Hiding (Squeal to I'm Adopted??) (Book 2 Complete)

Before you read this, just read the book one "I'm Adopted??" A missing deaf girl who now lives in America with her best friend, Hollie and Nelly. It's been two months. She has to change her new name, Emma. Because of Paparazzi and her new college. It's her dreaming college, New York University. She has to take Cochlear Implant away. She can lip reading. She has to become Hearing, not deaf. At home, yes, she can wear Cochlear Implant. But... Outside, she can't... Because everyone want to know Where's Hollie? In London, Liam was wondering how was she? Everyone know where Hollie was in except for Harry. He doses not know where was she! He still loves Hollie. Harry want to find her and apologise to Hollie. But he couldn't find her anywhere until America. She's Hiding from Harry when he came to Nelly's house. She's scared when Harry ask her what's her name. The boys know her! My question is.. Dose Harry found her or not?:) Have she love Harry back?! :O (Let's find out and Read!:) :D)


2. Bumping into Someone!

Hollie P.O.V

After the class,

I walked home alone. OMG! The classes that I went was boring and hard! Now I sound like a diva. I giggle a little and I sigh sadly. 

How long am I staying until Harry give up on me? Has he? I don't know! I sigh sadly. I stuck here for two months, but it was for good to stay away from Harry. 

I don't care. I sigh exhale and I shake my head. No! I need to move on from Harry! I'm bumping into someone. "I'm sorry!" I apologise. 

"Hey, Emma!" The person calls. This person. Have we met before? Because I know this voice. I stop to walk and I turn around to see this person. 

"Austin Mahone? Huh! What are you doing here?" I ask. "Nothing much. Just look around at the shop and bumping into you. And you, what are you doing here?" Austin answers and asks. 

"Um... Just arrive at my new house." I say. What am I thinking? Stupid me! "New? Are you new around here?" Austin asks confusedly.

What am I say to him?! I open my mouth. "Yes, I mean no! I arrive here two months ago and honestly, I don't know everything about New York. I'm from London." I answer.

Austin opens his mouth. "Alright..." He says. I nod. "Yeah! I have to go now!" I say. "Okay! Do you want to get my number?" Austin asks.

"Um..." I stammer. How am I say no to him? I guess it was an only cute way. "I'm not sure that I can trust you. So..." I continue.

I turn around and I begin to walk away. When I arrive at my new house and I open the door. "I'm home!" I shout.

"Sh.." That was Nelly whispers. "Okay!" I whisper. Why are we whisper? "Why-" Nelly cut me off. "Sh!" She whispers.I "Sorry! Why are we whisper for?" I whisper. 

Suddenly, I can hear a little the piano begin to play. Oh! That's why! Nelly bring her friend to our house! Do I say it her friend?

No! I mean her 'boy' friend! Then I can hear a little this person sing with a beautiful voice. Yep, it was sound like a boy! I can't help but chuckled a little.

I start to walk the stairs, but Nelly stopped me. "No, no, no!" She whispers. I was a bit of confused. "Why?" I whisper. She looks around at the person that I don't know.

"I'll right be back!" Nelly shouts. She begins to walk down to grab my arm and... We were in the kitchen. "No voice. Look, there has some reason why am I saying no voice?" She signs but no voice. 

I look at her with my confused looks and she looked at me with her scared looks. "Okay, one reason. (Sigh sadly) It is because... You hear this person playing on the piano with a beautiful voice..." She signs but still no voice

I nodded as yes. "Yeah? A little. And..." I sign with no voice. "That's Nathan." Nelly signs but still no voice. I wasn't surprised by that.

"Nathan what?" I sign. She sighs exhaled. "Don't freak out, okay?" Nelly signs with her scared looks. I won't, but why now? I shake my head. 

"Nathan..." She pauses and she tightly closed her eyes. "...Sykes!" Nelly continues. I was shocked. "Oh, my god!" I shout. There was someone behind me, isn't it? 

"Oh! Am I interrupt your conversation?" That was a man's voice. We were frozen by someone saying something and I turn around to see this man stood by the door.

Yep, it is. It's really him, Nathan Sykes. I'm calm and be a good girl. I sigh out. "Well... Erm... Nathan, right?" I say. He looks at my direction and he nods once.

"Well, that's a girl who I'm talking about!" Nelly says so short. That's what you explain to a boy. I turn around to see her, she looks at me and I shake my head a little. 

Keep it down. Nelly's eyes wide at me. She was right. I sigh sadly and I turn back to see him. "Okay!" I say. "Well, I need to know," Nathan says.

"Okay, my name is Emma. Don't worry, I'm not a crazy fan or anything." I say. I turn around to see Nelly and I put my annoyed face at her.

"Same thing as I do to Austin Mahone when I meet him." I continue. I turn around to see Nathan and give him a sweet smile.

"Anyway, I have to go! So..." I carry on. I start to walk away to my new room. I hate to keep saying 'New'. I sigh sadly and I put my cochlear implant on my usual ear before I was starting to set up on the laptop.

I'm just so boring now! Sometimes, I like to sing the song, it helps me to cheer up. I like to play the game, but it was too boring to me.

I like to play guitar. I pick the guitar up to my lap and I start to strum some song. I start to sing the song.

It's called 'Show me love' by The Wanted.


You should've known I love you

Though I'll never say it too much

Maybe you didn't get me

Maybe I'll never know what I'd done


Now I'm lost in the distance

You look at me like a stranger

Cause how it looks right now to me

Is you're scared of the danger


I could've shown you America

All the bright lights of the universe

We could have reached the highest heights

A different place, a different life

Remember that night underneath the stars

For a minute, I thought the world was ours

All you had to do was show me love


I stop to play the guitar and I sigh sadly. It had been a while to sing. The door open that I can hear and I turn around to see...

I was shocked and I put my hand onto my mouth. I thought it was Nelly, but it wasn't. It was Nathan. "Are you listening-" Nathan interrupted me.

"Yes. It was a nice voice." He says. I look at him with my annoyed look on my face. "Really?" I ask. He walks to where I just sit.

"Yeah! I mean... Do you want me to keep the secret or tell everyone who really are you?" Nathan answers. I sigh sadly. "How do you know about it?" I ask. 

"The voice. Sing. British accent. You have an amazing voice." Nathan answers. I turn away from his face to look down on the ground.

"Now, you got me," I say sadly. Nathan sighs sadly. "Why are you here?" He asks. I look up at him. 'Why?' Why does he need to know? 

"Why do you guys break up?" I ask. "I ask you a question first," Nathan replies quickly. "Fine! Because I need to move on from Harry. And yes, I still love him." I answer straight without thinking. 

Nathan looks shocked. "Wow! So, you still love Harry!" He says with his disgust looks on his face. He laughs a little and I turn away from his face to look on the ground.

"Okay! Laugh then!" I say. He sighs sadly. "I'm sorry. But... Harry still love you!" He says. I look up at the roof, groan loudly and I sigh sadly.

Nathan's eyes went wide when I look back at his face. "Wait, it isn't a joke, is it?" He asks. I shake my head with an annoyed face.

"Nope," I answer. "Wow!" Nathan says. "Yep! So, why do you guys break up for?" I say and ask. Nathan was saying something, but Nelly enters my room.

"Hollie..." She calls my real name. She looks shocked and she opens her mouth, but she closes it. "Nelly..." I call. "It's okay. I know the secret." Nathan says.

"He knows." I sign with my voice. Nathan looks at me. "Surprise. I know sign language." He signs with his voice. I was surprised by it.

"You knew all the time?" I sign with my voice. "Yep. I knew." Nathan signs with his voice. He smiles at me and I smiled a little.

He looks shocked, I sigh sadly. "I know.. I have a cute smile, right?" I say. Nathan looks at me with his wired look. "How do you know?" He signs with his voice.

"Everyone saying to me about that word." I sign with my voice. I get used to it. I get it, people!  

So, I wonder how are the boys going on with it?

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