Hell Bound

(Based off Arrow, TV show. I do not own the show, but I LOVE IT!) 18 year old Blake and 19 year old Brett have known each other for awhile, since Grade 3, but they only spoke once in Grade 5. They never saw each other until College when they're roommates. Blake wasn't happy with him trying to kiss her years ago, but now she finds him irresistible. When Blake and Brett finally kiss, they go a little too far, but Brett is madly in love with her and will do anything to make sure she stays with him. He knows Blake is more of a tomboy and does a lot of stupid things, but when Blake is almost killed, Brett goes back to a job he regrets for a reason. Will Blake ever find out what it is? Will Brett share his past? Will Blake ever share her past? Will anything happen to them?


5. Chapter 5:

"You'll only be distracted if you let yourself be distracted." I said. I turned, my long hair flying. Damn it, I hated doing what sluts did with their hair that I just did. Brett attacked the back of my neck. "Brett..." I moaned. I felt a boner against my back. That's new, I thought. I turned around and looked him in the eyes. "We need to do this mission TONIGHT. I want this over with." I said. "Got it... But first, can we---" Donny cut him off. "No. No you can't." He said. I laughed and walked away. "Babe, get your suit." I said. He nodded. "What about the pizza?" Donny asked. We turned and ran for it. We devoured the pizza and Brett went to get his suit. I sat at the desk, playing around with my mask. When Brett came back, he grabbed his gear. I picked up a dagger off the counter and we all headed to the car. When we arrived at my father's house, we parked the van thing a block away. Donny sat in the van with the tech shit, Brett stood close by at all times. I stopped him and told him to wait by the entrance gate. My dad lived in a big house, but not a mansion. I took a deep breath and climbed the wall.

Brett's POV:

I was worried about Blake. I mean, she did dumb, deadly things all the time, but she's breaking into someone's house for the first time and she was gonna face her murderer for a dad. After a moment, Donny spoke to me. "She isn't responding and her signal is gone." He said. I felt my heart beat very quickly, overly worried. "You're an asshole!" I heard her scream. I ran towards the noise. "Never thought I'd see the day my daughter turned on me." Her dad said. "You killed mom and tried to kill me. It's over for you." She snapped. I heard a gun shot. "Please be her with the gun." I repeated. "What have I done..." I heard her say. She walked out and she looked like crying, shocked, and traumatized. I took her back to the van and placed her in. "The deed is done." I said and she looked at her black gloves on her hands, full of blood. "This is one reason why I didn't want you knowing. You'd get involved." I said. She shook her head. "No, I'm fine. It's just... I killed family..." She said. I brushed her hair behind her ear and kissed her forehead. "What do we do now?" She asked. "Either we drop out of college and do what's good, or we go back to being normal kids, pretending nothing happened." I replied. I put my head in my hands when I sat down. "I had to make a choice once. Worst idea I've ever had." I said. Blake sat beside me. "I saw we finish what we started first. Missions come first." She said. I looked over at her smiling face. "You sound so sexy with the voice thing." I said. Donny started to drive and I took down my hood. "You sure he's dead?" I asked. She nodded. "He stopped breathing, heart stopped, bled everywhere... Why don't I feel right?" She asked. "It's your first kill. You'll get used to the feeling to the point it's not there anymore. It's normal." I said. She looked at me. I slipped her mask off and put it between us. She smiled slightly. "I love you." I said. "I love you, too." She said. I slid my hand to the back of her neck and she did the same to me. We pressed our lips together. It was the sweetest and less sexual out of all our kisses. We pulled away. "So, this is our job. Saving people by killing people. Sounds like Assassin's Creed or COD to me." She joked. I smiled at her. "You're perfect." I said and kissed her cheek. 

-The Next Morning-

No light to wake me up. I smiled to myself. I rolled over and Blake wasn't beside me. I sat up and listened to the sound of wood. I stood up, slipping on some pants. I walked towards the gym and saw Blake with one of the newer things. I don't remember what you called it, but it had pegs and sticks all over it. I leaned in the doorway as she punched and kicked at it. "Mad or something?" I asked, startling her. She stopped and walked over. I wrapped her into a hug. I kissed the top of her head and she buried her face into my shirt. "You OK?" I asked. "Ya, I'm fine." She said. "You sure?" I asked. "I don't know." She huffed. I sat her down and sat beside her. She snuggled into my side and I kept her close. "What to talk about it?" I asked. "Not really." She said, closing her eyes. I scooped her up in my arms. As she snuggled into my chest, I walked towards the bed. I placed her on it and crawled beside her. I pulled the blanket up so she wouldn't be cold and I wrapped my arms around her waist. I held her close to me, cuddling with her. "You're an amazing boyfriend." She said sleepily. "Shhh. Just get some rest." I said. She nodded and she fell sleep. I laid there with her in my arms. I every once and a while kissed her head and soon, I fell asleep as well. I was awake by something, but I wasn't sure what. I stood up and heard footsteps. I picked up the bow beside my bed. I drew it back and walked towards the sound. I saw a shadow of 2 men. "Do you think this is where she is?" One man said. "We followed her here because she killed our boss." The other said. I aimed carefully. "I see her. Lets get her." One said. I released my bow and killed one. "What the...?" The living one said. I saw something fly at kill that one. "Is it too much to ask for sleep?" Blake grumbled as she retrieved her knife. "I thought you were asleep." I said. "It's hard to sleep when people can't whisper." She said. I chuckled and wrapped her up in my arms. "Now that I'm awake, I won't be able to sleep." She groaned. "Is Donny gone out for the night?" She asked. "Ya. He's often with his girlfriend at night." I replied. She placed her hands on my chest. She started kissing under my jawline. "Then why don't we have some fun." She said. 

Blake's POV:

As soon as the word 'fun' left my mouth, Brett had me in his arms. "Where do I start?" He asked. "Anywhere you want." I said. He put me down and pulled off his shirt. I couldn't help staring. He crawled over me and made out with me. 

-An Hour Later-

I had Brett wrapped around me. "Holy fuck you're sexy." He said. "And you're good at sex." I laughed. He chuckled and kissed my neck. "I'm still hungry." He growled. "No, I want something to actually eat." I said. He and I stood up. I put on my bra, undies, and jogging pants. "Baby, you're so hot." He said. I kissed his cheek. 

Brett's POV:

It was noon and still nothin from Donny. Blake was getting worried about him. I kept her in my arms and rubbed her back. She was getting so worried, she was about to cry. "Shhh, it's OK." I said. Something came from the Donny's computer. She rushed out of my arms and sat down, typing frantically. She gasped and leaned close to the screen. "Brett... You might want to see this." She said. I read the screen over her shoulder. "I've been taken away and I don't know we're I am. I'll send a signal to find me." She read. "It's got to be a trap." She said, looking at me. I grabbed her shoulder. "Trap or not, we need to get Donny." I said. She stood up and I wrapped her into my arms. "What are we gonna do?" She asked. "I don't know, baby." I said. I knew actually what. I shot up. I looked over at Blake. "Blake?" I asked. I put my hand on her arm and when I pulled my hand off, it was covered in blood. Again, I shot up. This time really wake. I was laying on my back without the covers over me. Blake was wrapped up in them. I stood up and put on a hoodie, screwing a shirt. I walked over to the stairs and left.

-An Hour Later-

"Where have you been?" Blake asked, startling me as I came into the room. "For a walk." I said, a little drunk. "Sounds like to me you went for a few drinks." She said. "And so what if I did?" I asked, tripping. She stood up from her chair and grabbed the collar of my shirt. "I don't like a drunk boyfriend, especially when I'm tired." She hissed and let go of me. "How about we have a little fun then?" I asked. "No." She said. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. "Come on, baby. Don't be a grump." I said. She turned in my arms, raising an eyebrow. I slammed my lips to hers.

Blake's POV:

"Who knew a drunk boyfriend could do so well..." I panted. "You gonna give things a try, baby." He said. I slipped out of bed and getting dressed. "As for you, go get some rest." I said and kissed his cheek. "No, baby. Come back. What about round 2?" He asked. "Sleep. Now." I said. I walked away as Donny came back. "Hey." I said, sitting down. "Hey." He said. He looked around. "Where's Brett?" He asked. "Drunk and I'm making sure he sleeps." I said. We were quiet for a moment. "So... Brett told me you had a friend from the FBI." I said. He nodded. "My girlfriend. Our daughter is always gone out with friends, so we work a lot." He said. I nodded slowly. "How old is your daughter?" I asked. "16." He replied. "Whoa! How old is she?" I asked. "22. She adopted with her ex-husband before he abused her." He said. "Oh..." I said. We sat in an awkward silence. "She's coming here later today. I don't know when..." He said out of the blue. "Cool." I said. I pulled out my phone and started Snapchatting with people. Mainly my BFF, Paul and Chase. One had Chase and Paul looking sad, reading, 'Why don't you come anymore?' Oh shit! I thought. I grabbed my beanie and skateboard. "When Brett wakes up, tell him I'm gone to the skatepark!" I said as I left. I ran all the way down and when I saw my friends, I smiled. "So, how are things with Brett?" Chase asked. "Good, good. He came back drunk so he's asleep." I said. "You 2 live together?" Paul asked. "Well, technically 3 of us." I said. "What did you 2 do?!" Chase asked. "Nothing! Well, something, but it's a friend of his!" I said. They sighed in relief. "What, something?" Paul asked. I looked down. "OHHHH! What is it!?" Chase asked, actually interested. "We did have... Sex a few times..." I said awkwardly. "OHHHH! What's the most recent!?" Paul asked. "Why do you 2 want to learn about my sex life?!" I asked. They waited for an answer. "This morning, now answer my damn question!" I snapped. "Because YOLO." They said in sync. I rolled my eyes. 

-2 Hours Later-

"Blake!" Brett called. I looked behind me and came to a stop. "Hey." I said. He wrapped me up in his arms and leaned down. He pressed his lips to mine. "Ohhhhh!" Paul and Chase said. Brett and I made out and went a bit too far. He was tugging at my shirt. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist. We pulled away, panting heavily. "I love you." He panted. "I love you, too." I said. He put me down and the whole park was looking at us. Any girl there was cooing over him. "Come on. Donny is waiting for us." He said. I took my skateboard and I entwined my fingers with Brett's. "Peace losers!" I said. Brett chuckled. "You're so perfect." He said. By the time we got back to the lab/house, Brett was trying to rip my shirt off. I had my legs wrapped around his waist and he walked down the stairs with me making out with him. "Well! If it isn't little Brett!" A lady said. "Hi, Lara." He said. "Last I saw you, you weren't this tall! Or strong! Not to mention have a girlfriend!" She said. Brett smiled his perfect smile, making me melt in his arms. He looked at me and slammed his lips mine. When we pulled away, we were at the desk. He sat me on the desk. The lady hugged Brett and he cringed. She let go and she hugged me. I raised an eyebrow and the boys shrugged. She pulled away and kissed Donny. Brett wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck. I tilted my head sideways and moaned, my eyes closed. Brett slid his hands down to my thighs and kissed all up my neck. "Brett... Stop..." I breathed. He kissed up to my ear. "How about we take this to the bed?" He growled sexily. "K..." I breathed. "If anyone needs us, we'll be in the extra bedroom." Brett said and scooped me up into his arms. "Whoa! They...?" Lara asked. "Proof their love is gonna last forever." Donny said. Brett brought me into a room and closed the door, ripping off his shirt. "Did you get stronger since this morning?!" I asked. He shrugged and tackled me onto the bed, taking off my shirt in the progress. He kissed my chest all over and up my neck. I moaned. He pulled down my pants and he crawled on top of me and started to make out with me. I fumbled with the zipper on his jeans. I teased him a bit. "Stop teasing me, baby." He said. I forced his pants around his ankles and and he reached around, unclipping my bra. I smiled as he did. He pleased me by massaging me. He pulled down my undies and I pulled down his boxers. He put himself in me and continued making out with me.

-An Hour Later-

Panting like crazy, Brett pulled out of me and collapsed beside me. He wrapped his arms so tightly around me. "You have no idea how much I love you!" He breathed. I rolled over to face him and kissed his cheek. "I love you, baby." He said. "I love you, too." I said. We stood up and put on our underwear. I threw on a pair of ripped skinny jeans. "Damn..." Brett said. He wrapped his arms around my waist and made out with me like crazy. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. We pulled away and pressed his forehead to mine. "I fucking love you." He said. I smiled. I kissed the tip of his nose and he smiled. I jumped down and entwined my fingers with his. He kissed the top of my head with a smile. We walked out of the room. I smiled and so did Brett. "Well, you were right, their love must be unbreakable." Lara said. I saw a random boy staring at me. I looked at Brett who was also confused. "Who is he and why is he eyeing my girl?" Brett demanded. "He's nephew, Jordan." Lara said. I stayed close to Brett. Jordan shot me a seductive look. I looked at Brett who let go of my hand and stormed over to him. Brett grabbed Jordan by the collar of his shirt, lifting him out of MY chair. Brett slammed him against the wall. "Continue eyeing her and she's the last thing you'll ever see." Brett growled. I hurried over and separated them. "Babe, it's OK." I said calmly and softly. He looked at me, dropped Jordan, and sighed, wrapping me into his arms. "I'm sorry, I just love you so much." He said. I giggled and I lead him away. "As much as I love you, I don't want anyone hurt, babe. No one can help it if boys stare, you just have to remember I'm yours and my heart belongs to you." I said. I stepped closer. He wrapped his arms around me tightly and held me very close close to his perfect bare chest. "I love you, more than anything. Promise me that you won't slip, no matter what." He said. "Looks like my bad boy went all soft on me, but I promise." I said. "I've only gone soft because I love you and because you're so perfect and beautiful." He said. "I'm far for either of them." I said. "Really?" He asked. I nodded. "I have proof." He said. I raised my eyebrow. "You're an amazing kisser, all of you is perfect, and unless you have 20 years, I can't finish." He said. I felt myself blush. He pressed his lips to mine and I smiled against his lips. 

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