The Dezarrios: Rise of the Zenuvos

Leo Videlly is a Terren. Terens, powerful in Sezanition, the art of producing fires, water, ice and electricity from mere hands. The Terren race inhabits the country of Terrenem, which lies in the Celtic Sea near Britain. When his family's turn at the Gift brings him a younger brother, Leo is very happy. Through the course of introducing his brother Cam to his world, and teaching him their ways, something terrible happens. The long lost evil faction, the Zenuvos are rising again. Leo wants to fight back. He ventures out with his friends and several others on a journey to perfect themselves and stopping the evil Zenuvos. But all is not safe. All is not well. It's not going to be easy.


2. The Kronix

Leo and Cam march up to the gang at the Park. There Ryan, Adrianna, Rose and Cassie sit on a circular bench. Another boy sits with them, who looks even more mischievous than Ryan. Ryan and Cassie sit in silence, each holding a book.

"Hello! You must me Cameron, right? I am Maxwell Fornax. Max. Oh-Ryan's bro..."

"Stop that!" shouts Ryan, without looking up.

"Oh-kay, Oh-Ryan."

Ryan glares at him, and then turns his attention back to his book, A Historic book of facts and mysteries: Terrenem.

"Look! Cam got his Kronex!" says Leo. Everyone shoves him aside and comes to look at Cam's brand new Kronex. Leo scowls.

"It's an IonForce Z10!" squeals Cassie.

"Didn't expect you to get one of them," says Max, smirking."People are rarely eligible for the IonForce series."

"Can't say anything nice, can you?" scolds Rose.

"What did you get, Adrianna?" asks Cam, his eyes shining.

 "A PulseEn Ninety," says Adrianna.

"Sounds nice," says Cam, smiling.

 "I have a SupShot 5K," says Max."Oh-Ryan's got MegaSoz forty-five, and Cassie has a Mobiror Seventy."

"I've got an IonForce like you. IonForce Ultimatus," says Leo.

 "Rated the fifth best Kronex of Terrenem by 'Terrenem Trends' magazine," says Rachel, patting Leo on the back. Leo turns red.

 Then suddenly, a dog, with wings comes running, then flying into Rose's arms. It barks frantically at Cam, who has started backing away.

"Come back Cam! It’s just my Domy."

 "A Domy?" says Cam as he came back."It looks like a Dog-bird. Only that it is real." He pats the creature, which licks his hand affectionately."And very adorable."

 "His name is Scruffer," says Rose.

"Hey-hey, Scruffer! I'm Cam," says Cam. Leo rolls his eyes.

 "Leo loathes Scruffer," explains Ryan, not looking up from his book.

"A question, Cam," says Cassie. "You just arrived yesterday, and you're so well adjusted and happy, with no discomfort. Adrianna didn't start responding to anything around her until yesterday. How is that?"

 "Well, I have always been social person. Also, somehow I feel that this is where I belong. Besides, my orphanage wasn't exactly heaven. And our caretaker Mr. Rawsmith was a bit of a jerk, really."

"I never liked him either," says Adrianna, smiling. Cam smiles back.

 "Let's try out Cam's Kronex!" cries Max.

They run to an open space. Leo volunteers to teach his brother and Adrianna. He puts on his own Kronix and stands next to him.

 "There is a small booklet inside your Kronix box. Take it out," says Leo. Cam reaches into his small pouch and pulls out his box. Inside lies a small booklet saying 'Quick Sezanition Course for Orrens'. Leo takes it and reads out. "Fire Sezan- ‘Ignito’," says Leo." You have to motion your hands forward quickly, and say the Sezan either in your mind, or out loud."

 Leo motions his hands forward and yells “Ignito.” A rapid flow of ire erupts from his hands.

Cam nods. He and Adrianna motion their hand forward and shout, "Ignito!" A small gush of fire erupts from their hands for a moment, and then vanishes.


 "Fantastic? I was cow dung," says Cam.

“So was I!” says Adrianna, scowling.

 “We could never even do that!" explains Leo."Orrens have been gifted with the capability to learn things at least a ten times faster than Terrenchildren. We only start Sezanition classes at the age of 8.It took us nearly five years to master it. Setting aside the fact that we had many other subjects too, it would have taken us two and a half years to master it. And here you are, with a three month course. We couldn't start Sezaning steadily until we were 10, let alone master it. What’s more, you just have to take a year of weekly classes for getting Degrees."

"Yeah, be grateful, Cam," snorted Max. Rose and Adrianna give him a look of disapproval.


"Anyway. Your basic Sezans included in this course are Fire, Water, Ice, Electricity and Megas. Each Sezan will be fixed with 18 days for mastering. Five multiplied by eighteen is 90 days, three months."


“Harsh,” says Adrianna

They spend the rest of the afternoon and evening teaching Cam and Adrianna the Fire Sezan, pausing only for lunch, which Rose had brought. At 7, Leo lets out a load sigh. "One last time! Then we go back."

 Cam and Adrianna motions his hand forward, and shouts "Ignito." A small gush of fire erupts from hand for a moment and then stops again. Ryan and Max snort. Rose and Cassie shake their heads in disapproval.

 "Very good. Don't whine. Practise makes perfect," says Leo sternly, then smiles.

They say goodbye to Cassie and Adrianna, who sprint off towards their home. They chat as they walk, then bid goodbye to Ryan and Max, and then to Rose.

They reach home at 8, feeling extremely exhausted.

 "Had a good day, boys?" asks Mrs.Videlly

"Of course! What a dazzling day learning Sezanition," says Cam. They go to their room. Leo looks at his brother, feeling a pang of fondness towards his new-found member of family. He suddenly gives his brother a hug.

"Hey-hey! What's up?" says Cam. Leo draws away."I never had any sibling. And when dad disappeared, it was just me and Mum. But now we have you. Thank God."

 "It's alright, Sir." says Cam. Leo raises an eyebrow.

"Some respect to my Sezanition teacher." says Cam as he bows, laughing.

 "There is no need for that," says Leo letting out a laugh.

"Dinner's ready!" calls out Mrs. Videlly. The two hurry towards the kitchen and quickly munch their dinner. After a hard day, they retire to their beds early. Leo dreams all about teaching his brother Sezanition.


Leo rises early. He sees his brother sound asleep and doesn’t bother to wake him up. Oh! I forgot about telling Cam about Aerodroning. I have to tell him and make him get an Aerolicense, thinks Leo. He shoves his brother awake.

“What? It’s just 8. Why did you wake me up?” asks Cam, annoyed.

“You have to get your Aerodroning license.”


“Aerodroning. It’s what the Odas call flying. We wear special Aeroshoes and power them up with a Sezan. Once powered, you can Aerodrone. It’s real fun.”

“Fine.  But we ought to get Aeroshoes first, right?”

“Don’t bother. We have an unused pair here.” Leo opens his cupboard and digs inside. He reveals a pair of Aeroshoes. They look fantastic and are silver and indigo.


Cam tries them on, and then gets into his own shoes. “Good.”

“The test centre begins testing at 8:30. It’s half an hour’s drive from here. Get dressed, quick.”

“But I haven’t practised!”

“The whole point is that you go there unprepared. It’s pretty easy, really.”

“But what do mean by ‘drive’? Do you have a car?”

“Car? What’s that? I have a Moby.”

They both get dressed and quickly leave, leaving behind a note for Mrs. Videlly. The Moby is a thin and long vehicle, with a hi-tech looking design. They hop in, and Leo opens up a small screen, and presses a few buttons. The Moby suddenly rises about a foot or two, and then briskly starts moving, gradually picking up speed. Leo sits freely, since the Moby is automatic.

“So, a flying vehicle?”

“Aeroding, short for Aerodroning. And no, it doesn’t Aerode. It hovers over the ground for a couple of feet. It’s not really fast, so people don’t use it unless travelling long distances.”

They drive past the Park, and then turn right and pick up speed. Half an hour later, they arrive at a small building with a large fenced yard. They go inside, and an old man sits at the counter, reading Sebadron’s newspaper, ‘Sebadron Daily’.

“Aeroding tests?” asks Leo.

“Go down the passage. Meet Artie, he’ll conduct the test,” says the old man.

“Thank you.”

They walk down a narrow passage. They reach a room, where two men sit, and a board above them says ‘Licensing Room’.

“Mr. Artie?”

“Yes. That would be just Artie,” says a blonde man, as he stood up. He gives Cam a form which he fills up.

“Artie, where’s Will? He conducted my test when I came here two years ago.”

“He went to Domarka to meet his sister, but never came back. DGM authorities said that he and his sister’s family were found dead in their house. Murdered, but they have no idea who killed them. There were more murders at Domarka.”

“Oh God,” sighs Leo.

“What’s Domarka?” whispers Cam.

“It’s a neighbouring Dezarian land. Ryan’s family moved from there when he was 8.”

Artie walk out into the yard with them, with a strange screen, as thin as a paper with him.

“That’s a computer. More like a tablet. They are quite advanced, in comparison to Other ones, but unlike them, Terrenians have avoided modernizing everything.”

Cam puts on his pair of Aeroshoes.

“Now,” says Artie. “You have to touch your pair of Aeroshoes with your Kronix on, and say any Sezan, which will power the shoes. If you have completed any Sezanition course, you can directly Sezan you shoes while standing rather than bending down.”

Cam bends and touches his Aeroshoes and yells, “Ignito!” His Aeroshoes suddenly catch fire, and the silver parts of them turn into bright fire orange.

“Now jump!”

Cam jumps and lifts up into the air slowly, and tries to catch his balance.  His feet are on fire and the flames point downward.

Don’t embarrass me here Cam, Leo thinks.

“I don’t feel anything!” shouts Cam.

“Obviously, Hughead! Do you think Terrenians are mad enough to set themselves on fire and burn to death just for the sake of flying?” says Leo, laughing.

“Now tilt forward by forty-five degrees, and pressure your Aeroshoes. You will start Aeroding then,” shouts Artie.

Cam tilts forward; his eyes narrow, as though trying very hard. He starts moving, and picks up speed all of a sudden. He screams in terror as he Aerodes along the sky.

“Lessen the pressure!” shouts Artie, as he taps his tablet. Cam eventually stabilizes, and Aerodes with ease.

Good going, thinks Leo.

“Now for speed. Your hands are free. Since you are Aeroding, your flames will attract the smallest of flames around them. Give a steady Sezan to your shoes and you will Aerode faster,” says Artie, still tapping his Seri.

Cam obeys and points his hands at his shoes, palms open. A small gush of fire erupts from his hand and the fire at his foot instantly joins his hands.  Everything below his waist is now on fire, but doesn’t burn up. He tilts forward and abruptly starts zooming through the air.

Good enough, Leo thinks.

Cam circles the yard. After a few minutes, comes soaring down and lands on his feet.

“You did well,” says Artie. You’ll get your result and license inside.”

They pace inside, as Leo pats Cam’s back. The other man stands there, ready with Cam’s license and result.

“Sign here,” says the man as he hands over a paper to Cam. Cam signs and they walk out.

“What was the result?”

“It’s a B+”

Leo sighs.

“What? What was yours?”

“It was an A+. I’m an excellent Aeroder.”

“Whatever,” snaps Cam.

I shouldn’t compare my results with. Everyone is different, I can’t make my only brother angry with me, thinks Leo.

They get into the Moby and Leo sets its path on the screen.

“Where to?” Cam asks.

“The Park.”

Leo pulls out a crushed paper about the size of a mothball, and unfolds it. He puts the now completely straight, the size of a small notepad page to his ear.

“Ryan, Cassie, Rose.” He waits for a couple of seconds and then speaks.

“All of you come to the Park, Cam got a license.”

“Cool,” their voices say.

Leo crumples the paper back and tosses it into his pocket. “Yes, a mobile phone. Yrs, much more advanced.”

Cam laughs. “What a place, Terrenem.”

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