Treated With Respect

Includes revenge, love, hate, mystery, upset, heartache, sexual content and more.
When a girls heart gets crushed but only to be treated with respect by Justin Bieber is what wins her heart for him. Drama is attached to the story.


10. Unexpected Surprise...


Alysia Bryan


The past week has been hard for me and my family, so rough and tearful that i havent been to college all week. My little sister Amy is critically ill. We found out a couple of days ago that she has cancer. She has Leukaemia. As soon as the word 'CANCER' escaped the doctors lips, my body froze. How could this be happening? Especially to a 7 year old girl. MY LITTLE SISTER! 

I am as terrified as she is. She doesn't exactly get the process of cancer and of course there is 50% chance she will either survive or die. Just the thought of my little sister not being around broke my heart. Tears falling down my face, but i had to be strong for her. Help her get through this rough patch. Thats all i could do. 

The worst thing about cancer is that my mum suffered with it when she was 37. She managed to fight it and become healthy again. She was successful to live and carry on! But i knew what she had, passed down to me and my little sister. Meaning that we were likely to get cancer in our life too. The thought off this all was petrifying me.

My little sisters means everything to me and mum is devastated about all of this. My father left me and Amy when my mum found out she was pregnant and i know for sure he wouldnt give 2 shits about me and Amy anymore. He has his new wife and family to look after.....




Today is Thursday. The day me, mum and Amy go to the doctors to find out when she is having her first treatment. I was scared, scared for Amy. Scared to see her weak and vulnerable when she starts to take medication. Mum has been awake all nights, constantly cleaning and moving about to keep her mind of Amy.

I'm nothing like my mum, i sit and over think everything. Down to the slightest detail. Thats all i have been doing as i havent been at college. I guess it was a bad thing, being at home in my own thoughts. Maybe college could some how take my mind of everything. 

Justin has been messaging me and calling me everyday. I didnt want to talk to anyone right now. I wanted to be left alone but i knew he was looking out for me. Making sure everything was okay.....   but its not and he doesn't know that. In fact, i dont want anybody to know about my little sister right now. Though i knew id have to give some sort of explanation to justin about why i havent been at school the past few days. I was absolutely dreading it.

I managed to drag my weight out of bed and get changed to go to the hospital. I hadn't slept all night and i was tired as hell. I climbed into this....





We arrived at the hospital. My mums face was dull and had no expression, exactly the same as me. Thou Amy was walking proud with her head held high. She didnt really know what was going to happen to her from here on. All she knew was she was going to have medicine to make her better. She didnt know about the chance that she could die or that fact she will be weak and tired or the fact she may loose her hair. 

The meeting was dull for Amy, she just sat on her ipad as me and mum listen to the doctor. He agreed that we start her treatment in two weeks time from today. If only Amy knew....



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