Treated With Respect

Includes revenge, love, hate, mystery, upset, heartache, sexual content and more.
When a girls heart gets crushed but only to be treated with respect by Justin Bieber is what wins her heart for him. Drama is attached to the story.


3. Invitation


Alysia Bryan

I slammed my clock of as my alarm awoken me. As soon as i realized today was Friday, the last college day of the week, i jumped up, heading for the shower. I washed my hair in apple shampoo and conditioner before rinsing and hopping out. I put this on, looking at myself in the mirror and smiled.


Today was pretty warm out and i could tell summer was coming. I loved summer, the best season of the year. I would always go out and make plans with beth and we would always have a good laugh with each other. Whether we were alone or with other people. 

I ran down stairs before i looked at the clock seeing i was going to be late. I grabbed a cereal bar from the cupboard, pecked my mums cheek and got into my car. I had two cars. One was white and one was purple, both range rovers. I picked my purple baby today a reversed out of the drive way. 

Finding a car park space in college was mad. I was already 5 minutes late. I soon found a place at the back of the car park, which then i had to walk for 5 minutes before i actually entered the building. I paced down the hallways hanging my head low when i entered my English class late. 

I scanned the class room finding beth at the back with an open seat beside her. "Sorry i'm late, took a shower before i came" I whispered to beth. She giggled "I know you love your showers ally" She smiled before turning towards the board.


"So tell me..." Beth began as she wiggled her eyebrows. I knotted mine in confusion. "Tell you what beth?" I asked her. "You and the Bieber kid. I saw him get in your car yesterday" She giggled before nudging my arm. "Ohhh.... that" I began before rolling my eyes. "It was nothing Bethany, he just needed a ride home" I answered before opening my bag and grabbing my food. "Well im inviting you to a party with me tonight" She giggled as she winked. "Really?" I muttered lowly. "You know i'm not a party girl" I said raising my head to look at her. "I don't care alysia, your still coming, and so is Bieber" She laughed, winking at me again. Can this girl quite the winking? 

"You know i don't like my body being exposed! And trying to convince me through bieber is not going to work" I laughed, munching into my fries. "Who said my name?" A voice from behind us spoke, making me jump out of my skin. I turned to see Justin waiting for an answer. I bit my lip as he came and sat beside me. "Errrr....Beth was just asking who i gave a ride to yesterday after school and i said it was you" I lied through my teeth before my cheeks flushed. He smiled beside me. "Well why are your cheeks flushing so hard if your telling me the truth?" He smirked, a laugh escaping his lips.

I bit down on my lip harder before beth spoke up. "It was because she was lying to you. I asked her to go to the party tonight and i told her you was going to try and convince her to go" Beth beamed, showing her white teeth at me and winking. I rolled my eyes dramatically. "Well yes, i'm going! Id see you there then Alysia" He smiled before side hugging me and leaving our table. 

Beth bit her lip hard to keep her laughter in but it quickly escaped when Justin disappeared. "Bethany! You cow!" I shouted half jokingly and playfully. I threw a fry at her head before she calmed down. "I'm sorry! But he totally knew you was lying, so to save you the explanation, i told him" She giggled before we got up and walked to last period.




Later that night, beth was sorting out mine and hers outfits for the party. We were both the same size and she invited me over to hers. She kept pulling everything out of her wardrobe, making everything land on the floor around her. She was so picky when it comes to party's and outfits. She always took the longest as she want to make an effort.

 "Here! This one!" She beamed as she threw me some clothes and shoved me in the bathroom. I tugged the clothes over my body as they fit perfectly on my figure, even though i felt my skin was showing to much, i was comfortable. 

SI walked out seeing beth in this......

She looked fabulous. Her figure was perfect and i always hated her because of that. I watched as she squealed in front of me, running over to me and hugging me. "You look beautiful girl!" She shouted before pushing me in front of the mirror. I took a couple of minutes to admire my self before agreeing with her. This was my reflection.

"You look great too! I wish i had your figure!" I sighed. "Your figure is just like mine Alysia and you know that!" She barked, making me quite. "I'm just worried people will see my scars Beth" I whispered. She came over to me and hugged me. "Believe me Alysia! Your scars are barley there and your a true saint to be able to push past what happened between you a Luke. Please, just dont worry" She smiled before i imbrassed her into a tight hug. "Thank you" I smiled before we exited her house.

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