Treated With Respect

Includes revenge, love, hate, mystery, upset, heartache, sexual content and more.
When a girls heart gets crushed but only to be treated with respect by Justin Bieber is what wins her heart for him. Drama is attached to the story.


5. A Dare To Go Out For lunch...


Justin Bieber

I watched as she swayed her hips to the music. She seems nervous at first but Bethany convinced her to just let go and feel the music. That cassy girl was following me everywhere. Whenever i turned she seemed to be there, watching me and giving me flirty looks. It was creepy to be honest. She was pretty but blonde girls are not my type. 

"Hey! I'm cassy!" She beamed, grabbing my attention. I turned to see she was to close in my personal space. I get why Alysia told her to back off, i can tell she is already clingy girl. "Hi" I spoke through gritted teeth. She bit her lip, probably trying to seduce me. "Would you like to dance?" She shouted over the music. I guess one dance wont hurt. I don't really know anyone so why not? "Sure" I responded before she grabbed my hand and pulled me up on the dance floor.


She was trying to hard. She was dancing all over me and to be honest, it annoyed me and i hated it but i couldn't be rude to a girl and flip her off, especially when she hadn't done anything to me. 

"I heard what you said earlier..." I started. She looked at me confused, still with a smirk plastered on her face. "What do you mean?" She whimpered as she clasped her arms around my neck tightly. "I heard what you said to Alysia and it wasn't very nice of you" I shouted. Her face turned frustrated and rather pissed. I didn't care thou, i wanted to know what her problem was. "Justin, all you need to know is that she isn't the girl for you" She said giggling before kissing my cheek. 

I pushed her back slightly, tugging her arms from around my neck annoyed. "You don't tell me which girl i go for cassy. Alysia's more my type then u'll ever be" I hissed as my temper rised. She scowled at me before turning and flipping her hair, running of into the crowed. 

I sighed, feeling a pair of eyes on me. I looked behind me seeing Alysia looking. Once she knew i saw her, she turned and started dancing with Bethany again. I rubbed my hand over my face with frustration. "Man! Cassy really has the hots for you!" Luke's voice beamed beside me. "No man! She aint my type and she is rather to clingy" I said with slight laughter. "I see! She's always been like that to be fair. Who you got the eye for?" He asked, swigging down another beer. He was out of his face. "No one really. I haven't really made many friends and i haven't been here long enough to know many girls" I replied truthfully. It was true thou, iv only been here 2 days and he is already asking me about girls.....Come on, i'm not that bad. Yea the only girls i really know is Bethany, Alysia, Cassy and her posy. 

"So you don't have the eye for Alysia?" He asked, curiosity striking me. "I don't really know her" I told him. His eyes came softer. I could tell there was something between Luke&Alysia and i'm sure to find out. "She's damaged for life man and id rather make out with a 10 foot barge poll" He laughed, hanging his weight against the wall. I looked at him is disgust. Does he always say disrespectful stuff about everyone?

"Whatever man, i'm going" I said before heading for the exit from this party. 


Alysia Bryan


I watched as he talks to Luke. I could tell he was interested in the conversation, but something Luke said made him click, having a face with pure disgust. I watched as he says bye to Luke and heads towards the front door. This is my chance.

I tag along his trail before he leaves through the front door. Just as he was about to get in his car i shouted him. "Would you like to hang out at the weekend?" I bit my lip as his full attention turned to me. His frustrated face turns into a smile when his eyes meet mine. I smile sweetly before walking slowly towards him. "Id love to!" He beamed. "Okay, cool. I'll meet you at the school gates tomorrow at 12. We can go get lunch or something" I spoke shyly. 

I was surprised i even had the balls to ask a guy out for lunch. Even thou Bethany dared me to do this, i hoped he wouldn't turn out like Luke and hit on me 24/7.

He nodded his head smiling before hopping in his car and beeping at me before he drove away. I walked back in the party, seeing Bethany all over Jake. "Beth! I asked him" I shouted over the music. "What he say?" She slurs as she is tipsy and clinging onto Jakes neck. "He said yea" I smiled before Jake butted in. "Who you ask out ally" He says sarcastically before he laughs down at me. 

"Non of your business Jake" I hissed, that guy pisses me off sometimes. "She asked bieber on a date" Beth yells. Loud enough for others to notice and turn to look. I hung my head low as my cheeks flushed. "Bethany! You said you wouldn't tell anyone!" I hissed at her before she let go of Jakes neck. "It was a dare Alysia! Chill!" She shouted before turning back to Jake.

Great! Now Jake knows and he will probably make some shit up and spread it around school. Thanks Bethany, Thanks a lot i thought.


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