Treated With Respect

Includes revenge, love, hate, mystery, upset, heartache, sexual content and more.
When a girls heart gets crushed but only to be treated with respect by Justin Bieber is what wins her heart for him. Drama is attached to the story.


8. Convinced?


Justin Bieber

I watched her as she entered the canteen with Bethany. Her hair swaying behind her as a smile spread across her face as she laughed at something they were talking about. She was wearing this and god damn she looked adorable.


They sat down a couple of tables from me, Luke and the guys. The guys had the school sluts on there arms as i sat by myself, thou i didn't mind at all.

I need to be away from girls right now, since the argument with selena yesterday. Once i got back i thought about how long my sadness has been because of selena and last night was when i decided to call me and selena off. Of course she didn't like it, but i needed the space right now, and especially from her. I needed to focus on these last few weeks of college more then anything. 




"Justin? I just wanted to see if everything was alright after yesterdays encounter...." Her angelic voice asked from beside me. I turned looking at those hazels eyes. She caught everyone's attention around the table. I gave her a toothy smile before grabbing her hand and pulling her away from everyone. "I didn't mean to inter-" She said, starting to panic. I grasped her face in my hands to stop her from talking, making her eyes lock with mine. She stopped panicking, instantly. "Everything's okay. It's nice to know someone cares around here and im glad it's you" I whispered letting my hands drop back to my sides, even thou her skin felt amazing against mine. She sighed showing her dimpled smile. Something iv only just noticed.

"I'm here for you, just like your here for me jay" She giggled before i wrapped her into a hug. Something i can finally experience with her. The sound of 'jay' escaping her lips in her angelic voice gave me guess bumps, something iv never experienced with ANY girl, not even selena.


I knew she was something different. Something i have to grasp onto tight and never let go off...


"Would you like to come to the beach with me tomorrow after college?" I asked her as we stood staring at each other in silence. Her eyes flickered from my lips to my eyes before she spoke. "Of course, that would be lovely!" She beamed before clasping her hands together. Her face soon grew serious, like she was deep in thought. 

Her hand caressed my cheek making butterfly fill my stomach. "Your a good guy Justin. Always be truthful and humble" She mumbled before gently kissing my cheek and walking back to find Bethany. 

Once i gathered my thoughts together and my knees were able to move from beneath me, i made my way back to the table i left from. "What was all that about?" Luke spat in disgust. "Nothing" I sighed happily before eating my sandwich. "Must be something for her to come over to our table..." He whined. "It's none of your business Luke" I slightly hissed making him glare across from me. I flipped him of before packing my things away and heading to my last class a little earlier then expected.




I intently watched her as her ass moved when she walked and how long her skinny legs were. Her whole figure was perfect, not a flaw in my site. Her hair was fallen behind her back and every so often cascaded over her face when she lent forward. Nothing could go wrong with this girl. 

I didn't understand how Luke could say she had a screw loose.....

To me there was nothing wrong with her. Every detail was perfection. Her personality was adorable, she had humour and quality's and her looks were just a bonus.

The more i stared and admired her body, the more i was convinced to try and find out what had happened between Luke&Alysia.

Maybe i could ask her? Nahh should wont tell me, she doesn't trust me! Maybe i should just wait and when the times right she'll tell me? Yea thats a better option.



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