Nations of Magic

In which Iggy and Nor are awesome. :)


1. Chapter One (Nor)

"Norway, have you seen Romania? I haven't been able to find the git since the meeting at Switzerland yesterday," England's voice dragged me from the spell book I was studying, his emerald eyes glinting with worry. I sighed, putting down the book and standing slowly.

"No. Has the idiot gotten himself in trouble with Romania again?"

England shrugged, as I slipped the book into my bag. "Well, I suppose we have a little time before the next meeting to look for him. You ask Hungary, and I'll go check Switzerland's place. He might be in trouble with him after the last meeting."

England nodded, and disappeared to ask Hungary. Glancing regretfully at my bag, I left the room, heading down the corridor.

"Nor!" A black and red blur of annoying Dane tackled me into a hug, gravity-defying hair flying everywhere as I tried to shove him off.

"Den, get off me," I growled, and he reluctantly released me from the hug, a disappointed expression on his face.

"What you doing?" he asked inquisitively. I sighed again, as the irritating Dane trailed me through the corridors to Switzerland's room. He'd let me and Den stay here after the meeting, purely because Denmark wanted to try out some of the guns, and he'd insisted I remained so he wouldn't get lonely... Idiot.

"Leave me alone," I told him, but he just tapped me on the shoulder and asked again. Whirling around, I pulled on the tie, calmly watching him choke to death. Finally, I released the grip on his tie.

"Finding Romania, if you must know."

Denmark grinned.

"I'll help!"


He pouted, and I rolled my eyes, knocking on Switzerland's door.

"If you want to help, go check that America hasn't captured him."

"But he's too dumb!"

It was a good point - exactly why I was sending Denmark to go find America. He would be out the way, and could annoy somebody else for a change.

"Yes, and so's Romania. So go find him."

Denmark frowned. "If you say so, Norge."

He bounded away, leaving me to face Switzerland alone. The blonde opened the door, a rifle already pointed in my face. To any who already know him, this is nothing new.

"You haven't shot Romania, have you?"

Switzerland shook his head. "Nope. Just Korea when he ran into Liechtenstein earlier."

I raised an eyebrow. "Really? He dead yet?"

Switzerland shrugged. "Only shot him in the leg. Figured China would be angry if I got his brains."

I nodded. "If he has any. Well, thanks anyway," I added, walking off and leaving Switzerland to close the door behind me. The lights flickered briefly in the corridor, and I turned around irritably.

"Denmark, if this is a prank-"

A honhonhonhon interrupted the near silence, and I instantly began summoning a troll. The stench of roses cut through my concentration, and I opted for a fist in the face instead. Spinning around, I slammed my fist into the Frog's face.

"Ouch! That was not very nice, Norgie!"

"Norgie?" I echoed, gritting my teeth and preparing my fist for another collision with France's face. Dear Loki, that one's even worse than whatever Denmark calls me...

"Norgie! It is very... honhon... cute, eh?"

Shame... France wasn't wearing a tie. Strangulating was out. What about breaking his nose? Or, alternatively, stabbing him with the tiny blade hidden in my hairpin?

"No. Not cute."

France laughed creepily, inching closer to me as the lights flickered again.

Then coughed up blood as something hit him from behind.

"England," I greeted the Brit as he stood behind the Frog, a lamp clutched between his hands. France crumpled to the floor.

"Thanks. You saved me from getting my hands dirty," I said to England.

"You're welcome," England replied politely, whacking France on the head just for good measures. "Now let's go and find Romania."

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