Hiding (Squeal to I'm Adopted??) (Book 2 Complete)

Before you read this, just read the book one "I'm Adopted??"

A missing deaf girl who now lives in America with her best friend, Hollie and Nelly. It's been two months. She has to change her new name, Emma. Because of Paparazzi and her new college. It's her dreaming college, New York University. She has to take Cochlear Implant away. She can lip reading. She has to become Hearing, not deaf. At home, yes, she can wear Cochlear Implant. But... Outside, she can't... Because everyone want to know Where's Hollie?

In London, Liam was wondering how was she? Everyone know where Hollie was in except for Harry. He doses not know where was she! He still loves Hollie. Harry want to find her and apologise to Hollie. But he couldn't find her anywhere until America.

She's Hiding from Harry when he came to Nelly's house. She's scared when Harry ask her what's her name. The boys know her!

My question is.. Dose Harry found her or not?:) Have she love Harry back?! :O

(Let's find out and Read!:) :D)


14. Concert Time! + Lots of song!

Liam P.O.V

I heard that The Vamps goes first, so the song called Somebody To You. It was half past six. So, The Vamps were going to get ready.

I heard that Bradley love Hollie. Huh! First Austin and then Bradley! I don't get it! I sigh sadly. I turn around to see curly blonde and brown hairs on the corner.

Impossible! It can't be! It can't be her, Hollie! I came over to where she stands, and I put my hand on her shoulder to pat as she was startled.

The girl turns around to see me, and she looks shocked. I was shocked as well. I knew it! It was Hollie! "Hollie?" I call nervously as I whisper.

She shushes me. Oh... I get it! "What are you doing here?" Hollie signs. "Same here as you. Look... Harry was here. Okay?" I sign as I was nervous. 

Hollie looks shocked. "Oh... I was supposed to be ready to tell everyone who I am..." Hollie signs with her trembly voice as she looks scared.

I wonder she could tell Harry about that! I knew he would be mad at it! "Oh! Really?" I ask confusedly. She nods, and she sighs annoyingly.

"I mean... Right before I'm singing the song, All I Want Is Everything." Hollie signs with her voice. I sigh sadly. Poor her! Wait a minute...

I signed with my voice "So... You have to sing after The Vamps?" I sign with my confused voice and face as well. She nods.

"Hey, Emma!" That was Harry calls her fake name. Hollie was frozen as same as I was and I turn around to see the curly brown hairs. 

Oh, no! "Hey, Harry!" I greet. Yep, that's him! "Hey!" She greets with her cheerful face. I could tell that Hollie looks nervous because I could hear that but act like she's his friend!

"Emma..! What are you doing here?" Harry asks. Hollie looks at me and back at him as she looks nervous. I could see that face!

"I'm here because... I'm going to sing." She answers as she slammers. There was silence moment between Hollie, Harry and me, but that was Hollie breaks this moment.

"So... I have to go..." She continues. She was about to walking away, but Harry grabs her hand. I could tell she sound like she looks shocked and me too!

I did not see this coming! "Good luck!" Harry comfort her. She turns around to see Harry's face, and she smiles back a little. 

She turns away from his face and then she walks away from us. "Yep!" Harry says. I wish I could tell him about that girl, Emma, but I think she's ready.

To say to him and everyone. I stare and smile at where Hollie walks. Yeah... "Good Luck!!" I shout as I comfort my daughter.

Harry turns around to see me and give me his famous glance face, but I ignore him. She stops to walk, and Hollie sighs sadly.

"Thanks!" She shouts back. I look down at my watch on my wrist, and it says "6:45 pm." "Yeah!" I shout toward Hollie as I was scared for her, but I wasn't.

I wish I could call her real name. I walk away to practice my solo on the new song. It was You & I. But... I could tell that Harry wants to find Hollie and fast.

After I read the paper, the concert is starting now. I stand up, and I walk away to see Hollie but... The microphone guys give the lads and me our microphone and earphone.

They push us away to get on the stage. "Alright! We''re going!" I shout. Oh, we were hosting for opening the concert. We walk to get on the stage and with that, I cover my ears with my hand.

The fans went screamed so loud. I look around to see how many the fans seat and we were happy. 10,000 fans! "Good evening, everyone!" I say in my microphone.

Everyone went cheer and screamed at the same time! "Welcome to the music concert clarity!" Louis says in his microphone.

Everyone went cheer again. "Are you ready to listening to the opening acts of this clarity?" Harry asks in his microphone. "YEAH!" Everyone is screaming.

"First at all... They'll sing their new song to you, Somebody to you... Ladies and Gentlemen!" Zayn says in his microphone.

"The Vamps!" We shout in the union. We all ran to backstage. "Good job, guys!" I comfort them. The Vamps came out, and the fans went cheer loud as we turn around to see them.

"Are you ready to listen to our new song?" That was Bradley who loves my daughter, Hollie. "Yeah!" The fans were screaming.

Bradley chuckles softly.  "The song is for... I liked Hollie. After she goes missing, I still like her..." He confirms. With that, he sighs sadly.

"So... The song is for Hollie..." Bradley continues. I smile at it. The song was starting now. A drum and guitar are playing now. 

Somebody To You by The Vamps.

Yeah, you!
Yeah, you!

I used to wanna be
Living like there's only me
But now I spend my time
Thinking 'bout a way to get you off my mind
(Yeah you!)
I used to be so tough
Never really gave enough
And then you caught my eye
Giving me the feeling of a lightning strike
(Yeah you!)

Look at me now, I'm falling
I can't even talk, still stuttering
This ground of mine keeps shaking
Oh-oh-oh, now!

All I wanna be, yeah all I ever wanna be, yeah, yeah
Is somebody to you
All I wanna be, yeah all I ever wanna be, yeah, yeah
Is somebody to you

Everybody's tryna be a billionaire
But every time I look at you I just don't care
'Cause all I wanna be, yeah all I ever wanna be, yeah, yeah
Is somebody to you
(Yeah you!)....

After the song, I liked this song... With that, I can hear Hollie's footstep and stands behind us. "I'm ready!" She says with her nervous sigh.

We turn around to see Hollie. "Emma, hey!" Harry greets. He put his arm around on her shoulder, and I look at him with my wired look.

"Liam, what wrong with that curly man?" Hollie asks me when she looks at me as she makes a fun of Harry. They, expect for Harry, start to chuckle together.

"I don't know..." I answered when I was about to chuckle, but I stop myself. Harry gives me a glance face and turns back to Hollie's face.

"Well... Actually... I know your secret!" Harry says. Hollie was in frozen, and she starts to laughs nervously. So are we and laugh as well. 

"What's secret?" Hollie asks confusedly. Yeah, she's right! "That you're going to sing the songs from three times. Make You Believe, With Ur Love and All I Want Is Everything, right?" Harry answers as he loses his hand on my shoulder.

Hollie sighs exhale. "Yes..." She nods. I wonder what if she could tell him... "Well... You better to go to get on the stage!" I say.

"Oh!" Hollie seems like she didn't realise at all. It was Luke hosts for Hollie, well, Emma, to come out. I sigh sadly. I wish they could know her real name...

"So, give it up for a supporter for us, The Vamps, One Direction and lots of the famous people. She'll be singing for you from three times. Give up for Emma Dawson!"  Luke says in his microphone.

She runs away to get on the stage, and the music was playing now. It was a new song for her. I can't believe it! It was Lucy Hale's song.

Make You Believe by Lucy Hale (Cover by Hollie Payne.) 

Plug in the mic, opens the curtain
Turn on the lights, I'm through rehearsing
The feeling ignites, I'm in control
The crowds in the palm of my hands
All my fans stand, what is the truth?
What's an illusion?
You're searching for proof
But are you certain?
Whatever you see is what you get
If words paint a picture then
I betcha I can getcha yet

I'll make you believe in me
I can be what you want me to be
Tonight is the night
Where I make you see
That I can be anything
Anything, anything

I'll make you believe in me
I can be what you want me to be
Tonight is the night
Where I make you see
That I can be anything
Anything, anything...

After the song finish, the fans cheer for her. She has a good voice! I'm so proud of my daughter. She smiles wide. Oh, no!

I look at Harry's reaction, and he looks surprised. No! It was too late! I sigh sadly when I look down on the ground. I wish we could stay at the hostel, but it was too late. 

I look up at everyone, which was Zayn, Louis and Niall, with their scared faces. I nod with my serious face, and I look back at Harry.

"I can't believe it! She looks like Hollie." He mutters. I was shocked. Stupid Hollie's smile! But I'm sure that he'll find her tonight. 

I pat on Harry's shoulder, and he looks at me. I give him a kind smile. "Yeah! That smile reminds me of Hollie. Right, I got another hint for you." I explain.

Harry looks so excited when he jumps up and down. "Really?" He asks. "Really?" Everyone asks in the union. I turn around to see them with my nod.

They put a confused look on their face and look at each other. I sigh sadly, and I turn back to see Harry.

"The hints are... She's here." I explain so short.


Hollie P.O.V

I turn around to see One Direction were having to fight over something stupid, I hope, and I came to them. "What's going on?!" I ask worriedly. With that, Harry turns around to see me, and he takes a closer step.

I wonder what's up with him? "Well, Emma, is that your smile?" Harry asks. I was confused. Because it doesn't make sense!

Liam winks at me on one of his eyes. It makes me wonder that... I was shocked. "Oh. Oh! I'm sorry! I guess I steal Hollie's smile, right?" I apologise and ask.

I wish I could tell Harry that I'm here, but I can't. Because... I'll make Harry angry. "Yeah! I have to go." I carry on. I turn around, and I walk away.

That was too close! "Wait! Emma!" That was Liam calls my fake name. I stop, and I turn around to see Liam stand in front of me.

"Emma, I think you could do it. (Be you.)" Liam continues. I was shocked. Liam gives me a kind smile, and he nods. I turn around to who sing next.

That was Demi Lovato sang the song. It was Let it go.

Let It Go By Demi Lovato. 

Let it go, let it go
Can't hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Turn my back and slam the door

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight,
Not a footprint to be seen.
A kingdom of isolation and it looks like I'm the queen.
The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside.
Couldn't keep it in, Heaven knows I tried.

Don't let them in, don't let them see,
Be the good girl you always have to be.
Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know.
Well, now they know.

Let it go, let it go
Can't hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Turn my back and slam the door
And here I stand and here I'll stay
Let it go, let it go
The cold never bothered me anyway...

After the song has finished, Demi Lovato came toward where I stand here. "I'm very impressed with your voice. I like you. Maybe I could invite you to come to my house..." She explains. 

I sigh sadly. "Let it go, let it go. Can't hold it back anymore." I talk to myself. Oh, right. I feel like I have to let it go like my real name have to tell the people to know.

I sigh sadly. "Oh. Do you want me to come over?" I ask as I didn't realise Demi still stands here. "Yeah!" Demi says. If I say yes to her and I'll tell everyone who I am, she'll be angry.

I guess I have to say no in a cute way. "I would love to... But I'm with my mum. So..." I make a cute excuse. "Oh. Well... Invite you later..." Demi says.

"Yeah! I'm sorry..." I apologise. Demi walks away to get her dressing room, and I sighed exhaled. Phew, that was too close!

I wish... She could understand, but she couldn't. I turn around to see who host for Emma. Bradley hosts me, well, Emma, to come out again.

"Give it up for Emma Dawson again... Because she was going to sing to you. Get Out, Emma!" Bradley says in his microphone.

I walk out of the backstage, and I sigh happily. I smile at everyone and Bradley too. I hug him, and he hugs me back.

When I pull away from the hug, Bradley gives me a cheek kiss, and then he walks away. 

"Are you ready for me to sing?!" I say in my microphone. The fans cheer and scream like yeah. "Okay!" I say in my microphone

With Ur Love By Cher Lloyd (Cover by Hollie Payne.)

Baby, you the best 'cause you worked me out
I keep building walls up but you tear 'em down
I'm fighting, I don't wanna like it but you know I like it
But you know I like it, like it, like it
Used to always think I was bulletproof
But you got an AK and you're blowing through
Explosive, you don't even know it, I want you to know it
I want you to know it, know it, know it

All of them other boys can walk away
They ain't even in the game
'Cause they know that you own it
You got this swag, you got this attitude
Wanna hears you say my name
'Cause you got me...

Flying with your love, shining with your love, riding with your love.
I feel like I'm on top of the world with your love.
One hit with your love. Can't quit with your love. So sick but so what?
I feel like I'm on top of the world with your love....


After I finish the song, I was a bit nervously to tell them, but I'm still not ready. I look around to see the people's mouth open.

They knew what is my real voice when I sing this song! I sigh sadly, and I look down on the ground. "I can't believe it. I'm doing it." I whisper to myself. 

I close my eyes, and I look up when I move my head up. I take breathe in and out when I open my eyes. I sigh exhale, and I smile at everyone.

"Hey, guys! You probably thinking about Hollie is me. Nope, I'm still me..." I say in my microphone. I wish... I sigh out. But I can't. 

I walk away to get backstage. Why? Am I crying? I was scared! "Emma-" I cut Liam off. I turn around to see everyone quickly, and everyone looks shocked.

"No! The name is Hollie!" I cried. Everyone looks shocked again include Harry. He was here! "I can't take it anymore! Harry! I know how much you want to be friend with me, but you're not ready! Am I right?!" I cried as I explain.

I turn back to walk fast to my dressing room, and then I slam the door. The person, who stands behind me, tap on my shoulder, I turn around to see the person, and I was shocked.

That was Amber. Amber smiles at me, and I give her a tight hug. "You never believe it... I told Harry and everyone!" I sob.

I was crying on her shoulder. I wish... I could show everybody of me, not Emma, but everyone will hate me. It was way too much for me!

I sniff. "I think..." I pause. I pull away from the hug. "I'm ready to show myself to everyone who I am..." I sign with my voice.

I sigh sadly. "So... Sit down. I could clear your make up, and then I'll be re-makeup on you. And... Jodie will be here any minutes." Amber explains.

With that, I look in the mirror, and I saw the brown eyes. I take Blown Contact Lease off. Once again, I have beautiful blue eyes.

One thing is my hairs. No one knows how to take the blonde colour off and then turn into Curly Dark Brown hairs, but Jodie knows.

I love my locks. Not Blonde hairs, I mean I love my nature locks. After clear my face was finished, Jodie arrives my dressing room.

I sigh happily. "Here!" Jodie says. It was the shampoo for remove any colour. I look at her, and I sigh happily."Thank you, Jodie!" I sign with my voice.

I stand up for hugging her, and she hugs back for a little while later. I laugh a little, and I went to take a shower. I wash my hairs.

After a long shower, I take out of the shower, and I sigh sadly. I take two towels... One for my hair and one for my body. I open the bathroom door, and I sigh sadly.

I walk out of the bathroom. "Well..." I say. The girls came toward where I stand here, and they give me the same clothes and...

New shoe? I look up at Jodie and then she nods. I smile. She sure knows me that my black shoe had broken. So... Jodie brought me...

A Black Boots. I wear the same dress, which was Black Mini Dress and Dark Purple Legging. It is so me. I was singing to cover for Liam's solo.

I remember that time when I was in the car accident. Oh! I enter the bathroom. I wore the same clothes and the new Black Boot.

I sigh sadly. "Don't laugh! I'm coming out!" I order. I went out of the bathroom. "What do you think?" I sign with my voice. 

"Beautiful!" Jodie was speechless. "I agree with you." Amber nods in agreement. "Let's do makeup and then hairs." I sign with my voice.

I sit down on the chair, and I close my eyes. After 15 minutes later, my makeup has finished. Now my hairs... It was a straight hair.

I don't like straight locks. Ugh! Jodie does my hairs. After 30 minutes later, my hairs is done, and my makeup is done as I was nervous.

"Okay! I'm ready!" I sign with my nervous voice. I sigh calmly. "Okay? Are you sure?" Amber asks confusedly. "Yes..." I nod with my annoyed face.

"Okay..." Amber says. She spins me around to see the mirror. I was shocked. Goodbye, Emma. Hello, Hollie! "I'm finally me!" I sign with my happy voice.

I put the cochlear implant in my ear, and I sigh nervously. I walk toward the door, but Amber stops me. "Bye, Hollie!" Amber calls my real name. 

I stop to walk, and I smile at it. I chuckle a little. "You know what? I like this name!" I sign with my voice. Amber and Jodie chuckle a little at the same time.

I sigh nervously. It's time to open the door for me! I walk to the door, and I open the door. I walk out of the door, and I close the door.

I walk away. "Hollie?" That was my ex-lover, Harry! I turn around to see his face, and I was shocked to see the green eyes met my blue eyes.

It was him, Harry! I start to run away from Harry as fast as I can, and I hide from the corner. "Whoa! What's going on?" That was Liam asks Harry.

"It's her..." Harry says. He sounds like he was happy. I sigh sadly. I knew it! "Hi!" I greet. I peek out of my head slowly and see where Liam was standing.

Liam looks shocked to see my face, hairs and clothes. "I've changed back into myself. With help!" I sign with my voice. "I-I-I-I..." Liam stammer.

Zayn, Niall and Louis run to where we were standing here. They were panting heavily. I turn around to see them and waiting for them to look at me.

They were all standing up, and they look shocked to see me as I was finally me. "Liam. Please... Let me tell everyone!" I beg.

Liam was thinking for a while, and then he nods. "Thanks!" I thank him. I give him a tight hug, and he hugs back. "Emma Dawson! Are you ready to go?" That was the sound guys calls me as Emma's name.

"It's time to go..." Liam signs with his voice. He takes my hand and we all walking to get the stage. "Let us host for Emma..." Liam says.

"But..!" The microphone guys stammer. Liam cuts him out. "I know... It was Demi Lovato host for her, but there is one only special guest for everyone." He explains shortly.

"Alright!" The microphone guys say. They give the boys microphones and earphones. I wonder what if everyone in the world would hate me...

"Where is that girl, Emma?"The microphone guys ask. I can be a diva! Right! "Right here!" I answer so quickly. I put my hand on Harry's arm, and then the microphone guys give me a microphone. 

I was so nervous! I pull my hand back my body with my microphone, and I sigh sadly. Just breath! The boys supported circles me. 

Thank you, you guys! "We're moving!" Liam orders. We walk to near to stage, and I can hear the music so clearly. Oh, My God. 

IT WAS 5 SECOND OF SUMMER! The song was She Looks So Perfect. I love this song!

She Looks So Perfect by 5 Second Of Summer.

You look so perfect standing there
In my American Apparel underwear
And I know now, that I'm so down
Your lipstick stain is a work of art
I got your name tattooed in an arrow heart
And I know now, that I'm so down (hey!).....


OMG! I'm huge fans of them. Luke was my favourite! I would die to want to see him so badly. After the song, it was my turn, and I was so nervous.

I sigh nervously. "Are you ready?" Liam asks. Am I ready? Let me see! "Yes..." I nod. I would see how everybody in the world would react to me... 

I sigh nervously. "Hey, guys! So... You might think of her smile, but it wasn't her. Her name is Emma Dawson! Come out!" That was Demi's voice.

The fans went cheer and scream. "Well..." Liam pauses in his microphone. We were all moving. Oh... I look down on the floor, and I was thinking about how Harry would react to me! 

"There has a huge mistake. I know her secret. We all are but expect for Harry; he didn't know. So, there she is. My daughter, Hollie Payne!" Liam says in his microphone.

They all open the circle. I'm ready! With that, I look up at them, and I smile at them wide."Hey, I'm back!" I greet in my microphone.

Everyone went, in the rows, shocked! Shocking, right? I sigh sadly. That's what I thought so! Everyone would hate me!

"Okay! I'm sorry! But I'm in Emma Dawson. I can be both this side. My song is All I Want Is Everything. It was for you!" I say in my microphone

The boys run to the edge of the stage. The music was starting now.

All I Want Is Everything by Victoria Justice. (Cover by Hollie Payne.)

I feel delirious, come let's get out of here
We're so anonymous but it's all coming clear

We're heading for the sky
And we'll get lost in it cause
All I want, all I want, all I want is everything

And I will pose if I wanna
And I will vogue like Madonna
I might not dance like MJ RIP
But I will give the best of me

All I want is everything
Yes everything too much is not enough
I'm sick of settling for in between
And I'm not givin' up
As long as it feels right
At least, we know that we're alive
All I want is everything, yes everything, yeah

After I finish the song, the people went cheer and scream at the same time. I pant heavily. I was so happy. "Thank you!" I say in the microphone.

I walk to One Direction, expect for Harry, to give them a group hug. I pull away to see them, and I provide them with a kind smile as I was so happy. 

"Thank you for keep the secret for me!" I sign with my voice. "Hollie, time to go home." Amber orders. I look at Harry and Amber at the same time.

Amber was standing behind Harry's back... "Um... Yeah!" I nod. I walk away with Amber. I can't believe it! I ignore him.

I feel sorry for him. Paps will catch up with me. There have paps in everywhere! I sigh sadly. 

I'm ready to open the door for me.


A/N: Now there has only 6 chapter more to go.

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