A girl with brown hair and brown eyes decides she wants to join the military. Her name Mariah. She is 18 years old and she just got out of high school. When she gets a letter from her recruiter that it's time to pack up and leave, she regrets her decision a little. After she serves her 4 year term she decides to join the FBI. She starts work there and solve crimes, and saves lives. Her successful life gets turned upside down because of one mistake.... Read to find out!


8. no escape

2 years later...

Mariah punched at the punching bag. She did not need boxing gloves. Just a little bit of athletic tape was wrapped around her wrists and ankles to prevent injury while training.

"I can't believe I got myself into this" she mumbled as she continued to hit the bag. She knew she would be deployed soon. She was nervous because the fight has been brutal. She lost her best friend due to friendly fire. It took everything she had to contain herself from being angry at her fellow marines. The memories brought back a lot of pain for her. To get her frustrations out she punched the bag even harder. She saw her fellow marines around her also working out. They where all in this together. No matter how angry she might get at them they had to work together. She remembered the promise she made herself 2 years ago, no matter how much she wouldn't be appriciated, she would fight to protect her contry.

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