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1. Characters


Liam Payne: The only single one in the group. And he helps everyone out with the kids by being the one to discipline them. Father to Claire Noelle Payne. Brown hair; Brown eyes


Niall Horan: Uncle (Godfather) to Brielle. Raised her so that she wouldn't have to go into an orphanage. Married to Leigh-Anne. Died blonde hair; blue eyes.


Zayn Malik: Real father to Des. Have her up as a child so that she wouldn't get in the way of his relationship. Married to Perrie. Dark brown hair; hazel eyes.


Harry Styles: Helped raise Des with Jesy. Married to Jesy. Dark brown, curly hair; green eyes.


Louis Tomlinson: Real father if Brielle. Have her up for the same reason as Jade. Married to Jade. Caramel brown hair; blue eyes.


Jade Thirlwall: Real mom to Brielle. She gave her up because she was only 16 when she was born. Married to Louis. Brown hair; hazel eyes.


Leigh-Anne Pinnock: Raised Brielle with Niall. Married to Niall.


Perrie Edwards: Real mom of Des. Gave up Des because she didn't want any kids yet. Married to Zayn. Blonde hair; blue eyes.


Jesy Nelson: Married to Harry. Raised Des with Harry. Red hair; brown eyes.


Brielle Dakota 'Horan': Child of Louis and Jade. She is VERY shy and quiet. She hates being in the spotlight. EXTREMELY girly. Caramel Brown hair; bright blue eyes.


Desiree (pronounced Dez-Er-Ray) Nicole 'Styles': Child if Perrie and Zayn. She is bubbly and loud. But when she's alone, she's very quiet and depressed. She's been depressed ever since she found out that her parents didn't want her when she was born yet when her sister (Addison Claire) was born, they kept her. She also cuts. Very dark brown hair; dark brown with flecks of blue eyes.


When these worlds collide, bad things happen.

One direction an little mix are still a band and together.

But they hold secrets.

Bad ones too.

What happens?

You'll have to read to find out.

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