Hiding (Squeal to I'm Adopted??) (Book 2 Complete)

Before you read this, just read the book one "I'm Adopted??"

A missing deaf girl who now lives in America with her best friend, Hollie and Nelly. It's been two months. She has to change her new name, Emma. Because of Paparazzi and her new college. It's her dreaming college, New York University. She has to take Cochlear Implant away. She can lip reading. She has to become Hearing, not deaf. At home, yes, she can wear Cochlear Implant. But... Outside, she can't... Because everyone want to know Where's Hollie?

In London, Liam was wondering how was she? Everyone know where Hollie was in except for Harry. He doses not know where was she! He still loves Hollie. Harry want to find her and apologise to Hollie. But he couldn't find her anywhere until America.

She's Hiding from Harry when he came to Nelly's house. She's scared when Harry ask her what's her name. The boys know her!

My question is.. Dose Harry found her or not?:) Have she love Harry back?! :O

(Let's find out and Read!:) :D)


12. Amber got what?

Hollie P.O.V

I've got to be thinking for some more time. I wish I could tell them, but I couldn't. I sigh sadly. It was because of Liam, he looks happy.

I don't want to destroy his mood. I wonder what if Amber told Harry where am I live in or where am I live with? Because I made a decision that I want him to find me.

Neither that way, Amber might be told Harry just now. We were about to go outside, but someone grabs my hand and take me in the kitchen.

I didn't look at the person. "Hollie." That was Austin Mahone calls my real name. How do I know? Well... After he calls my real name, I look up at him, and I put the sad looks on my face.

He hugs me after he noticed my sad face and I hug back for a while. "Austin..." I call softly. I hope he liked me because I like him too.

I sigh sadly, and then someone enters like rude but interrupts our hug moment. We hug for 30 seconds. "Austin!" That was... Amber's voice?!

Why?! I pull away quickly as I could, and Austin did it too. I look down on the floor, and I secretly wipe the tears away from my face.

Why am I crying for? What?! Did I like him? Oh, my god! I liked him!! I look up at this voice's face. I'm not sure if that was Amber!

I was shocked! I did not see that coming! I was confused as well. Do you want to know who this person is? Don't you? Okay!

It was her, Amber! "Amber?" I call confusedly. Amber smiles at me, and she looks nervously at Austin when she turns to see Austin.

Oh, I see! She wants to talk to me! "Um... Austin?" I call.  Austin turns around to see me, not that he didn't realise I need to speak to Amber until...

He looks at us at the same time, and he opens his mouth. "Oh... So, you two need to some time alone?" Austin signs slowly with his voice.

I nod. "Yeah... We kinda need to..." Amber reply. She gives him a shy smile. "Sure... I have to go! It's delightful to see you, Emma." Austin signs slowly with his voice. 

"Thanks... Amber know it..." I sign with my voice. Amber opens her mouth, and she put confused looks on her face.

"Wait. Does THE Austin Mahone know Hollie's secret?" She asks. I nod. "Yep! So... Bye!" I reply. "Bye..." Austin murmurs.

With that, he walks away to leave us to talk, and I sigh sadly. "Amber?" I call. Amber turns back to see me, and she smiled at me.

"I know! I shouldn't tell Harry that you live here. All I was saying to him is... I'm sorry." She apologises. I cross my arm, and I sigh exhale.

"You know what? I have seven days to thinking about where am I live with 'Them' or I live here." I sign with my voice. "So, am I forgiven?" Amber asks.

I cross my arm again, and I put serious looks on my face. I sigh happily. She was my only friend. So... I open my mouth and close it because I have no idea! 

"Yes. I forgive you..." I sign with my voice. I smile at Amber, and I give her a tight hug. Amber hugs back, and she pulls away for a three-second hug.

"I kinda got you to book on Concert..." Amber says. My jaw opens wide. "You what?!" I shout. "Well, not you... Emma did..." She continues.

I sigh sadly. "Oh, god! You give me a heart attack! Wait, What do you mean by Emma?" I sign with my voice. "Well... Emma can sing, right?" Amber asks.

I sigh sadly, and I shake my head. I knew it! "No, she can't. But Hollie can..." I sign with my sad voice. She kind of my good friend and excited!

"Oh, come on! It'll be fun!" Amber says. "I'm not sure... Harry... I mean he'll surely be there!" I sign with my sad voice. Amber sighs exhaled, and she crosses her arm while she says something. 

"Since when are you going to show him of Hollie?" She asks. I feel the tears build up on my eyes. "I don't know... About 6 or 7 days. But I'm ready to show them to me. Thanks!" I sign with my voice.

I sigh happily. "Let's go shopping!" Amber shouts. "Sure! But, first... Let me get ready!" I sign with my voice. I ride to get to my room.

I went to my bathroom to get my new contact lenses that they gave me. Nelly's friend knows me, so she gave me this contact lens.

I put the brown contact lenses on my blue eyes. "I'm ready." I sign to myself. Then I went downstairs and met Amber's dark brown eyes.

"I'm ready!" I say. "Do you need mobile?" Amber asks. I shake my head. "No!" I say. Someone interrupts our conversation but to grab my arm to take me up to my room.

"I need to talk her for a minute." That was Liam's voice. "What's happened with your phone?" Liam signs with his worried voice.

I sigh sadly. "My phone has a problem with a switch off itself while I was texting or something like that..." I sign with my sad voice.

"Oh! That explains to me when I tried to call you..." Liam signs with his voice. I know that!

"I don't have any money for that stupid phone." I sign with my voice. Liam gives me a beautiful smile, and he shakes his head at the same time. 

I look at him with my confused look on my face, and I shake my head quickly. I think he already paid it, didn't he? "No! You didn't! Tell me you didn't do it!" I shout with my sad face.

"I already pay it for you. Go and check it out!" Liam signs with his serious voice and face too. I take my phone with my hand, and I switch it on with my excited look on my face.

It's work! I was shocked. "I-I-I! Thank you!" I stammer. I give him a tight hug, and he hugs back. I pull away, and I look up at his happy face.

"You're welcome!" Liam signs with his voice. I smile at him, and he smiles back. We have a silence moment, but Liam has to be the one who breaks silence moment, but he did.

"Go! Have fun with Amber!" He signs plus he shouts. I sigh happily. I went back to downstairs where Amber stands there to waiting for me to coming down, and I was about to going outside, but something pumps up in my head.

So, I need to let Nelly know. "Nelly! I'm going to shop with Amber!" I yell. "Alright! Thank you for let me know!" Nelly shouts back.

"Okay!" I say. I walk out of the house, and I slam the front door. I walk down the street and nowhere are we! Yay! I'm going to shopping with Amber, but...

Harry will be there, right?

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