Treated With Respect

Includes revenge, love, hate, mystery, upset, heartache, sexual content and more.
When a girls heart gets crushed but only to be treated with respect by Justin Bieber is what wins her heart for him. Drama is attached to the story.


2. Losing Control


Justin Bieber

I watched as her face turned a little pink as i sat beside her. She flinched slightly as i caught her attention. She turned showing her hazel eyes. They were beautiful, just like her. I showed a toothy smile as she smiled back politely. "Its nice to meet you" I said before she turned to look at me. "And you" She stirred before looking towards the teacher. That whole lesson my gaze seemed to turn towards Alysia's face more then the teacher. She was pure beauty and she probably had a boyfriend.

I watched as she paced out the door and into the hallway. A guy came towards me, his hand open for me to shake. "I'm Luke. Nice to meet you" Luke introduced himself. I shook his hand firmly as i introduced myself. I watched as his eyes looked suspiciously at me, before they turned back softer.

I followed him through the hallways, turning to go to lunch. I wasn't paying much attention before Luke got my attention. "So your next to alysia in bio..." He started, leaving me to answer. "Yea, she seems a sweet girl" I beamed before grabbing my bag from my shoulders and sat down at a table with him.

"You don't want to mess with her. She is totally screwed up" He said before laughed and biting into an apple. I looked around the canteen, my eyes landing on the back of alysia's figure. Her long brown wavy hair was sprawled down her back, just above her hip bones. Her friend was laughing in front of her as they high fived each other. Suddenly she turned having her eyes land on me. I smiled slightly before turning, my cheeks turning red. 

"How come she is screwed up?" I asked Luke as i become curious. I could tell he had to think before he answered. Weird. "She just is. Everyone would agree" He beamed crunching back into his apple. "Oh" I whispered.


Alysia Bryan


I turned to see Justin looking over at me. Beth was right, he was looking. I watched as he snapped his gaze and turned towards Luke. I bet you any money Luke will tell him horrible things about me to get him to stay away from me. That kid really has a screw lose. I sat back, digging into my salad. Beth was blabbering on about how the top dog go court sucking faces with the top jerk behind the bleachers yesterday. I wasn't surprised and i wasn't the slightest interested either to be honest.

The bell rung, indicating it was time for last lesson. I got myself up, hanging my bag on my arm as i locked arms with beth, walked towards history. Me and beth had most of the same classes so i was pleased. 

History went slow, dragged like a bitch. Every time i looked over at the clock it had just seemed to of pasted a couple of minutes. As soon as the bell rung, i grabbed Beth's arm, pulling her out and down the hallway. "Hold up ally. Your going to break my arm" She whimpered out of breath. I giggled ans let go. "Would you like a lift home?" I asked her as we walked across the car park. "No thank you, its okay. Jakes taking me home" She said giggling as she winked. I rolled my eyes playfully, giving her a hug and entering my car. I pulled out, pacing the entrance of the school seeing Justin standing there. 

I bit my lip. Should i ask him if he needs a ride? Should i not? I looked over to him again and saw he had already noticed me. If i dont give him a ride now, it would be rude. I have no choice. I pulled beside him, rolling my window down. "Would you like a lift to your place?" I asked him. He bent down to my level showing my a pearly smile. His smile was gorgeous. 'Ally, stop it!' My thoughts interrupted me. "Thank you. It would mean a lot" He beamed before hopping in.

We drove in silence, only a single work for directions were said. "So....How old are you" Justin asked, breaking the silence. I bit my lip before answering. "17, how about you?", "18" He replied. I nodded as it fell silent again. "How long have you got left at college?" Justin spoke up again, slightly frightening me. He laughed as he noticed. "I didn't mean to scare you"  I giggled as we turned a corner. "Not long now. Just got a couple more weeks left. What about you?" I asked as i turned to look at him. 

I watched him as he spoke. His eyes locked with mine. They were also the same colour as mine. Hazel. They looked beautiful. I continued staring before Justin grabbed hold of the wheel and we swerved. I turned back to the road quickly. My heart was racing and my stomach was in my mouth. I nearly made us have an accident! 

My cheeks turned dark red in humiliation. Justin just stopped us from crashing because i was to busy staring at him. Whats up with me lately?

"I'm so-o sorry-y! I was d-d-istr-racte-ed" I stuttered as i focused on the road. "Don't worry but next time, maybe i should drive" He laughed, putting a hand on my thigh. I quickly tensed up. Ever since the incident with Luke iv been very wherry and nervous. My self of steam has definitely decreased.

He removed his hand seconds later of my thigh and placed them on his. I sighed loudly as i must have help my breath, not expected it. 

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