A girl with brown hair and brown eyes decides she wants to join the military. Her name Mariah. She is 18 years old and she just got out of high school. When she gets a letter from her recruiter that it's time to pack up and leave, she regrets her decision a little. After she serves her 4 year term she decides to join the FBI. She starts work there and solve crimes, and saves lives. Her successful life gets turned upside down because of one mistake.... Read to find out!


1. Intro

A young girl, of 18 years, just got out of high school. She grew up on the streets and without food and money. She pushed her chocolate brown hair out of her liquid brown eyes as she completed her daily routine, then she realized, she was done with school. She would no longer have to put up with the bullying and name calling. She was free... Well... not quite. The school was her source of food and shelter. Now she had neither. Who would hirer her? Nobody. To them, She was just a weak little girl with messy brown hair, who never talked. Nobody ever noticed the poor, lonely girl who lived on the streets. No one cared about her. Or did they? Well she had one friend who cared. Jonathan. He was her only friend. He died in a car accident and Mariah was devistated. She tried to jump of a roof but she couldn't do it. She knew she had a purpose that she had not yet fulfilled. She knew she was worth more and she would be able to help people... She just did not know how.

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