The Dezarrios: Rise of the Zenuvos

Leo Videlly is a Terren. Terens, powerful in Sezanition, the art of producing fires, water, ice and electricity from mere hands. The Terren race inhabits the country of Terrenem, which lies in the Celtic Sea near Britain. When his family's turn at the Gift brings him a younger brother, Leo is very happy. Through the course of introducing his brother Cam to his world, and teaching him their ways, something terrible happens. The long lost evil faction, the Zenuvos are rising again. Leo wants to fight back. He ventures out with his friends and several others on a journey to perfect themselves and stopping the evil Zenuvos. But all is not safe. All is not well. It's not going to be easy.


1. The Dezarrios

The grass rustles on a February evening, as six children run across the vast fields of Sebadron, a large city of the magical country Terrenem. A vast country, hidden from the rest of the world, which the people of Terrenem call 'the Odas'. Hidden in the Celtic Sea near Britain, anything can pass through the water, go right through it, and have no idea what a great place it has crossed. Sebadron, dominated by the faction called 'The Dezarrios', is a vast land thinly populated.

The children enter a cosy cottage, where a thin lady makes dinner in the kitchen. "Mrs. Videlly! Look who we brought!” says a brown haired girl.

"Of course I know who it is, Rosie," Mrs. Videlly bustles into the hall, where six young children sit quietly, but with their faces full of excitement."Why, what has are turn at The Gift brought us?" She looks at the blonde boy, who sits in the middle, rather scared. Everyone except him wore black robes, with stripes of scarlet here and there, and also a scarlet cape. The boy had blue eyes and something about his face was very innocent.

"I am Karenelle Videlly. You are now a part of our family!" says Mrs.Videlly.

"I don't understand. Why am I here?" says the boy. Mrs. Videlly looks around at the kids. "Well, we've got to tell him everything," The five of them nod.

"We are in a country called Terrenem, inhabited by the Terren race. We here, at Sebadron, are the Dezarrios faction, our colour Scarlet.” She points at a red and silver symbol, with the letter D. It had flames around it, but the flames in the shape of lightning bolts. Terrenem is in the middle of the Celtic Sea. As you may or may not have noticed, we are not as normal as the Odas."

 "The Odas?"

"Yes, Odas. They are the people who live in the place where you came from. We are special. We can do different things, magical things. We can do this." She snaps her finger and a bright glowing blue butterfly appears out of thin air, glittering on its path with blue.

 "Hey! I can do that too!" exclaims the boy. He snaps his finger like Mrs. Videlly and a bright glowing yellow dragonfly appears.

"We know that, that's why you're here."

"We can also do this!" exclaims a blonde girl. She wore a rather strange looking gray metal glove, with a light the size of a ruby on the palm that glowed, changing its colours randomly. She then goes outside, and as the boy sees outside the window, she motions her right hand forward and a fire erupts from her hands. She stands there smiling, as though she doesn't feel any pain at all. She then withdraws her right hand, and motions her left hand, and this time, a bright white light erupts from her hands and strikes a branch of a tree, which instantly freezes.

 "Wow!" exclaims the boy, as the girl comes back inside."I can't do that."

"Nobody can, actually not without those,” says Mrs. Videlly. She points at the gloves the girl is wearing."That is called a Kronex. The pair of Kronix are what is really different about us. No Other can use it."

"But I am an Other, right? Then why am I here?"

 "No, you aren't, darling. You see, we are Terrens born here. But often, Terrens are born to Odas. Someone from the Demercacrat Governance Ministry (DGM),our government, goes to the Odalands and explains to the parents, that being an Odas, their child can't be brought up by them, as the instability of Terren children can be fatally dangerous to the Odas. Always weeping, the parents make up a story of the child's death, and the Government person takes the Terren to an orphanage, which has a Terrenian caretaker."

 "I grew up in an orphanage. But why wasn't I brought here earlier?"

 "Because scientists here believe Terrens born to Odas are not totally safe, before the age of 14, as younger Oda-born Terren children develop some sort of allergy to our lands. Terrens born to Odas are called Orrens."

"I turned 14 yesterday."

"Yes. So, on the next day of an Orren’s 14th Birthday, they are brought to a family, which adopts them. The occasion and the child are called The Gift."

The boy, feeling braver now, sits erect."So now I am one of you? You are my Mother?"

"Of course, darling."She kisses the boy on his forehead."But shouldn't we introduce ourselves?" The boy nods.

"I am Cameron Daunt. Call me Cam."

"Hello Cam, I am Rosandra York. Rose. I am 15," says the brown haired girl. She has pretty smile face, and her brown eyes shone vividly.

 "I am Cassabelle Rosewood. You can call be Cassie. I'm 14,"says the blonde girl. She has a small face and her beautiful black hair rested on her right shoulder.

 "I am Orion Fornax, 15.They call me Ryan. My brother is a year younger than you, you'll like him. He couldn't come because he had Turmenchitis," says a tall boy, who stands taller than the rest by a couple of inches. He has blue eyes and black hair, and looks rather mischievous.


"It's a Terrenian disease. It causes you to develop large bumps over your body, which keep moving, “says Ryan.

 "I am Adrianna Camphood. I'm an Orren too. I arrived a week ago. I live with Cassie," says a brown haired girl. She had attractive green eyes and her brown hair was long, and smooth.

"And I, am Lionel Videlly, 15, call me Leo. I am now your brother." says the boy who looked the most excited, but had not said a word so far. He has amazing hazel eyes and jet black hair, which seemed very well kept."Welcome to our family, bro."

"Oh, thank you. Nice to meet you Rosandra, Cassabelle, Orion, Adrianna. What's with the many nicknames?"

 "It's traditional to keep long names. But calling out the full names can be annoying, hence, nicknames, “says Leo.

 "I'M STARVING!" shouts Ryan suddenly.

"Very well, Ryan, but I won't let you starve, so need not yell about it," says Mrs.Videlly, smiling. Everyone giggles and Ryan scratches the back of his neck.

"What's for dinner?" asks Cassie.

 "Curd rice and your favourite, Hugballs," says Mrs. Videlly. Cassie squeals. The dining table is set with large bowls of curd rice and Hugballs.

"Have one,” says Ryan, and tosses a Hugball at Cam, which he catches with his mouth and gulps down.

"Delicious!" exclaims Cam, feeling very excited about the life that lies ahead of him.


Leo wakes up in his room, and sees his brother Cam snoring loudly. He jumps on top of his brother, who wakes up with a start. "GOOD MORNING! BROTHER!" shouts Leo, in the most comic fashion.

 "What the-..Who are-...What am I-.. Oh!" says Cam, suddenly remembering the events of the previous day. He grins and says, “Good morning brother."

"Please, let’s agree to call each other by our names. I somehow hate being called 'brother',” says Leo.


 They head downstairs and find the table laid with breakfast. "Bread, butter and bacon and fresh lemonade. I have never had such a scrumptious breakfast,” says Cam.

They quickly munch their breakfast and head outside, the warm sun relieving them of the cold. They relax in the shade of a tree and gaze into the countryside.

"So, can't the Odas find us? I mean, we are in the Celtic Sea, can't some ship find us?" asks Cam.

"Terrenem is thousands of years old. Some people who can perform enchantments, called Enchanters, had casted a highly protective enchantment over Terrenem. For all you know, a ship might be passing through us this very instant," says Leo. "Okay, that makes sense. But don't you go to school?"

 "We have school. It is called the Ravendawn School of Sezanition. Sezanition is of course, what we 'do'. You know, conjure fires, ice, water and all. But we attend it only from the age of 4 to 13. It’s a strict school with no holidays except a day when passing to another grade. Then after we pass out we get 3 years free, with only weekly classes for getting a Degree. Then we start working at 17. Terrens bring up their children such that they are as capable as adults when they are 15. At 15, I'm an adult. Orrens have trouble adjusting to this change. You will start weekly classes once you finish your Sezanition course. You are a year away from adulthood."

 "Can't believe it," Cam laughs. "What work do people do here?"

 "We work according to our Degrees. A Degree in Fire gets you to work in the Dabagar, a large kitchen where Firecookers cook food for people at work. A Degree in electrification gets you work at the Electrafac. There are Electrokeepers for a specific number of houses who are responsible for getting them electricity. Water Degree means a place at Aquafac, where they supply water to the city. Ice Degree means Icemakers. It is a short course, so that you can get another Degree to work in winter.”

 "Apart from these things, what else do these Kronix do?"

 "We can do this too, but is not very useful, unless at war. They are called Megas. A Degree in Megas, makes you a Megasman, they are what the Odas call ‘police’. “Leo stands up and motions his right hand forward, making a slight twist while doing so. A bright blue ball of light erupted from his hand, and the red, then green. They hit three branches, which now look severely damaged.

 "Wow! When will I get a Kronex? I mean Kronix. That is the plural, right?"

"Yes. We will get it when Mum is free."

 "Well, is there war then?"

 "Nobody is really sure. There are some rumours of Dark forces attacking other Dezarian lands."

Cam shudders. "Scary. I hope they don't come here. But where is your father?"

 Leo hesitates. "When I was 10, he suddenly disappeared. A mass search was carried out, but nobody found him. He was declared dead."

"I'm sorry," says Cam uncomfortably.

 Mrs. Videlly shouts from the kitchen window suddenly."Get ready boys, we have to get our Cam his Kronix!"

"Okay mum!" they both shout together. They race into the house and up the stairs, into their room. Cam finds a suitcase full of Terrenian clothes for him. He has a difficult time adjusting to his indigo robes and cape, as Leo sticks to scarlet. They head out and down the lane. Sebadron, which is widely covered with grass and houses spaced far apart, looked as stunning as ever. A woman with an annoying looking smile on her face, with bucked teeth shouts out from the first house down the lane.

"Oh hello, Karen! That is your Gift, I assume?"

"Oh yes, Pamela! We're heading to the Bazet to get Cam his Kronix."

 "Well he seems rather-..."

"Goodbye then," calls out Mrs.Videlly.

 "Who was that?" whispers Cam to Leo.

"Pamela Lambox. Our neighbour, who is the most annoying woman I have ever come across. You may not see it now, but you will later. We call her Megamouth, because her mouth is so big and she talks just as much. But Mum shuts her up politely enough," whispers Leo. Cam giggles.

 They reach crowded place where several shops are lined along the street. "This is the Bazet, Sebadron's amazing marketplace," says Mrs.Videlly. They head towards the fourth shop on the left side, which had a board which read 'Jonnex's Krazy Kronix Shop'. They march into the shop where a young man sits, smoking his pipe.

"Hello Mrs.Videlly, I did hear of your Gift, I've got just the right Kronex for him,” he says, as he examined Cam closely. He pulls out a rectangular box from a cupboard and places it in front of them. He pulls off the lid and inside, is a glistening pair of Kronix, waiting to be worn. Cam picks them up and puts his hands through the Kronix. Leo taps the back of the Kronex and they instantly fit him. It had pointy pieces which went in between the fingers from the back and stood a little way away from the glowing light in the middle of the palm, leaving the upper palm free.

"It is awesome!" exclaims Cam cheerily.

 "That would be One thousand Chromes for the pair, Mrs.Videlly." says the man.

Mrs.Videlly pulls out some notes from her purse and hands it to the man. "Thank you Mr. Jonnex." The man bows.

 As they came out of the shop, Mrs Videlly says "I have to do some more shopping. Go on, go to the Park and try it out with your friends, I'm sure they are there. Begin his course today itself."

 "Thanks a lot...Mom. you," says Cam, and the pair happily run off, with Cam now feeling like a true Terrenian, even though he wasn't entirely sure what it felt like. 

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