Hiding (Squeal to I'm Adopted??) (Book 2 Complete)

Before you read this, just read the book one "I'm Adopted??"

A missing deaf girl who now lives in America with her best friend, Hollie and Nelly. It's been two months. She has to change her new name, Emma. Because of Paparazzi and her new college. It's her dreaming college, New York University. She has to take Cochlear Implant away. She can lip reading. She has to become Hearing, not deaf. At home, yes, she can wear Cochlear Implant. But... Outside, she can't... Because everyone want to know Where's Hollie?

In London, Liam was wondering how was she? Everyone know where Hollie was in except for Harry. He doses not know where was she! He still loves Hollie. Harry want to find her and apologise to Hollie. But he couldn't find her anywhere until America.

She's Hiding from Harry when he came to Nelly's house. She's scared when Harry ask her what's her name. The boys know her!

My question is.. Dose Harry found her or not?:) Have she love Harry back?! :O

(Let's find out and Read!:) :D)


4. 1D in New York?!

Hollie P.O.V

Next morning,

I awake as the light goes through my eye and I yawn. 

It was strange because of my nightmare and it was gone.

I don't understand why I always had a bad dream in London, but not in America and I still have no idea.

I sigh sadly, and I sit up to looking around my room.

I look at cochlear implant on the desk next to me, and I put it on because I'm going to play the guitar.

I stand up, and I walk to get the guitar with me. 

I pick the guitar up on my lap and strum as I sing the song.

I know the song.

It called I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift.

Once upon a time a few mistakes ago, I was in your sights, you got me alone. You found me, you found me, you found me.

I guess you didn't care, and I guess I liked that. And when I fell hard you took a step back. Without me, without me, without me

And he's long gone when he's next to me. And I realise the blame is on me

'Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in. So shame on me now. Flew me to places I'd never been. 'Til you put me down, oh. I knew you were trouble when you walked in. So shame on me now. Flew me to places I'd never been. Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground. Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble. Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble.

No apologies. He'll never see you cry, Pretends he doesn't know that he's the reason why. You're drowning, you're drowning, you're drowning. Now I heard you moved on from whispers on the street. A new notch in your belt is all I'll ever be. And now I see, now I see, now I see.

He was long gone when he met me. And I realise the joke is on me, yeah!

I knew you were trouble when you walked in. So shame on me now. Flew me to places I'd never been. 'Til you put me down, oh. I knew you were trouble when you walked in. So shame on me now. Flew me to places I'd never been. Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground. Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble. Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble

And the saddest fear comes creeping in. That you never loved me or her, or anyone, or anything, yeah

I knew you were trouble when you walked in. So shame on me now. Flew me to places I'd never been. 'Til you put me down, oh. I knew you were trouble when you walked in (you were right there, you were right there) So shame on me now. Flew me to places I'd never been. Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground. Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble. Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble.

I knew you were trouble when you walked in. Trouble, trouble, trouble. I knew you were trouble when you walked in. Trouble, trouble, trouble.


I stop to play the guitar, and I sigh sadly.

I laugh a little. 

"No apologies? Pretends he doesn't know that he's the reason why? Huh!" I talk to myself.

That's right! 

Harry doesn't know that he's the reason that I've gone. 

I heard the clapping behind me, and I was shocked to hear that. 

Please, not Nathan. 


I guess so.

I never said that I like him.

No way!

I like him as a friend.

"Wow! Hollie!" It was a man voice.

Of course, It's a man.

I sigh sadly, and I turn around to this view direction to Nathan's voice.

"Hey." It was him, Nathan.

He smiles kindly.

"Good morning!" Nathan signs with his cheerful voice. 

I put my guitar away from my lap, and I look back at him. 

"Good morning." I sign with my voice.

Nathan looks happy but why? 

"Are you a fan of Taylor Swift?" He signs with his pleasant voice

"No. But I like her music and song." I sign with my voice.

"Oh," Nathan says as he realises. 

"Yep!" I nod. 

I stand there awkwardly for a while.

Thanks to Nelly! Because Nelly calls me to come downstairs, and breakfast's ready for us to come downstairs. 

"Okay!" I shout.

I walk downstairs, and I enter the kitchen.

"I'm here," I say.

"Good morning!" Nelly sign with her happy voice.

I wonder why does everyone sound so happy.

Is it wired to ask them

"Good morning!" I say it back to her.

I sit on the chair. 

"So..." I continue.

Nelly carry the food to the dining room and we look at each other as I was confused. 

"Hmm..." She chirps. 

"Can I ask you, Nelly? It's about the boy thing." I sign with my voice.

Nelly continues to carry the food at the door toward the dining room.

"Hollie! Why are you ask me? Go and ask Nathan." She says and asks. 

I sigh sadly. 

"Why?" I ask.

I guess I never asked that question before, had I?


I had!

The boys!

Well, to Nelly, nope. 

Nelly stops what she was doing, and she looks at me with her wired look on her face.

"What do you mean by 'Why'? Because he's a boy." Nelly signs with her voice. 

"Oh." I realise. 

Nathan enters the kitchen, and he looks toward Nelly as she continues taking the food.

"Good morning!" He says.

"Good morning!" Nelly respond back. 

Nathan turns around to see me and I sigh sadly.

Nelly was right.

He's just a boy.

Maybe he can help me. 

I look back at him.

I can do it.

I sigh exhaled. 

"Nathan! May I ask you some question?" I sign with my voice.

Nathan looks shocked.

"Uh... Sure!" Nathan signs with his voice while he gives me a kind smile.

Nathan sits next to me, and he still smiles kindly. 

"Well, It's about a boy..." I sign with my voice.

"Duh-Huh." Nathan nods. 

"... I think the boy like me and ask me to give him for my number. What the girl can do?" I continue to sign.

Nathan sighs sadly.

"Well, I think... If I were him, I should ask her for her number, so the girl was so happy because the boy make the girl so happy and she makes him so happy." He signs with his voice.


That's why Austin like me because I made him cheer him up. 

"Oh," I say.

Nathan smiles a little.

"I'm so sorry. I know... My advice is rubbish. Sometimes." He signs with his voice.

"No! It's okay. I kinda need to talk to the boy." I sign with my voice.

I like him as Dad thing... 

"Okay! Now, tell me what's his name?" Nathan signs with his voice.

I was about to say something, but Nelly interrupts my saying.

"AHHHH!!!" She screams.

"Nelly!" I call out to her.

Then I ran to where Nelly stands there.

"What's wrong?!" I ask.

Nelly looks freeze by hold the newspaper when I arrive, and I pant at the same time. 

What's going on?

"Let me see it," Nathan says.

He takes it and then he read it. 

"Holy shit!" He shouts as he looks shocked. 

"What's now?!" I ask.

He looks at me with his sad look on his face.

What is it, I wonder?

"Why do you read it?" Nathan signs with his sad voice.


Before he was so happy and now he looks sad. 

"Oh, sure..." I say.

Like what I say...

What is it?

He gives me a newspaper, and I was nervous. 

"Don't freak out." Nathan signs with his voice. 

I take it, and I nod slowly. 

I look down at the newspaper, and I read slowly...

"One Direction was in New York yesterday! But Harry wants to find the missing deaf girl, Hollie Payne. By the way, Where is she?" I say as I read aloud. 

I was shocked. 

"Why?" I ask sadly.

I sigh sadly, throw the newspaper on the floor, and I run to upstairs but Nathan stops me.

He just calls my name and I can feel the tears build up on my eyes.

I turn around to see him and about to cry it out but I hold them back. 

"What?!" I shout.

Nathan looks shocked because he never saw me when I cry and he sighs sadly.

"I'm sorry! Hollie!" Nathan signs with his sad voice.

I was confused.

Was it him who told Harry? 

I groan, and I turn around at the same time. 

"Hollie!" Nelly calls out to me.

I run to my room, and I slam the door so hard. 

I lay down on my bed and sob at the same time.

"Oh, Harry. Why?" I talk to myself.

I sigh sadly and the door open that I can hear. 

"Hollie?" It was women's voice.


"Go away!" I shout.

Nelly sighs sadly that I can hear.

"Well... Have you speak to Liam last night?" She asks. 

I sit up, and all I see is she stands by the door.

"Have he ask the boys? Haven't he?!" I sigh with my voice.

Nelly saw me too, and she looks shocked.

"Yes," Nelly says.

I was shocked. 

"But why?" I ask.

Nelly sighs sadly and I sigh exhusedly.

"I don't know. Maybe Liam gives him a hint." She signs with her voice. 

I sigh annoyingly.


"I know. You don't want to see Harry, right?" Nelly continues to sign. 

I chuckle softly. 

Do I?




Zayn P.O.V

In the Evening,

We're in New York and we're at home in hostel.

I saw Harry and Louis gone outside like now. 

"Where are you going?" I say as I get their attention. 

"Zayn, let him go." Liam orders. 

I turn around to see Liam, and I was confused.

"Yeah, bu-" Liam interrupted me.

"I told Louis to go with him," He says.

"Oh! So, you were saying that Louis goes out with Harry, right?" I say dumbly. 

I make sure that I understand.

Sometimes I feel like a Dumb boy.

"Yes. That's what I'm trying to say." Liam explains.

"Oh!" I say.  

"Hey." Niall greets.

I turn back to get his attention. 

"Hey..." I greet back.

"Niall!" Liam calls. 

"Yeah?" Niall answers as he looks confused.

"Well... I give you for free time. While you two gone, I'll be here and wait for Louis call me if you need me." Liam explains.

"Oh... Right. So... Zayn, can we go now if that's what you want?" Niall says and asks me. 

"Well..." I pause.

I thought for a minute... 

"Yeah! Sure!" I say. 

I went to my bed, and I take my coat with me.

Yeah, that room has five bed.

"Let's go!" I say.

I was at outside.

"Niall?!" I called when I feel dizzy and tried to take a bit remember.

"I'm coming!" Niall says.

I sigh sadly. 


I'm dumb.

It was strange!

Before the girl, who I don't know, was gone, I feel like I'm fine but when she was gone, my brain had gone, and I act like dumb. 

I sigh sadly. 

"Oh, well!" I talk to myself.

Someone was standing behind me and was about to tap on my shoulder.

"Oh, well what?" That was Niall says with his Irish accent.

I was shocked, and I look around until I look at Niall as I was confused.

"What's wrong with you?" Niall asks. 

I sigh sadly, and I look down on the ground. 

"It's just... I got a feeling that I miss her." I say.

I look up at Niall, and I give him an adorable smile. 

"Where do you want to go?" I ask.

"I'm only want to go to looking for shopping," Niall explains.

"Oh. Okay! So, what are you waiting for?" I say and ask.

We're walking away and walking until I'm bumping into some girl who has blonde hair.

She turns around to see us, and she looks down on the ground. 

"Oh, I'm sorry!" That was the girl, who has blonde hair, says.

"It's okay, um..." I say.

She looks up at us, and she looks shocked to see us. 

She has wonderful brown eyes.

She sighs sadly. 

"Oh. It's you, Niall, Zayn." The girl says with her British accent. 

"Yes?" I answer as I was confused.

What was that?

We look at each other, and we were confused. 

We look back at her and take a closer to see her face. 

"Why are you excited to see us?" Niall asks.

She looks down on the ground and then she looks back at us.

"Because..." The girl pauses.

She closes her eyes, sighs sadly and then she opens her eyes.

"I'm the one who goes missing." The girl whispers.

Niall looks shocked. 

"Do you know where's that girl?" I ask.

"No. She stands here... Where am I stand. In the front of her." She continues to whisper. 

"Oh," I say.

"Zayn, what's wrong with you?" She asks sadly. 

"There has some problem that... When Hollie's gone, his brain's and memories were gone. So, we are going to decide to give him some memories of her." Niall explains to the girl.

She nods.

"Oh... Zayn, please remember this." The girl says.

She was about to hug me, but I stop her because I never got a hug from the boys.

"Stop!" I say.

She has the tears build upon her eyes.

"Why?" She asks.

She reminds me of someone.


Start with H? 

Niall sighs sadly.

"Well... Good-bye." He says.

He takes my arm, and we start to walk away, but she stop us.

She sighs sadly. 

"Fine! My name is Emma." The girl says.

I was shocked, stop him to walking away and I turn around to see 'Emma'.

I was confused. 


Emma what?

She sighs sadly. 

"Dawson?" Emma continues. 

I was shocked.

I remember a little. 


I was shocked, and Hollie sighs sadly.

"Fine... I have to go now." She says.

She was about to walk away, but I stopped her from grabbing her arm. 

"Emma!" I shout.

She stops to walking away, and she turns around to see us as she looks confused. 

I run to her, and I give her a tight hug. 

"Huh?" She says confusedly. 

I pull away. 

"Hollie, is it you?" I whisper.

She looks shocked.

"Zayn..." Hollie calls sadly. 

"Now I remember you. Well, a little. When I met you for the first time." I say.

Niall stands there in awkward.

"Okay!" Niall says awkwardly. 

I turn around, and I run to him. 

"It's her! (Hollie.)" I say.

Niall looks at her direction, and he looks confusedly.

"Emma? Is that right?" He asks.

I turn around to see her, and she nods.

"Yes!" Hollie says. 

"You better to go and hide," I order.

She smiles kindly. 

"Yes, I know..." She says.

Hollie runs away. 

"Niall, we gotta miss her. But I promise you it's going to be alright!" I explain as I stare at her. 

I smile kindly. 

Have I acted like not dumb?

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