He said, giving me a man hug. "Sorry, we got side tracked." I said, wrapping my arm around Blake's shoulders. She smiled and stayed close to my side. We walked in and the music was really loud. A bunch of boys stared at Blake, but I sent them a warning. 

Blake's POV:

A few hours went by and we were having a lot of fun. Brett was kinda drunk, I only had 2 shots, so I was pretty much fine. Brett had like... 5. Next thing you know, an unwanted visitor breaks through the window. Some random 26 year old comes in and he starts shouting in a completely different language. Italian. "Dove si trova Blake Horan?!" (Where is Blake Horan?) They demanded. I stepped forward through the crowd of people against the wall. Johanna grabbed my arm. "What are you doing?" She whispered. "He has a gun and he's not afraid to shoot. Just trust me." I said. She nodded and let go. I walked forward. "Sono Blake Horan. Cosa vuoi?" (I'm Blake Horan. What do you want?) I asked. "Qualcuno vicino a voi che avete ucciso voleva morto molto tempo fa." (Someone close to you who you killed wanted you dead long ago.) He said, pulling his gun. Everyone ran into the kitchen, watching. He took a shot, but I moved out of the way. I reached into my purse and took out my bow staff, then bow. I needed the bow. I unfolded it and took out an arrow from a quiver I had, so I hooked it on my dress, using the strap over my shoulder. I drew my bow and loaded the arrow. "Se avete il coraggio me o chiunque sparare qui, sarai morto." (If you dare shoot me or anyone here, you'll be dead.) I said slowly and seriously. He aimed at the people in the kitchen. I released the arrow and it hit him in the arm. Perfect. He dropped the gun and grabbed his arm. "Le mie minacce non sono vuoti, Ryan. Bel tentativo." (My threats aren't empty, Ryan. Nice try.) I said. Throwing my stuff back in my purse, I took out my bow staff. I kneed him, not pressing the button. I wanted to see him react. He just fell. He scurried away. "Voi culo! Venite di nuovo ed è l'ultima cosa che fai!" (You ass! Come back again and it's the last thing you do!) I shouted after him. I turned to the crowd of people who all just looked at me. Johanna ran to me and hugged me. "Oh my god. What the hell was that?!" She asked. "My dad has always had something against me." I said simply. "How the hell did you know how to speak what ever language he was speaking??" She asked. "Italian and I know these things." I said. Brett walked up. "I guess there is a lot I don't know about you yet." He said. It took a lot more than 5 shots to get Brett very drunk. He was just slightly drunk. He pressed his lips to mine, but not for long. "Come on, baby. Lets go home." He said, taking my hand. "Peace out!" I said and waved my finger in the air, walking away. Everyone started cheering. "Blake!" Johanna called. I turned and everyone stormed after me. "You're hot! Marry me!" A bunch of guys shouted. Brett entwined our fingers. "Come on." He whispered in my ear. We walked to the car and drove 'home'. Brett held one of my hands in his with his other hand on the wheel. "Now I'm gonna have to keep you hidden." He said. "No you don't. Anytime I leave, it'll be with you and missions." I said. "I ain't taking you on missions." He said as we pulled up. "Come on, babe. Please?" I pleaded, unbuckling and crawled over him. He gulped and eyed me. I gave him a seductive look. "Well, baby. I just don't want you to be hurt..." He said, staring at my body. I put my hand on his chest. "You should let me. I know how to fight. I'll show you in bed if you want." I said in a sexy voice. He started to sweat and his breathing got heavier. He attached his lips to my neck and sucked. I moaned and threw my head back. It was the only way he could stop himself from going too nuts sometimes. "Fuck I love you." I breathed. He ran his tongue up my neck and to my ear. "I know you do." He said. He pulled away and looked at me.

Brett's POV:

The look in her eyes. They were full of pleasure and beauty. We were only stupid teenagers. What else did we do? I sighed and looked away from her. She sat back and looked at me with concern. "What's wrong?" She asked. I avoided eye contact. "This morning I got news from my mum that I had to go with them to Mexico. They don't trust me with a girl alone anymore. I could've killed one girl and I never meant to. She wasn't my girlfriend and I went crazy after watching so many people being killed and killing people, no matter how bad. I shot her without thinking and I haven't seen her since. I don't want to lose you and..." I trailed off, not looking at her, closing my eyes. She hugged me. "Can I try to talk them out if it?" She asked. "Once my parents make up their minds, you can't change it." I said. She pecked my cheek. "But I love you." She sobbed after a moment. As soon as I realized that she was crying, my arms flew around her, leaving one hand on the top of her head. "Shhh, don't cry. You know I love you. There's nothing that could change that." I said. I cooed over her and she continued to cry. I unbuckled and sat up, pulling her into my lap. "Please, Blake. Don't cry." I begged. "Does this mean what I think it does?" She asked. "No no no! Don't even think about it! Don't say it!" I said. "But we wouldn't be together." She said. "I refuse to break up with you. No way in hell!" I said. She looked at me with the saddest look, almost making me cry. I brushed some hair behind her ear. I gave a weak smile and gently pressed my lips to hers. I refused to say goodbye to her. Especially with that dress on her. Only answer was hello. I pulled away and she smiled a little. I opened the door and carried her. She blushed none stop. She was so beautiful when she blushed. She looked so beautiful. She stared at me lovingly and she looked like she was about to pass out. When we got to the bottom of the stairs, I put she down and she stumbled. I grabbed her hand and I kissed the top of her head. "I love you. Don't forget that." I said. She nodded and she sat on the desk. I kissed the back of her hand. "Tomorrow, lets go to the beach." I said. She nodded with a small smile. "You know. Out of everyone that I know, not counting Jordan, Michelle, Lara, and Donny, you're the only one who knows about this place. But you're the only one who has ever seen this side of me. My soft side. You ripped it out of me." I said. She giggled and jumped off the desk. She wrapped her arms tightly around me. I had an idea on how to stay, but I couldn't tell Blake. Then it wouldn't work. I pecked her lips and she hopped down. "Now, what do you say we have a little fun?" I asked. She smiled and told me to wait a second.

Blake's POV:

I told Brett to wait while I quickly got something. I picked up my blood red lipstick and put it on. I rubbed my lips together and smiled. I walked back and Brett just studied me carefully. He pulled off his leather jacket and pulled his shirt over his head, then embraced me. "Fucking hell." He breathed. He smashed his lips to mine and we made out. We fell back onto the futon and he started pulling my dress off before Donny walked over. I was laying underneath Brett in just my strapless, hot pink bra, and matching undies. Brett was just in his skinny jeans and he was straddling me. "Oh... OK... Umm... Carry on then... I'll be way over there." Donny said and backed up. I was blushing like crazy. Brett shrugged it off and unclipped my bra. He pulled it off, attaching his lips to mine and making out with me.

-The Next Morning-

Curled up in the middle of the bed, Brett (in just boxers) and I (just in a bra and undies) were tangled together. His arms were around me and our legs were tied together. What scared the shit out of both of us was my phone. We both practically screamed, but we didn't, we just immediately and quickly untied ourselves and sat up, surprised. I groaned when I noticed it was my phone and answered it. "Hey, what's up?" I yawned. "Did you just wake up?" Niall asked. "You scared the shit out of us." I said. "Us?" He asked. "Brett and I." I said. "Oh ya. You 2 baled out of College. Why?" He asked. "Long story short, dad is dead." I said. "Aww... That sucks." He actually sounded disappointed. "He's the one who shot me, Niall." I said. "Oh! Oh my..." He said, concerned. "Ya..." I said. "Anyway! I want you to come over so I can see you! Luke's here and he wants to see you as well." He said. "Hi!" I heard Luke shout from the background. I laughed. "Alright. Let me get dressed and shtuff." I said weirdly. We hung up and Brett pulled me down. "Cuddle with me." He said with a super sexy, raspy voice. "I gotta go visit Niall. If you come, we can cuddle there. We could also get Donny to drive us so... We could cuddle in the car, too!" I said. He smiled and we sat up. "I love you and cuddling!" He said. I laughed at him. "Some bad boy you are." I teased. He rolled his eyes and we sat up. I threw on a normal blue T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. I had to have my purple beanie and Brett had on a pair of jeans, white T-shirt, sneakers, and a leather jacket. Donny rushed over. "Good! You're awake! Brett, bad news downtown!" He panted. "Sorry, Blake. Guess you'll have to visit on your own." Brett said. "My brother lives on the way! Could you drop me off?" I asked while Brett threw on the suit and grabbed his gear. "Ya, sure, but you'll have to jump. I'll slow the car enough." He said. "Awesome, thanks." I said. I grabbed my purse so I had something to keep me safe. I put something new in it and took some stuff out. When we got into the SUV and drove off. "Be careful." I said to Brett, holding onto his hand. "Your stop, Blake." Donny said and slowed the car. I grabbed my purse and pecked Brett's lips. I opened the door and jumped out, tucking and rolling. Brett waved and closed the door. I hurried over to Niall's flat, well apartment. I didn't call it a flat unless I was around him. I knocked on his door and he opened it, pulling me into a hug. "You look great after being shot and stuff." He said. "Thanks... I think." I said. He let me in and Luke pulled me into a hug. "Crushing my ribs dude." I said. He let go and smiled. "Sorry." He said. I nodded. "You used to be so nice! What happened?!" Niall asked. "Nothing. You woke me up. I'm still tired." I said. He fell silent as Luke laughed his ass off. I sat on the couch. "So, I have a question. What is this?" Niall asked, shoving his phone into my hands. It was a picture from the party. Me holding the bow, an arrow loaded and the guy who I shot with the pervious arrow. "I have no idea." I said. He raised an eyebrow. "Whoa! You have a bow?!" Luke asked. "Ya, it's foldable!" I said. "Awesome!" He said excitedly. We talked about it like a bunch of girls with lipgloss. "So you just proved you have a bow." Niall said. I froze. "Ya, I have a bow, but I don't carry it everywhere I go. I only had money in my purse at the party." I said. I was a good lair. "Stop lying to me, Blake. I'm not stupid." He said. "So what if it was me! I was defending myself and everyone at the party! He was trying to kill everyone! Mostly me, but STILL!" I said. "And why would someone want to kill you?" He asked. "I don't know!" I said with a shrill voice. "You're still lying!" Niall snapped. Luke hugged me. "Give her a break, dude." He said. I hugged Luke back and wanted to cry a bit. "Luke, she almost killed someone!" Niall said. "You're accusing your last family member for something they didn't do. She was protecting everyone!" Luke said. They got into a huge argument. I was just sitting on the couch. I had my hands over my ears so I didn't have to listen to all the noise. Finally, Niall gave in and stopped. I still didn't uncover my ears, Luke was still yelling. Niall's expression looked surprised. I uncovered my ears. "What?" I asked. "Nothing." They said. My ears piece (my new one) made a noise. "Hey, baby. We need a little help down here." Brett said. I turned on the mic. "I'm kinda busy. How bad is it?" I asked. "Bad." He said. "OK, gimme a sec." I said. The boys looked at me. "Nothing, I gotta go." I said. I rushed away.

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