A girl with brown hair and brown eyes decides she wants to join the military. Her name Mariah. She is 18 years old and she just got out of high school. When she gets a letter from her recruiter that it's time to pack up and leave, she regrets her decision a little. After she serves her 4 year term she decides to join the FBI. She starts work there and solve crimes, and saves lives. Her successful life gets turned upside down because of one mistake.... Read to find out!


2. Beth

Mariah looked down at her tattered old shoes. They where once to big for her small, 15year old, feet, but now they where way to small. She had gotten those shoes 3 years ago, before her best friend Jonathan died. She wished she had the money to buy a new pair, but the knew she never would. She lived off of the money she found, and the small amount of food the homeless shelter would give her. They had offered her more but she refused.

"I'm stronger than that." She told herself.

"I manège on my own"

She walked down the empty sidewalk on her way to the park. There was a nice old lady named Beth who always left somthing there for her. When she got there she waited till everyone was gone. She was greatly ashamed and did not want anyone to see her. When everyone had gone away, she quietly made her way to the woodsy area. She went to a tree with a hole in it. She stuck her hand inside the dole and drew out what Beth left for her. She stared at the $20 bill in her hand. She smiled slightly. She saw a small piece of paper in the hole and pulled that out to.

Dear Mariah,

I hope you are doing well. I know not having the school as a food source and shelter will be really hard on you. If you ever need anything let me know!


She smiled at the little note. Beth was so sweet. At least she had one caring person left In Her life.

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