Hiding (Squeal to I'm Adopted??) (Book 2 Complete)

Before you read this, just read the book one "I'm Adopted??"

A missing deaf girl who now lives in America with her best friend, Hollie and Nelly. It's been two months. She has to change her new name, Emma. Because of Paparazzi and her new college. It's her dreaming college, New York University. She has to take Cochlear Implant away. She can lip reading. She has to become Hearing, not deaf. At home, yes, she can wear Cochlear Implant. But... Outside, she can't... Because everyone want to know Where's Hollie?

In London, Liam was wondering how was she? Everyone know where Hollie was in except for Harry. He doses not know where was she! He still loves Hollie. Harry want to find her and apologise to Hollie. But he couldn't find her anywhere until America.

She's Hiding from Harry when he came to Nelly's house. She's scared when Harry ask her what's her name. The boys know her!

My question is.. Dose Harry found her or not?:) Have she love Harry back?! :O

(Let's find out and Read!:) :D)


5. Promise?

Hollie P.O.V

Next Morning,

I stay awake through the night because I think about Harry. What if he wants to find me from here? I sigh sadly, and I sit up.

I yawn. And yes, I'm so tired. Is it because of Harry, he will be here and straight to say apologies to me for some reason? It's too sweet. 

What? I met Liam at the hostel before I was bumping into Zayn and Niall last night, he told me everything. Man, I wish I never see Harry again.

But now I see him again because he's in New York. I sigh sadly, get up and I chuckle a little. Oh, I wish for that. I put a cochlear implant on my usual ear when I see on the desk, begin to walk downstairs, and I sigh sadly.

Then, suddenly I can hear someone bang on the front of the door. I was shocked. I forgot to put the contact lenses on my beautiful blue eyes! 

I turn around and then I run off to my room. I put the contact lenses on when I arrived in the bathroom, and then I take cochlear implant off.

I walk to the top of the stairs. "Emma!" Nelly shouts. "Yeah! I'm here!" I shout back. "Your friends are here..." Nelly explains. 

I was confused, walk downstairs, and I enter the living room when I saw my friend. "Hi." I greet. It was Amber, my new friend from NY University.

"Hi, Emma!" Amber says. What does Nelly mean my friend's'? I only have one friend. Someone open the toilet door, and the person enters the living room.my

I turn around to see this person, and I was shocked. It was a girl. She has brown hair and blonde highlights, cute brown eyes.

"Oh, Jodie, this is my new friend from University, Emma..." Amber says. "Hi..." I say awkwardly. "...And Emma, this is my best friend, Jodie." Amber continues. "Hi! I've heard a lot about you!" Jodie talks sound like a squeal.

"Wow!" I say still awkwardly. She looks at me for a while and looks shocked. What did she thinking? Can it be... 

"You're a fan of Austin Mahone, are you?!" Jodie asks. I was shocked. "Oh... Yes?" I say confusedly. I am. Jodie squeal and she laughed a little. 

I stand here awkwardly, and I turn back to see Amber. "Well..." I say. "Oh... I got a great new!" Amber says. I wonder what's just happening?

"Which was..?" I ask confusedly. "At first, we have to promise...." Amber says. I groan. "What for?" I ask. "Yeah! I agree with that girl!" Jodie joins in.

"Wow!" I say. I just... don't know what to say. I put a fake smile on my lip and trying to the best girl. "So... Amber?" I say as I turn back to get her attention. 

"We're going to promise each other for whatever is it, no matter. Okay?" Amber explains. Oh... "I'm not promise anything-" I scoff.

I was cut out by Jodie as she was very annoying to me. "Yes! We will..!" She shouts. I turn back to see Amber, and she looks at me, Jodie too. 

I sigh sadly. "Okay! Fine!" I pause. I actually can't believe it, and I'm going to fall for it. "Okay... This. Is. It! You two are going with me to see..." Amber pauses.

She seems like she can't hold it. Oh, no! She was about to say One Direction! No, She wasn't! Please! Not One Direction!

Amber opens her mouth. "... One Direction!" She continues. What?! She's just kidding! Jodie squeal is loud! They were jumping ups and downs. 

Nelly must hear everything we were saying. "One Direction?! You don't have the tickets, right?" I ask confusedly. Please, tell me! 

"Yes, I have... Right... Here!" Amber shouts as she put her hand into her pocket and when she says 'Here', she pulls it up to show us.

She has it! Oh, My God! Three tickets?! I roll my eyes, and I sigh sadly. I give up! "Emma. Are you excited about that?" Amber asks.

Nelly entered the living room when I was about to saying something. "Yes! She is!" She says. I turn around to see Nelly stand here in front of me. 

"Nelly?" I call. Nelly's eyes were wide with her annoying face. "Yes, honey..." She replies. Oh, I forget about that. When outsider came in our house, all I have to call her...

Mom! I turn around to see them, and they look confused. "Well... Do I say it by 'Nelly'? Do I?" I ask. I smile at them, and they give me an awkward smile at the same time.

"No?" I continue. They shake their head at the same time, and I chuckle nervously. "Of course not! By the way, I mean mum." I say. 

I turn around to see Nelly, and I give her an annoyed look on my face. "Mum... What are you doing here?" I ask. With that, she gives me a smirk smile, and I was confused. 

"Well... When's the concert?" Nelly asks. What?! She takes a side on them! Not me! "That will be Friday!" Amber says. 

"Friday? Friday is tomorrow!" I ask and say confusedly. What? "Yay!" Jodie cheers. "Really? Okay." Amber says. They turn around to see Nelly and put their sad look on their face.

Oh... These puppy eyes! There is no way I'm going to. "Well... I think... I'm going to... Let her go to a concert!" Nelly says after she thought for a while.

I was shocked. What?! "But, Mom!" I complain. Nelly turns around to see me, and she walks toward me. "Daring, look..." She pauses.

She sighs sadly. "I'm sorry, Emma. I have to go to see my friend." Nelly continues. I wasn't trying laughs out of my mouth, make my throat, and I smile without thinking.

I think she means by her 'Boy' friend. "Anyways... So, erm..." She says. Nelly turns around to see them and give them a kind smile. 

"... Yeah! She'll go with you two." She continues. I sigh annoyingly, and I turn around to see them as they seem to hope that I would come. 

"Alright!" I say. We're jumping up and down. "Yay!" They shout in unison. "Thank you, Mrs..?" Amber thank Nelly. "Oh... She isn't married yet." I tried to explain.

"I'm not married. Miss Dawson." Nelly explains. I slap her arm, and it makes her turn around to see me. They look at each other and then look at her.

"Okay?" Amber says awkwardly. "But... You can call me Nelly if you want." Nelly says. Once again, I slap her hand, and I smile naturally.

Jodie says "Nelly. Nelly? OMG!" Jodie says confusedly and then she shouts. Oh, boy! "Are you a friend of Hollie, aren't you?!" Amber asks.

Nelly chuckles softly. "I was. But now I'm not. I mean... She was in London... I'm in New York... But when I found out that she was gone missing, I was heartbroken. She was my friend... And Emma too." She explains.

What? I look down on the ground, and I sigh sadly. Acting! She was acting! "Erm... She..." I pause. They turn around to see me. 

"Hmm..." They say in the union. I sigh sadly. I guess I have no choice to say this. "Yeah! I wish she's here..." I continue what I was saying.

I was an idiot! Not saying this word out of my mouth. "It was too bad. I'm sorry!" Jodie says. I smile a little. Because I wasn't only one, who's an idiot...

They were too. With that, Jodie turns around to see Amber. "Amber? Remember when Hollie was on the stage to cover to Liam's solo, was she so beautiful?" She asks.

Huh! I was confused. "Yeah! She was!" Amber answers.

With that, I smile at her comment. I'm glad to be Emma. Amber continued "I mean... I remember we were jealous of Hollie and Harry. But they seem like a couple. They must be too close." Amber continues.

I smile with my sad look on my face. I might be to say something about Hollie and Harry, but I stop myself, and they are still in love with Harry. 

"Her voice's so amazing, and I like what she wore!" Ambe carries on. I wonder if I told them, then they will probably tell Harry... That's risk! Very risk!

I sigh sadly. "Yeah. I mean... She looks so beautiful, and I was wondering where she is. I might be her fan. If I see her again, then I want to her friend and learn about sign language." Jodie explains.

I still smile at her comment, and then I feel like my body is shaking. "... And me too." Amber says. "Um... I wish she's here and she wants to thank you both for saying that." I explain.

I want to be Hollie, but I can't because they'll tell Harry. That's very risk! "Emma, Have you heard news about Harry?" Amber asks.

Huh! I haven't seen that news. I shake my head. "No. Have you?" I say, and I ask. Was it bad? "Well... Harry still love Hollie. He wants to find her and apologise to Hollie, but he hasn't moved on from her." Amber explains.

I was a bit of confused, and I open my mouth, but I close my mouth. "I beg your pardon?" I ask with my British accent. I was shocked and cover my mouth with my surprise face.

I don't think about the accent. Jodie turns around to see me and put her hands on my shoulder. I hope she didn't hear that.

Even now, I'm doom. "You hear her? She's missing and... Harry still want to find her. If I were her, I would come to Harry. At the moment, Harry's sad." Jodie explains.

I was shocked, and I look down slowly. "Wow..!" I say. I never thought that... The reason I left him is that he probably fell in love with me again and want to kiss me. 

"Well... It's time to go." Nelly says as she leads them to go outside. I don't want to see him again if I were Hollie! 

"Alright! It's nice to meet you! See you soon!" Jodie says. "See you in there!" Amber says. They walk to the outside of the house, and they went to their house, possibly. 

I say nothing. I can't believe it! I made Harry sad! But why? I was sad and confused. "Bye!" Nelly shouts to the girls. She closes the front door and walks to me.

I was in blank, and I still say nothing. "Hollie? Hello!" Nelly calls as she waves her hand in the front of my face. Finally, I say something...

"I-I already made Harry sad!" I stammer. "It's not true..." Nelly says. I look up at her face quickly. "WHY DOES HE MOVE ON FROM ME?!!" I cried.

"I don't know. Would you calm down?" Nelly says calmly. "CALM DOWN?!! Oh!! I NEVER RELAX!! I wish that stupid curly move on from me by now!" I sob.

I groan, and I walk away to my room. "I hate my life!" I shout while I walk upstairs. With that, I slam the door hard, and I walk to my bathroom.

I watch in the mirror to see myself, contact lenses brown eye and I take it out. I still have blonde hair, and I got my beautiful blue eyes. 

Arg!! I got a headache! That's it! I give up! I feel the tears build upon my eyes, run to my bed and I jump in there. I let the tears roll down on my face.

I'm not in a good mood to going to college. Until my eyes went close slowly and... Finally, I got some sleeping. 

What happening if Harry wants to see me as Hollie?


Niall P.O.V

Later That Day,

We were still in New York. Today was Zayn and Harry going to take a fresh air, and Harry still wants to find 'Her'. By the SHE, I mean Hollie!

Liam was on his phone, and he talks to someone that I don't know on the phone. Louis watches TV see some film and watch football.

There is me... I was playing on my guitar, and I look at some football because Louis begs me to watch football. Classic Louis.

I laugh a little, and I sigh sadly. Oh! I want to see my dear sister again! We all want to! But we can't. We made a promise from Liam.

We promise not to go to her house. Why? You ask. Because Harry will follow us and 'Found her' on her house. I sigh sadly. 

"Louis?" I call. Louis turns the TV off, and he turns around to see me as he pays my attention. I was confused. "I'm listening..." He says.

"Do you think we will help Harry to found her? Don't you?" I ask. "Oh. Well, I don't believe so." Louis answers. Liam walks to where we sit. 

"Niall... Would you like to come with me?" He calls out to me. Liam was in a rush! I was confused. "Sure!" I say. What's going on?

"Okay! Louis, you can stay here and tell Harry we were going to... Shopping to buy food with Niall." Liam orders. "Sure!" Louis says.

What the hell? "Okay... It's set up." Liam chirps. What? I was confused! "Liam, I was so confused. What's going on?" I call and ask.

"Let me explain you in Nelly house. Right now, Emma was upset to hear the news from her friends. Come on!" Liam orders

Who was that name, Emma? Oh, well... Liam walks to the door, and he opens the door. I was shocked. Harry was standing here in front of us with Zayn. 

"Going somewhere?" Harry asks. I never thought about that... "Yes. But not now. Ask Louis?" Liam answers. Liam begins to run off to the left with me, and we enter the left.

It was just us... "Well... Emma?" I ask confusedly. "You don't know?" Liam asks. I didn't know! I shake my head. "No..." I answer.

I wonder who Emma is? "Emma is Hollie's fake name..." Liam whispers as he leans down in my ear. Oh... I was shocked, and he pulls away.

Are we going to Hollie's and Nelly's house? "Wow!" I say. Are we? Because I was so confused. "Come on!" Liam says. 

Finally... We were in the lobby. I wonder how did we get there? "Taxi!" Liam shouts. The cab arrives in the front of us, and Liam opens the door for me. 

"Come on!" Liam orders. I get in the taxi and then Liam gets in quickly. Liam closes the door. "Go!" He shouts to the taxi driver.

The taxi drives fast to get to Hollie's house. When we arrived the house, we get out of the cab, and I was shocked by how big is the room.

Liam pays to some dude and walks to where I stood. "Come on!" Liam says as he walks to the front door. I walk to the front door with Liam and Liam sighs sadly when he was about to knock.

Oh! I was here because I was his wingman "Let me." I say. Liam looks at me with his surprised look on his face. "Sure!" Liam says.

I knock on the front door. "I'll get it!" It was the women's voice. Why does she shout? The door open wide and there she is! 

She looks shocked. It was Nelly! This house must belong to Nelly's! "So... Can we come in?" He says. There has someone calls her name in the kitchen.

"Nelly? Who's it?" It was the man's voice with a British accent! Nelly turns away from our face to see the man's attention, and we were confused.

"Nathan!" She calls. We were shocked. "Nathan?" We asked confusedly in the union. Oh, no! Nathan came out of the kitchen and stood in the front of us. 

"Oh... It's Niall..." Nathan says. I smile nicely. "Hey..." I greet. Nathan turns to see Liam. "... And Liam." He continues. Liam smiles kindly. 

"Hey..." He greets. "So... What are you both doing here?" Nathan asks. I say nothing. "Well... Let you know... I'm the father of Emma." Liam answers.

As I see, Nelly jumps, and she was about to say something, but Nathan cut her off. He looks shocked. "Oh! I know her secret!" Nathan says.

We were shocked. "How-" Nathan interrupts Liam. "Her everything..." Nathan says. We were still at outside. "Can we come in?" I ask.

"Oh. Sure!" Nelly answers. We enter the house and Nelly closes the front door. "Wow!" We say in unison. Liam looks at Nelly. 

"Might I talk to Hollie?" Liam asks. "Well... I want to speak to her too, but I can't!" I say. Because for now, I'm just his wingman.

"Oh... Then why you both can talk to her?" Nelly asks. It's even better! "Okay..." I say. "Where is she?" Liam asks. "Upstairs. In her room." Nelly answers.

Why does she in her room? She walks to her room, and we start to follow her to Hollie bedroom. She knocks on the door when we arrive.

"Hollie? Would you open the door? Please! We have a visitors for you." Nelly calls and asks. Is it her room? "Go away!" That was Hollie!

I sigh sadly. I still unsure if it's her! "Are you sure it's Hollie, isn't it?" I whisper as I lean on Liam's ear. Liam smiles when he turns around, and he nods slowly.

I was shocked quietly. Oh. I give Liam a kind smile. "Why are you stand there?" I whisper. Liam looks confused. "Huh?" He whispers.

I sigh annoyingly. "Say something to her..." I whisper. "Oh. Right." Liam whispers. He walks to where Nelly stands there.

"Let me talk her..." He whispers. I can hear it, but I don't care! Nelly nods. "Hollie. I'll be at downstairs and leave the visitors to you." She orders.

Hollie says nothing, and I sigh sadly. I wonder what's wrong with her? "Alright..." Nelly whispers. She turns around to see us, and she gives us a great Nelly's kind smile.

I understand why Louis love her so much. I do! "I'm better to going now..." She whispers. She starts to walk away, and she went downstairs to the kitchen, probably.

Liam looks at me, nods and then he looks at the door. Which gives me a confused look on my face. He chuckles a little. "Hi. Hollie? Remember me!" He greets.

She says nothing. I roll my eyes, and I sigh annoyingly. "... And me. Look, open the door. Please!" I say. I can hear her shocked sound. 

"Liam, Niall!" She calls. I finally can hear her voice that I missed, and I can listen to the footsteps of her to the door. I sigh happily.

With that, she opens the door. There she is. She has blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes that I can't take off. She runs to give Liam a huge hug, and she pulls away from the hug.

Oh, wow! "How-" Liam cut her out. "Nelly called me. I know! Hollie, Harry still want to found you." Liam says. Oh! I see! It is about Harry!

"I know that. Harry still love you!" I sign with my voice. She sighs sadly. "I have two friends. Then one of them has three tickets of you guys. The Harry thing! It just... bothers me!" Hollie signs with her voice.

I look at Liam which was he already looks at me, and he sighs sadly. No matter, if we were there for Hollie. I look back at Hollie.

"Look, Hollie... Why do you say no to them?" I sign with my voice. Of course, I was right! Why does she say no?  "Niall was right. It's easy." Liam signs with his voice. 

"Yeah." I nod. Hollie shakes her head. "No. I can't." She signs with her voice. I sigh sadly. "Why?" I sign with my confused voice.

She looks scared, and she shakes her head. "I can't say anything to them. One of them asks me to go with them to see you all. You see, they're your biggest fan and my friends." She signs with her sad voice.

I sigh sadly. "If you're going to that concert, then you will be angry when Harry asked you, well... Hollie to come out." I sign with my voice.

It's his plan! "I'm already going." She signs with her annoying voice. Well... Not my answer! "Then, good luck, Hollie..." Liam signs with his voice.

Good luck to her! "Stop saying that. Help me!" She signs with her sad voice. She gives me a huge hug, and I look at Liam because he looks annoyed!

I put my 'Sorry' look on my face, and Liam sighs annoyingly. He nods. "We can help you." I sign with my voice. But, how can we help her? 

"I have an idea!" Liam signs with his voice. Oh, great... Liam got an idea! I got... Nothing! Nothing else! I sign sadly.


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