The Dezarrios: Rise of the Zenuvos

Leo Videlly is a Terren. Terens, powerful in Sezanition, the art of producing fires, water, ice and electricity from mere hands. The Terren race inhabits the country of Terrenem, which lies in the Celtic Sea near Britain. When his family's turn at the Gift brings him a younger brother, Leo is very happy. Through the course of introducing his brother Cam to his world, and teaching him their ways, something terrible happens. The long lost evil faction, the Zenuvos are rising again. Leo wants to fight back. He ventures out with his friends and several others on a journey to perfect themselves and stopping the evil Zenuvos. But all is not safe. All is not well. It's not going to be easy.


3. Dark and Rising

Leo parks the Moby at the entrance of the park. The others stand waiting with their Aeroshoes on.

“I brought a ball to play catch,” says Max.

“Did you get your license,” Cam asks Adrianna.

“Yes of course,” says Adrianna. “I got it just the day before you came.”

They run into the open area where they had given Cam Sezanition classes. They put on their Kronix and stand in a line.

“On the count of three. One, two, three- SEZAN!” shouts Leo. All except Cam, who has to bend down, give a Sezan to their shoes while standing. They jump in unison and blast off into the air. Max throws the ball at Cam who passes it to Ryan. Ryan floats around with the Ice Sezan at his feet and passes it to Rose, whose feet are white and bright with electricity. They spend the morning kicking and throwing and passing the ball. They swish through the air, and finally, after an hour of playing, they land on the ground, exhausted.

“I am a Terren, no regrets!” hoots Cam.

“Nobody has ever had regretted being a Terren, Cam,” say Ryan.” Our life is wonderful”

Just then, Mrs. Videlly turns up, with a basket in her hands.

“So Cam got his Aeroding license, how wonderful!” says Mrs. Videlly, patting Cam on the back. “I’ve brought you all lunch, help yourselves and then get on with Cam’s Sezanition course.

“Thanks Mum!”

Mrs. Videlly waves goodbye and leaves the Park. The seven hungrily munch down their lunch and begin Cam’s lessons.


The days fly by, and as they do, Leo keeps a record of Cam and Adrianna’s progress. Leo, Ryan, Cassie and Rose

Fire Sezan

Day 1- Gushes.

Day 2- Gushes

Day 3- Gushes

Day 4- Longer lasting gushes


Day 15- Long lasting fires.

Day 16- Steady Sezans

Day-17- Steady Sezans

Day 18 Final Test- Super steady Sezans. Fire Sezan- MASTERED

“Congrats Cam!” says Adrianna on the eighteenth day, and hugs him. Cam goes deep scarlet.

“Congrats to you too!” says Cam. The others congratulate him and Adrianna.

Cam motions his hands forwards, pointing at a pile of dried leaves and a fire erupts from his hands and sets the pile of leaves on fire. The fire has a steady flow.

“On this occasion, I’m giving all of you a small treat from my pocket money,” says Cam, smiling.

Everyone pumps their fist into the air and shout, “Hurray!”

They walk down to the Bazet, where Cam takes them to an ‘Isabella’s Ice Cream’ shop.

“Ica cream is one of the few Oda inventions that Terrens have accepted whole heartedly,” says Leo, as they lick the delicious ice creams as they stroll home.  

Mrs. Videlly congratulates Cam on the occasion, and prepares a particularly splendid dinner.


More days fly by, as Cam and Adrianna gradually master the Water Sezan. The thirteenth day of Cam’s Ice Sezan course is a day Leo will never forget.

Leo wakes up in the morning and shoves Cam awake. They get dressed and meet Mrs. Videlly, who lays the table with breakfast. That’s when Leo’s bad day starts.

“What do you mean we have to move to Maura city? I can’t go!”

“You don’t understand, darling. We have to go. It’s not safe for us here anymore,” says Mrs. Videlly with her lips pursed.

“How can I leave Sebadron? Sebadron is my home. I grew up here! This is the only place where I can feel Dad around here. How can I leave the place where I grew up, where my friends are, without any logical explanation!” shouts Leo angrily.


“Shut up! Come on Cam, we’re going to the Park to continue your lessons.”

Leo marches out of the house, with Cam giving a blank and confused look to Mrs. Videlly, who looked very worried, then following him out.

They sprint to the Park, where the others stand waiting.

“Don’t talk to him right now; he had a fight with mom,” whispers Cam to the others.

Why do I have to leave? I can’t! I need a logical reason for leaving! thinks Leo, then his expression turns guilty. I shouldn’t have shouted at her.

They get on with their lessons, but halfway through; there is a lot of ruckus outside the Park. The seven sprint outside to investigate and reach the Tip, a small hill which overlooks Sebadron. The sky is dark, and several houses are on fire. The girls scream.

“Our house is on fire!” shouts Cassie and runs away with Adrianna behind her, towards their house, with tears running down their cheeks

Suddenly, Ryan and Max break into a run. Their house burns too.

Rose screams and starts running, sobbing loudly, towards her house, which is buried in flames.

Leo looks for his house and his face turns white. He sees his house in the highest of flames. He grabs Cam’s hand and runs as fast as he can. Aquakeepers, abandoning the Aquafac, have arrived and putting out the fires.

“MOM!” screeches Leo, his eyes red. “MOM! Where are you?”

They shout for their mother, sobbing. There are screams everywhere, children wailing, people crying out their loved ones’ names.

“She’s gone. She’s dead!” wails Leo, sinking to his knees. Cam tries to comfort him, his eyes red too. She’s gone, and the last time I saw her, I shouted at her, thinks Leo.

“Leo! Look!” shouts Cam. Leo looks up. The tallest building in Sebadron has flaming words written across its front.


Under it is a purple and silver symbol, with the letter Z in it. Around it is the shape of an odd bat, its wings outstretched. There are some people on top of the building. They Sezan a huge fire towards the sky, then disappear into thin air.

She isn’t gone. She has been taken. And so have been many others.                     


There are tents all around. People are handing out blankets and warm drinks to the victims. Leo sits close to the others. The girls are still sobbing quietly.

“Who are they?” blurts out Rose.

“The Zenuvos,” say Ryan and Cassie together, quietly.

“I read it in a book. When the factions were formed thousands of years ago, people lived happily. Then hundreds of years later, many Terrens from the Dezarrios and Ferruvos faction broke away from their factions and formed their own faction, the Zenuvos,” says Ryan, his voice barely audible.

“They were, are dark, and evil. They practised Dark Sezanition. They killed many. The Dezarrios wanted to make peace. The Ferruvos wanted to demolish them. That is what really caused friction between the two factions, not what we were taught at Ravendawn, that there was a conflict over trade,” says Cassie.

“The Dezarrios eventually gave in and decided to fight back, but not alongside the Ferruvos. Attacking from two sides, they were eventually overpowered and killed,” says Ryan.

“But there were rumours that Zoram, their leader who was killed, said that only his descendants could rise to power again, thousands of years later. The Zenuvos regrouped and went into hiding,” says Cassie.

Suddenly a brown haired man, who was eavesdropping on their conversation, speaks. “Now their leader is Zenivius. They are back. They are more powerful than ever. And they are going to try to take over the factions and Terrenem once again.  Few people were told about the Zenuvos rising again, so that people don’t panic. We were secretly fighting the Zenuvos as an undercover group. Our group of rebels, about fifty people, were the ones, who were abducted today.”

The seven look surprised. “Mr. Lambox! What you just said, is it true?” cries out Rose. “Then why weren’t you taken?”

“Pamela and I were on our way back from Domarka on an undercover operation against a few Zenuvos planning to attack. We came back as fast as we could. Some others and we on missions were safe, others were not so lucky.”

“Our parents were rebels like you, that’s why they were taken?” asks Leo. Mr. Lambox nods.

“Why didn’t they tell us?”

“We were all planning to move to Maura, many left too. Didn’t your parents ask to leave?”

Leo sighs. “She did. I didn’t want to go. All of this is my fault.”

“We denied leaving too,” says Ryan guiltily.

“We too,” says Cassie, as a tear rolls down her cheek.

“Me too,” sobs Rose.

“When can we join? We must fight too!” says Ryan.

“What? You can’t! You’re not old enough!”

“We are ADULTS!” shouts Leo.

“Still not old enough. You can’t join and that is final. I’m going”

Mr. Lambox leaves.

“Our parents have been abducted, for God’s sake! And we are not even allowed to do something about it!” cries Cassie.

Leo pauses to think. “So what if we can’t join them? We’ll rebel too. We’ll fight too. We will venture out alone. We will fight back, for our parents. We will fight back, for all the victims of Zenuvian cruelty. W will fight back, for our factions. We will fight back, for Terrenem.”

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