[An Ally Novel] Before Holly fought alongside her twin Harry Potter to defeat Voldemort, what was her life like? How was it, growing up without parents in foster care? How did she hide her magic outbursts as she grew older? Most importantly, how did she react when a strange man by the name of Arthur Abbott told her what she was? This movella is a collection of stories from Holly's past; foster home experiences and her many adventures with Dumbledore's old friend Arthur Abbott.


2. Foster Family

Dear Diary                                                                                                                    December 30th

Dear Journal, I

Whatever, I’m just going to start. To whoever’s reading this, I don’t know who; maybe it’s an artifact because the world blew up (we’re learning about how the dino’s were extinct in school right now) or maybe I’m reading this when I’m old…weird.

I got this journal for Christmas this year! Let me tell you a bit about myself; My name is Holly Jane Peters and I’m an orphan. My parents died in a car crash or something when I was a baby and I’ve been living in foster care and have moved families every year. I’m nine years and a half years old so that a lot of families! I’m not sure what’s wrong with me but no one wants to adopt me L My foster mom right now bought me this for Christmas and said to-talk to it because I talk to much or something---


Sorry, my annoying foster brother came in so I had to sit on the book to hide it. His name is Ethan and is always getting into trouble with our foster mom. Today he put worms in our foster sister Emma’s hair and had to sit on the step for half an hour! He used to try to do that stuff to me but it never seemed to work out. One time when I first came here he tried to put shampoo in my shoes but then somehow it ended up in his! I don’t know how it happened but I’m sure glad it did!

Nothing bad seems to happen to me…well except the no parents’ part. But I never get hurt when I fall or have bad teeth like Ethan does. They’re all crooked and pointy but mine are white and nice. I know because that’s what my foster mom said when she picked me from the orphanage.

So anyways, I try to stay away from my foster siblings as much as possible. I share a room with Emma but she’s so young that she always has to be with my foster mom. I like to sit on the window sill and watch outside. From the window I can see a big big hill far away. Sometimes I dream I’m on the hill, away from everyone, just by myself with no rules or parents. I wish I could go to the hill but my foster mom said it’s too far and we only go on trips to see her parents.

I bet if my parents were still alive they’d take me to the hill. I can’t wait until I’m 18 so I don’t have to live with people anymore.

But my foster mom is telling me to go to bed. I’ll write in you soon!

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