Sorry is an understatement

My names Skylar Jane Payne I'm Liam Payne's Sister and Niall Horans girlfriend
The guys have just finished there 12 Month Tour And things have changed with me


3. vase

of Course Ni I laugh

"woah is that the vase?" Liam Says Pointing at The broken blue Vase on the floor

"oh wow how much blood are you ok omg sky" Louis Says And I now look at the floor where a pile of blood sits

I'm fine Guys.

They all nod and Liam helps me clean up the vase


Yes Guys I say Sitting on the floor. While everyone gathers with me

"we all got you stuff from Tour!!'

Zayn says excitedly

guyssssss I said nothingggg

"well you think we are gonna listen to you!"

Harry says and I laugh shaking my head

"open!" Liam throws me a little Orange box

I open it and Find A Necklace with The letter "S"

On it Awwwwww Li li thank youuuu I hug him

"mineeeeee now!" Louis says

aww ok. I say

"well I didn't have time to wrap it or anything sooooo here" He throws me a jumper and a t-Shirt The jumper Is orange and the shirt is a white one with "Skylar is my bitch" I laugh and thank him

"well Harry and I got you Something together" Zayn says Smiling AWWW thank you boys

Harry passes me a large box. I open it and inside is A heap of stuff Chips,Lolies,Drinks,Shirts hats and everything

OMG thank youuuuu "We got You something from Every place we went" Harry says

Aw I love it all thank you

"wait I have one" Niall Sits beside me and Opens a Small Baby blue Box. Inside is a ring.

"it's a promise Ring. that I will always be here for you No matter the pain" I Wipe a few tears away and Hug him I love you ni "Love you to my sky sky"

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