A girl with brown hair and brown eyes decides she wants to join the military. Her name Mariah. She is 18 years old and she just got out of high school. When she gets a letter from her recruiter that it's time to pack up and leave, she regrets her decision a little. After she serves her 4 year term she decides to join the FBI. She starts work there and solve crimes, and saves lives. Her successful life gets turned upside down because of one mistake.... Read to find out!


4. crazy

'Nah I'm crazy.' She thought as she threw away her banana peel, 'I mean I can't be meant for that!'

But the more she tried to talk herself out of it, the more she felt drawn to join.

'I have to' she told herself.

The voice In Her head argued, 'your not good enough. You know that. They would most likely turn you down just like everyone else in this world.'

She sighed as her mind raced. What was the right decision?

She thought about it a longtime before she realized how late it was. She saw the sky turning a bright fiery orange as the sun began setting. She skated down toward the river. She often slept under the bridge. It was the best shelter she could find. She carefully set her newfound board on the ground. She unzipped her torn up backpack and pulled out a small blanket. She curled up and pulled the blanket tight around her. She drifted off to sleep with her arm around her old, chipping board. It was all she had and she wouldn't let anyone take it away from her.

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