[An Ally Novel] Before Holly fought alongside her twin Harry Potter to defeat Voldemort, what was her life like? How was it, growing up without parents in foster care? How did she hide her magic outbursts as she grew older? Most importantly, how did she react when a strange man by the name of Arthur Abbott told her what she was? This movella is a collection of stories from Holly's past; foster home experiences and her many adventures with Dumbledore's old friend Arthur Abbott.


3. Summer Blues

May 15th

Sorry I haven’t wrote in you for a while! I lost you under my bed for a few months! I’ll make sure I write in you every day after school now!

May 20th

School sucked. We learned about fossils and volcanoes. Diane, my foster mom, made me clean the whole house for Emma’s birthday. She’s only 3 how will she tell if the house is clean or not? They like her so much better than me, it’s not fair!

May 27th

Ethan and I were playing in the backyard today. We were playing hopscotch and I fell on the pavement. I skinned my knee and ran inside to get Diane to clean it but when I got there, my knee was fine! She sent me to my room for making fun of her and I didn’t get dinner.

June 12th

It’s realllly hot here. I’m so excited for school to be over and summer will be here! Diane puts us in day camps so she can have the house to herself. I really wanted to do archery camp but she said it was too expensive. I’m stuck in soccer camp. At least I’ll get to play with the boys. The girls are bad at soccer and won’t tackle to get the ball.

June 26th

Today was the last day of school. My teacher Mrs. Robinson gave everyone in the class a book to read for the summer! When she gave mine to me she said ‘I think you’ll really enjoy this one Holly. The girl in the book reminds me a lot of you’. I can’t wait to read it!

July 25th

Sorry, I’ve been so tired from soccer camp I haven’t had time to write for a while! Soccer’s been fun. I’m reallllly good at scoring! Even when I’m not aiming for the net the ball seems to go in if I concentrate really hard!

August 17th

I read the book Mrs. Robinson gave me and I loved it!! I learned a new word too! I copied the definition down.

Wanderlust:  a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world

I want to wander.  I want to explore the world and not be trapped here! I keep staring at the hill and just want to go there so badly!


August 28th

GRRRR. I HATE my foster family. My foster dad said hate is a strong word but I DO hate them! It was all because of stupid Ethan and his stupid birthday!

“Mom! Can I have my present now?” Ethan yelled obnoxiously. I rolled my eyes; you never call your foster mom ‘Mom’. You’re just going to leave them in a year and they aren’t your real parents.

“You’ll get it after Fun World Ethan.” My foster mom, Diane said.  

I rolled my eyes again; Ethan always gets what he wants. For his birthday we were going to Fun World. It’s this huge indoor thing for kids full of blow up slides and bouncy castles and ball pits. I had asked to go there for my birthday and Diane said no but when Ethan asked she called right away to book a time.

When we got to Fun World Diane said we could go so I ran away from my foster siblings as fast as possible. It was really fun jumping and climbing through the mazes. I pretended I was an adventurer climbing to the top of the hill. I finally made it to the top and poked my head out to see everyone. It felt soooo cool to see everyone below me! But bad news for me; Ethan saw me and ran to come find me. I quickly tried to climb away but he soon grabbed my feet.

“Let go Ethan!” I told him

“No! I want to play with you!” he replied

“I want to play by myself Ethan go away!”




“Let go of me!” I yelled. Suddenly Ethan yelled and held his hand. The hand that had been holding my foot was beat red like he had left it on the heater for too long.

“Mooooom!” Ethan wailed as he ran up to Diane.

“What happened?” She said rushing over to him

“Sh-she did it!” Ethan said sobbing and pointing at me.

“I didn’t do it I swear!” I replied holding up my hands.

“That’s it young lady, you’re grounded!” Diane said, “And you have to do all the chores for a week!”

I’m soo mad! I didn’t do it to Ethan! I don’t what did but it wasn’t me! Grrr I just want to run away from everyone. No one is nice to me here. I hate it I hate it I hate it! 

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