Hiding (Squeal to I'm Adopted??) (Book 2 Complete)

Before you read this, just read the book one "I'm Adopted??"

A missing deaf girl who now lives in America with her best friend, Hollie and Nelly. It's been two months. She has to change her new name, Emma. Because of Paparazzi and her new college. It's her dreaming college, New York University. She has to take Cochlear Implant away. She can lip reading. She has to become Hearing, not deaf. At home, yes, she can wear Cochlear Implant. But... Outside, she can't... Because everyone want to know Where's Hollie?

In London, Liam was wondering how was she? Everyone know where Hollie was in except for Harry. He doses not know where was she! He still loves Hollie. Harry want to find her and apologise to Hollie. But he couldn't find her anywhere until America.

She's Hiding from Harry when he came to Nelly's house. She's scared when Harry ask her what's her name. The boys know her!

My question is.. Dose Harry found her or not?:) Have she love Harry back?! :O

(Let's find out and Read!:) :D)


6. Concert And Secret!

Harry P.O.V

Next Morning,

I awake because the sunlight goes through the window. "Don't worry, Hollie. I'll find you." I say with my sleepy voice. I smile at it, sigh sadly, and I yawn.

Paul knocks on the door. Well.. He did knock, but he did more than knock, banging like a soldier! "Woke up! Boys!!!" He orders.

I moan and groan at the same time. Paul opens the door and sighs annoyingly. "Come on! Get up, you lazy boys!" He shouts.

I take the phone, look at the screen, and I check the time. It was 7.30 am. Oh! I want to get some more sleeping. "Today is concert time!" Paul shouts.

We moan in the union, I put the phone on the desk, and I get up. "Concert? What are you talking about?" I ask confusedly.

Paul sighs annoyingly, and he places his hand on his head when he shakes his head. What? Am I annoyed to all of the boys or not?

"Oh, Harry! Well... We can't stay here until you 'found' her. I'm sorry! If you all want to stay here, then concert first. Then you have free time. Okay?" He explains.

"Um... Okay?" I answer confusedly. I walk to the bathroom, and I take a shower. I'm always going first because the boys are always complaining about washing my hairs.

After the shower, I put the clothes on because I don't want to be naked in the front of these guys. One time, when I walked out with my naked body, then boom, the boys take a picture of me and post it to these newspaper! 

Not cool! I walk out of the bathroom and Niall walks to where I just stand. I turn around to see him, and my arms were cross. "Yeah?" I say to let him say something.

"Oh, I was asking you some questions before I'm going to take a shower. Link to... Hollie!" Niall says nervously. I open my mouth and remove my throat.

"Oh! What about her?" I ask. What's up with the nervous? "Well... I want to know that... Do you love Hollie?" Niall asks. I nod. 

"Yes. I told you too many times!" I say confusedly. I groan. Why do these boys keep asking me that same stupid question?

Expect for Zayn! I sigh annoyingly. "As brother and sister or that way?" Niall asks. What? Oh, I see what's going on?! "That way..." I say confusedly.

I don't know what's up with Niall, but I guess he's a wired guy and carefree. "Oh, wow! You know... I need to go. See you later." Niall says.

With that, he left to take a shower, I roll my eyes, and I shake my head at the same time. I turn back what am I doing, and I get ready.

"Anyone, who want to go out with me?" I ask as I enter the living room. There has silence moment, but Paul breaks the silence moment.

"I guess it's no..." He answers. I look at him. "Please, I need to take a little break..." I beg. Paul shakes his head, and he looks down on the board.

"No! No anymore go out to found Hollie!" He refuses. I sigh sadly. "Until when?!" I ask with my hopefully face. He looks at me with his 'I Don't Care' looks on his face.

"What do you mean by 'Until when'?! Until the concert's over..." He asks and answers. I nod with 'I Don't Bother That I Wasn't Make Sure I Was Listening' look on my face.

He sighs annoyingly, and he walks off before I say something to him. Lucky guess! Wait! What? I just ask him for once. Have I annoyed him?

Haven't I?! Oh, My God! I have! I didn't realise that I'm annoyed! Why did the boys tell me? Niall has a finish to take a shower now, and I sit on the bed.

I sigh sadly, and Niall notices me that I'm sad. "What's up with your face?" Niall asks confusedly. I look at him with my annoyed look on my face.

"What do you think? Then I'm fine, thanks!" I ask annoyingly. Niall takes back and jumps back. "Whoa! Someone has been angry over something?" He says.

Probably makes a fun of me! I look down on the ground, and I sigh sadly. "I'm sorry, Niall. It's just… I'm angry that you guys must be thinking I'm annoyed." I explain as I look down on the ground slowly.

"Finally! You realise that you're so annoyed!" Niall says. I look up at him with my angry face and my eyes go wide. "Niall!" I call.

"Oh..." Niall continues as he looks at me with his nervous look on his face. I was about to say something, but Niall cuts me off.

He says, "I know. Shut up, Niall." He says as he finishes my sentence. I smile a little, Liam calls him to come in the bathroom. 

"Niall! Would you come in the bathroom? Because... You know!" Liam asks. The bathroom?! "Oh! Okay! I'm coming!" Niall replies but shouts at the same time.

He just walks off to leave me alone, and I sigh sadly. I look at the wall, and I lay down on the bed. "(Hollie.)" I whisper to myself.

I miss you. I close my eyes because I won't let the tears go and I open my eyes. I sigh sadly. There is me, all alone. The boys, I don't know. 

All I want to have is the girl who has brown eyes and blonde hair. That all I want but I couldn't find her who lives in here.

I sigh sadly, and I look down on the ground. I have the letter in my suitcase. I walk to my bag, and I look for it to read.

Found it on the side of a suitcase! Before I could read it, I sit down on the bed, and I put my iPod earphone in my ear. I press playing to listen to music and then I read it.

Just because I don't want to get the tears... The boys came out of the bathroom. I look away from the letter quickly to see them and remove my earphone from listening to the music.

"Hey..." I say with my sad look on my face. Liam notices me, and he turns around to see them. "Guys, would you mind? Because he needs to talk to me." Liam asks. 

Why does he do it?! "No..." They answer in the union. They walk outside of this room, and he sighs sadly. Liam turns back to see me.

Why? "Look... I understand that you haven't moved on from Hollie. I do." He explains. No...  "No, you don't. More than move on from Hollie... Do you know what is it?" I reply quickly as I look up at him.

He shakes his head. "No..." Liam says. Even so... I look down a little, and I sigh sadly. "Apologies. Want to be her friend. I know I love her. You know that, Liam." I explain.

"I do. How bad do you want to find her?" He nods. I wonder if he would give me a hint. "Atrocious." I nod slowly. "You know what?" Liam continues.

I look up at Liam. "What?" I ask confusedly. He sits next to me on the bed. "After the Concert, I guess... I can help you." Liam says.

I was shocked. What?! "Are you serious?" I ask. Liam sighs sadly. "Yes..." He nods. I laugh a little. "Thank you..." I thank him. 

"Right..." Liam pauses. He stands up as he walks to enter the bathroom. I sigh sadly, and I smile a little. What the hell was that?

Because I need to find her and finally, Liam help me. Yay! Anyway... All I have to do is waiting until concert's over. I can't wait...

Wait there, Hollie, for me.


Hollie P.O.V

Yay! Concert time! I sigh annoyed. Alright, I can't stop thinking about... You know who. No? Alright! Harry. I was in the bathroom, and I was about to put contact lenses on, but someone stands behind me.

That was a man who makes me jump. "Still thinking about Harry?" That was a man voice. I look up at the man in the mirror.

It was Nathan! "Gosh! You scare me, Nathan!" I nearly scream. "Why do you need contact lenses? You don't need it!" Nathan signs with his voice. 

"Nathan..." I call sadly. I look down on the contact lenses, and I sigh sadly. I still wonder who I am? Emma or am I just THE real Hollie Payne?

I look up at him slowly. "Because it's just my safety for good. And I know that I don't like to lie them about Hollie thing. Who am I?" I sign with my sad voice.

He walks to where I stand as he stands behind me and he turns me around to see his beautiful face. We get so close. "Nathan?" I call. 

He just stares at me for a while, and so do I. He sighs sadly, and Nathan was about to touch my cheek, but he stops himself.

"I think you are the funniest person, beautiful girl, quietly, funny and cute. What do you feel about Harry?" He signs with his confused voice.

I look down on the ground, and I sigh sadly, then I look up at him. "Thanks, Nathan. But... I can't tell you that how much I have a feeling for him." I sign with my voice.

"Oh, come on! Hollie! You know how much I do love you as a best friend." Nathan signs with his voice. I sigh sadly. "Alright! Wait for tomorrow." I sign with my voice.

He groans annoyingly, and I giggle. "Can you? Please? For me?" I continue. I put these eyes into puppy eyes and my face turn into sadness.

Nathan turns away from my sad face, groan and he sighs sadly. "Alright!" He signs with his annoying voice. Sadness turns into happy.

I give him a kind smile, and I give him a huge hug. He hugs me back, and I pull away from the hug. "Um... Nathan?" I call. "Hm..." He says. 

He didn't realise that his hands still on my waist and we're very close until... "Oh..." He says. Nathan lets me go, and he laughs nervously after he makes me go.

"Um... Yeah, I have to go to find Nelly." He continues. With that, he left to leave me alone. I sigh sadly, and I shake my head.

No! I have thought about Concert. Oh? One Direction Concert. You ask? Anyway... I look back in the mirror, and I put contact lenses on from my beautiful blue eyes.

Wow! I never say it. Oh, well... I get used to it! After that, I went downstairs, and I saw Jodie and Amber were there in the living room.

They're waiting for me to come down and I can hear they talk about who's their favourite one member of the band, One Direction.

Jodie was saying it was her favourite, Liam. I smile. Then Amber saying it was her favourite, Louis. I smiled more, and I walk to enter the living room. 

"Hey, guys!" I greet. Amber says "Hey." Amber welcomes back. Nathan walks in for sat there, and two girls scream. Oh, no! "Oh, My God!! It was Nathan Sykes from The Wanted!!" They shout in the union.

Wow! I shake my head, and I sigh sadly. It was not my day. I knew the day like this day would come right for them, not me. I look down on the ground, and I can feel that Nathan smiles wide.

"Well, hello, girls..." He pauses. With that, Nathan turns around to see me and gives me a kind smile. "... And Emma." Nathan continues. 

I look up at him, and I give him a friendly smile. "Emma! Why do you tell us about Nathan was here?!" Jodie asks while squeaking. 

Wow! Amber looks angry, and she put her arm to cross. "Yeah!" She joins in. Jodie nods as she agrees with herself. "Yes. Do you have a secret from us?" She asks.

I say nothing, and I look at where Nelly stands by the door. It's time. I give her a sorry face. "Nelly, I'm sorry..." I say with my British accent.

I turn back to see Amber and Jodie were confused.  "Amber, Jodie, can you forgive me when I was saying something?" I ask with my British accent.

They look shocked. "What?" They ask in the union. I shake my head. "I'm not Emma, no." I finally sign with my voice. I can see they look shocked. 

"Why are you signing?" Jodie asks confusedly. I sigh sadly. "Because! Because... I'm deaf." I say. They look shocked. "Then who are you?" Amber asks. I opened the mouth.

"I-I-I..." I pause. I turn around, and I put my hands on contact lenses. I take it off, and then I close my eyes when I take it off. 

I turn around to look forward while I close my eyes. "No!" Nathan murmurs. "My name is..." I sign with my voice as I pause. 

Then I open my real eyes to see them when I say my name is... "The one who made Harry sad." I sign with my voice. Amber looks shocked.

"Hollie?" She calls confusedly. I feel that the tears build up on my eyes and I nod at once. "Yes!" I say. I guess the secret is out. 

"So, you were here as pretend to be Emma..." Jodie says. You got it, Jodie! "Yes. Guys. Look, today is I got to meet Liam be there at 5 pm. So... I know you guys don't want me to come with you, right?" I sign with my voice. 

Amber sighs sadly. She says "Well... We are going to forgive you from lied to us." Thank god! Because- Then Jodie interrupts my thought. 

"Why are you here?!" She shouts while she asks. She looks like she's mad at me! "Jodie! Calm down!" Amber tried to calm her down.

"Why?!" Jodie shouts while she asks. I sigh sadly. "Jodie!" Amber calls. "JODIE!!!" Nathan yells. It makes us jump and give us a heart attack.

With that, Jodie turns around to see Nathan and so did we. I know he looks annoyed."What?!" Jodie asks with her attitude.

"Shut up!" Nathan orders. Way to go, Nathan! She looks shocked. "Excuse me!" Jodie says. With that, she starts to walk off to the outside. 

"I'm sorry about Jodie." Amber apologises. Well... It's okay... I guess. She's right! "It's okay. I'm just here because I need to move on from Harry. It's just... It isn't working." I sign with my voice.

"Hollie? If you're her, then I need proof from singing." Amber asks hopefully. I sigh sadly. "Alright..." I say. "I want you to sing 'All I Want is Everything.' It's my favourite." Amber orders.

"Alright!" I say. It's also my favourite song! Nathan clicks to playing on his phone. The music was starting now. 


All I Want is Everything by Victoria Justice.

I feel delirious, come let's get out of here
We're so anonymous, but it's all coming clear

We're heading for the sky
And we'll get lost in it cause
All I want, all I want, all I want is everything

And I will pose if I wanna
And I will vogue like Madonna

I might not dance like MJ RIP
But I will give the best of me

All I want is everything
Yes everything too much is not enough
I'm sick of settling for in between
And I'm not givin' up
As long as it feels right
At least, we know that we're alive
All I want is everything, yes everything, yeah


After that, I finished this song, and I saw Amber's mouth opens as she thought it wasn't me... But it was! "I-I-I... It's amazing!" Amber stammers.

"Thanks. So..." I thank her. I don't know what to say. "Nathan, can you drop us to the Concert?" Amber orders. I'm sorry! "Sure." Nathan answers. 

I was confused. "Wait. Us?" I ask confusedly. Jodie enters the living room. "Yes. It's just you and me!" Amber says. I turn around to see Jodie stands by the door. 

Oh... Big problem between with her and Amber! "What about me?" Jodie asks confusedly. Amber walks toward her.  "Jodie, I'm sorry. Alright... I just need to take her to Harry." She explains. 

What now?! No! I run off to my room, and I slam the door. "Hollie!" Nelly calls. I ignore her calls and also... "Hollie! Harry want to find you! He wants to say apologies to you for some reason." Amber explains while she shouts.

"Apologies for what?! Go away! I never see you again. Ever!" I shout back. I feel the tears build up on my eyes and I let the tears roll down on my cheek.

It's been a long time that I cried over Harry, but to my friend, never! "Fine! I will tell him where you all live!" Amber shouts. "Fine by me! Go ahead!!" I shout back. 

I lay down on the bed when I jump, and I was crying on the pillowcase. I never see Harry again and my friends too.

Time has passed.

It had been two weeks that I haven't been going to university so far. They kicked me out for not coming to stay in the university. By the way...

Has Amber told Harry where we all live?

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