A girl with brown hair and brown eyes decides she wants to join the military. Her name Mariah. She is 18 years old and she just got out of high school. When she gets a letter from her recruiter that it's time to pack up and leave, she regrets her decision a little. After she serves her 4 year term she decides to join the FBI. She starts work there and solve crimes, and saves lives. Her successful life gets turned upside down because of one mistake.... Read to find out!


6. dreams

I am in an open field all by myself. The next thing I know there are men surrounding me. I pull a machine gun out of nowhere and start firing it. I take out most of the men but I. Forced to stop when a bullet hits my in the arm. I try to cry but I male no sound. Just when the remaining men try to get closer, someone pops out of nowhere and shoots them all down. I can't see the persons face or much of their features but I have the sudden urge to know who they are. I walk up to them and hold my hand up, about to tap Their shoulder. Just when my hand is about to make contact with their shoulder, I wake up.

Great.... Now I will never know who they are!


Hey guys! Sorry this is such a short and crappy chapter. I hope you guys are enjoying this book an it's not too boring. Luv you guys!

- Rachel

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