[An Ally Novel] Before Holly fought alongside her twin Harry Potter to defeat Voldemort, what was her life like? How was it, growing up without parents in foster care? How did she hide her magic outbursts as she grew older? Most importantly, how did she react when a strange man by the name of Arthur Abbott told her what she was? This movella is a collection of stories from Holly's past; foster home experiences and her many adventures with Dumbledore's old friend Arthur Abbott.


1. Prologue

Holly balanced the boxes in one hand as she flicked the light switch on and immediately lit up her dark office. She narrowly avoided the piles and piles of paperwork on the floor and finally reached the desk on the far end of the room. Holly sighed as she sat down at the desk and rubbed her temples wearily. She had forgotten how messy she left her office before the family trip. 

Holly wanted to avoid the piles on the floor until the very end so she plopped herself in front of her filing cabinet that stood beside her desk. She took one of the boxes from her desk and sat it beside her. The top drawer of the filing cabinet was filled with various magical instruments including a few broken sneakoscopes, Dark Detectors, and a rusted old tin can. The label on the can read Halibut Salmon; Freshest in all the seven seas. Holly smiled to herself when she read it and left it in the drawer. After she put the other objects in her box, she moved to the second drawer.

This one was fairly empty already, only a few broken quills and empty bottles of ink that were quickly put in the box as well. Holly looked behind her to see if any of her family were in the hallway then took out her wand and tapped the third drawer once, whispering a spell under her breath. When she opened the final drawer, she felt a twang in her chest at the familiar object. Sitting in the bottom of the drawer, covered in a few inches of dust, was a journal.

Holly took the journal out and put it in her lap. She rearranged herself so she was sitting cross-legged and wiped the dust off the cover of the journal. In childish writing, the cover of the journal said:


Holly Jane Peter’s Journal


Holly laughed to herself at her younger self’s attempt to keep the children from the foster homes off her stuff. She could distinctly remember looking up the perfect threatening word in the dictionary to put on the cover of her journal. Holly shook her head at the irony of the word she chose; the threatening word was perfect for her situation and she didn’t even know magic existed then.

Memories of her past came flooding back to her like a pathway in her brain was suddenly set free. Holly quickly opened the cover of the journal, excited to read her autobiography starting at her 9 year-old self……..

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