Hell Bound

(Based off Arrow, TV show. I do not own the show, but I LOVE IT!) 18 year old Blake and 19 year old Brett have known each other for awhile, since Grade 3, but they only spoke once in Grade 5. They never saw each other until College when they're roommates. Blake wasn't happy with him trying to kiss her years ago, but now she finds him irresistible. When Blake and Brett finally kiss, they go a little too far, but Brett is madly in love with her and will do anything to make sure she stays with him. He knows Blake is more of a tomboy and does a lot of stupid things, but when Blake is almost killed, Brett goes back to a job he regrets for a reason. Will Blake ever find out what it is? Will Brett share his past? Will Blake ever share her past? Will anything happen to them?


1. Chapter 1:

College... Oh boy... Couldn't wait! I say sarcastically. I walked into my dorm and looked around. My roommate wasn't there yet, but I was probably stuck with some slut or just girly shit. I unpacked with my headphones on. I played 'Angel With A Shotgun' on replay. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and removed my headphones so they were around my neck. I saw a drop dead gorgeous guy standing behind me. "Hi. I'm Brett, you're new roommate." He said, reaching out his hand for me to shake it. "Blake." I said, shaking his hand. "Isn't that a boy's name?" He asked. "No shit Sherlock." I said. "Oh, you're a snappy one." He said. "Ya, well at least you probably have a proper family." I said, turning my back, almost letting a few tears slip. "What do you mean?" He asked, sitting on his bed. "My mom was shot and my dad went crazy after that. Haven't seem him in a few years. My brother looks after me, but it doesn't help cuz he's always gone." I said. "Where does he go?" He asked. "Tour." I said. "Oh... Who's your brother?" He asked. "First, Niall Horan. Second, please stop asking questions." I said. I felt hands on my hips and I froze. "How about you and I go on a little date to get your mind off things." He whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. "In your dreams. If you need me, I'll be at the skatepark." I said, grabbing my beanie and skateboard. I left before I got a response from him. I headed down to the park and hit the half pipe.

-An Hour Later-

I was starting to walk away when I felt a hand on my ass. "Hey baby." Someone said. I turned and glared. "What's a hot girl like you doing here?" He asked, stepping closer. "Skating. Problem?" I asked, folding my arms. "Ya. Your boobs." He said, staring at them. Not my fault they weren't small. "My eyes are up here, dumbass." I snapped. He looked into my eyes. "How about you come back to my house and you can give me attitude in bed." He said seductively. "Asshole." I said simply and kneed him in the balls. "Already have a boyfriend." I lied. I had no boyfriend. I walked back to my dorm and slammed the door behind me, throwing my stuff at the bed. I flopped down face first onto my bed. "What happened?" Brett asked. "Some scum tried to get me to have sex with him." I grumped. I sat up and looked at him. "My life is just a mistake." I grumbled. "No it's not." He said. "You haven't been with me my whole life." I said. I studied him for a moment before my eyes widened. "Wait... Don't I know you?" I asked, narrowing my eyes. "I dunno. You look familiar." He said. "Ain't you that jackass who tried to kiss me in the middle of the grade 5 Christmas concert?" I asked, leaning back. He thought. "I remember that... Sorry..." He said. "Don't sorry me. I hate you for that. You're a jackass." I said. "I'm seriously sorry." He said. I glared at him. "Tell ya what. I'll be your friend if you never do that again." I said. He chuckled. "Sure." He said. I ran his fingers through his shaggy dark red hair. I felt my heart explode pretty much. I quickly walked off to get my guitar. "You play the guitar?" He asked. "Ya. I have for years." I replied, sitting on my bed. I let my auburn hair fall in front of my face and I started play 'Safe and Sound' by Taylor Swift. "I remember tears streaming down your face when I said I'll never let you go, when all those shadows almost killed your light..." I trailed off from my singing. Brett was staring at me. I felt myself blush. "Stop staring at me." I said, smiling a bit. "Sorry, your voice is just so beautiful." He said. I felt myself blush more. "Take that back! I can't sing!" I said, looking up at him. "Ya, actually you can." He said. I blushed even more. "Are you blushing?" He asked. "N... No!" I snapped, turning away and started playing the guitar to 'Safe and Sound' but a little quicker. I started to sing in time with the music, but it was a little faster. I always loved nightcore things so I was playing that version. Singing made me happy, no matter how many people were there. When I finished, I just stood up. "Where are you going?" Brett asked. "Shower." I said. I grabbed some clothes and headed to the bathroom. 

-After Night Classes-

I dragged myself back into the room. I had most my classes with Brett, all but the last. I flopped onto the bed. I heard the door open and it scared the shit out of me. I fell off the bed and heard Brett laugh. I gave him the finger and my hand just went into rag doll mode. He reached out his hand to help me up. I took it, blushing, and he pulled me to my feet. "Most of our classes, you did a lot of talking, dude. I like to listen more than speak, but if you'd let me speak a little more, I'd be a lot happier." I said. "Sorry. I'm just excited to see you again. And if you don't mind me saying, you're more beautiful than I remember." He said, flashing me a white smile. I felt myself blush, but I turned. "Thanks, I guess." I said. After we got ready for bed, we just laid there. Brett rolled over on his bed to face me. "Hey, Blake." He said. I stayed on my back, eyes closed. I hummed in response. "Did you like me back when we were kids?" He asked. I opened one eye and looked at him before closing it again. "A bit." I said. "Do you like me now?" He asked. "First, stop asking so many questions. Second, no." I lied. I actually liked him more than I wanted to. I heard him grunt and roll over again. I rolled over so my back was to him. I fell asleep. 

-The Next Day-

I woke up so tired, I wanted to smash my guitar over my head so I could go back to sleep. I dragged myself out of bed and just laid on the floor, staring at the ceiling blankly. Next thing I know, Brett in looking down at me. "Morning, sleepy head." He said. I gave him the finger and closed my eyes. I started to drift off again. I was in the state I could hear and feel, but I could do anything. I felt myself in someone's arms after I left the floor and then my bed under me. I felt the blankets go over me. I felt them peck lips. "Sleep well, love." He said and walked away.


I jumped out of bed and stormed over to Brett. "I know you kissed me when you put me to bed!" I snapped. "I wouldn't do that. Niall stopped by and put you to bed." He said. I pulled out my phone and called Niall. "Hey baby sis. What's up?" He asked. "Question. Did you pop by after I fell asleep on the floor?" I asked. "Yes." He said. "Oh... Well for your information, that floor was comfortable." I said. He laughed. "What ever you say." He said. After a moment, we hung up. "Sorry that I got mad." I said. He chuckled. "It's fine. You didn't know." He said. I smiled weakly. A strand of hair fell in my face and Brett tucked it behind my ear. I felt myself blush. He loomed over me. Damn he's tall. I thought. He started to lean down. He was waiting to see if I'd push away. I didn't. He let his hands fall onto my waist. Our eyes started to close. When his lips touched mine, my hands went up to his chest. I felt sparks like crazy. When I realized what was happening, my eyes snapped open. I pushed him off and slapped him. "Ow..." He said. I was a little panicked. "I told you not to try to kiss me again!" I half shouted. "You let me!" He half shouted back. I closed my mouth. "You let it happen, you let me kiss you, you let me hold your waist, you made me feel sparks, and it's your fault you're hot and sexy!" He snapped. I felt my heart beat faster and faster. I was somewhat shocked and frozen. I took a step forward, a big step, and grabbed his face, pulling his lips to mine. I stood on my tip toes and when our lips touched, I engulfed his lips with mine. I kissed his passionately. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist. He held me up by my thighs. I pulled away, both of us breathing heavily. "I don't know how you do it to me, but you're the only one I've ever wanted to do this to." I said breathlessly. He quickly slammed his lips to mine and it quickly turned to a heated make out session. He pushed me onto his bed and crawled on top of me, making out with me like we had only one day to live. My hands were firmly on his chest and his hands had a firm grip on my hips. "Fuck you're hot." He breathed when we pulled away. Both of us breathing heavily, we quickly undressed each other. When I was down to my red lace bra and matching undies, he already had his lips on mine. He engulfed mine with his and we made out again. "God damn it. You're body is so sexy." He breathed against my lips. I tangled my fingers in his perfect hair and we made out more passionately. "Fuck me, babe." He breathed again. We got more heated and his hands travelled my whole body. It felt like he was leaving a trail of fire everywhere his hands touched. I wrapped my legs around his neck, forcing him closer to my lips. "Why are you so perfect! I mean your boobs are so big, you're body is so perfect, your personality is amazing, and you're so fucking gorgeous." He breathed. I felt myself blush. I had a tiny bit of fat to me, but I had curves. Speaking of curves, his hands were running down them. Slamming my lips to his, he ran his hands up to my feet and unwrapped them. His hands travelled up and down my thighs, making me wet as fuck. His blue eyes were almost black. "You look so innocent... Makes me wanna bang it out of you." His hands slipped around to the clip on my bra and he made out with me, engulfing my lips. He unclipped my bra and slowly sliding it off. He moved to my undies, sliding them off, still not breaking contact with my lips. He pulled away and let his eyes travel my body. He smirked and started kissing all down my body, making me moan, causing him to move faster, but smaller spaces between kisses. I felt my heart beat pick up big time and my breathing getting heavier. His lips started to kiss my pussy and he ran circles with his tongue. "Oh my god, Brett..." I breathed, letting my body go limp and enjoy it. He stuck his tongue in me and licked me clean. He stopped and I noticed a huge boner. I felt myself blush. He pulled off his boxers. He was like... 10 inches! Like holy shit! How can you hide that?! He looked into my eyes. "Ready?" He growled in a seductive way. Without an answer, he jammed himself into me, hard. I let out a small scream. He didn't let me adjust to his size, he just hammered into me repeatedly. Some tears escaped my eyes and I screamed a bit. My screams turned to loud gasps and heavy breathing. He steadied himself by holding my hips. "God, babe. You're so tight. Let me fix that." He said and hammered me harder and faster. I screamed again. "Brett!" I yelled/moaned. "That's right, baby. Call my name." He said and hammered even harder. "Brett!" I screeched. His thrusts got sloppier and I got a knot in my stomach. He started jamming himself deeper and deeper. Soon, I thought he was in my stomach. He started grunting and moaning. "I... I'm gonna cum!" I moaned. "Hold it, babe! We'll cum together." He said. He bit down on my neck and started sucking to cover up his moans. I screamed his name as we both cummed at the same time. He collapsed next to me and we breathed heavily. I ran my hand up and down his 6 pack. His grabbed my hand and kissed the back of it, looking into my eyes. "God damn you're perfect." He said. "When's round 2?" I asked. He chuckled and got back on top of me. "Right now." He said.

-An Hour Later-

We had about 3 rounds. I was laying beside him with his arms wrapped protectively around me. "I love you." He breathed in my ear. My eyes widened and my heart beat faster than it already was. "I... I love you, too." I said. He tightened his grip and kissed my neck, causing me to let out a small moan. "I love it when you moan. It's so sexy. Especially coming from the sexiest and hottest girl on Earth." He said. I closed my eyes and ended up falling asleep in his warm, protective, strong arms.

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