Sorry is an understatement

My names Skylar Jane Payne I'm Liam Payne's Sister and Niall Horans girlfriend
The guys have just finished there 12 Month Tour And things have changed with me


4. harry knows..

-skys pov-  (self harm is in this chapter please don't read if you are triggered easy)


its been 3 weeks since the boys got home and I love having them here. I mean we have had our little fight already but there my brothers/boyfriend and I love them.



"PUT ME DOWN HARRY!!!!!!" I scream cause im currently being thrown over Harrys shoulder

he smirks and starts to walk outside

"isn't it a hot day today sky sky" he smirks


he kisses my cheek then im thrown into the middle of the pool, theres one problem..i have no clue how to swim I splash around gasping for air while I see harry zayn and Louis all laughing


-liams pov-


'hey li have you seen sky?"

uhmm I think shes outside...I look out to see the lads laughing and some splashing coming from the pool

"oh shit!" I scream running out niall running behind me

"SKY!" I scream drawing the lads attention

"shes alright man" harry laughs and I shake my head jumping in the pool swimming to the bottom dragging my sister to the top.

"holy shit" harry whispers and they help me get out.

she cant fucking swim! I scream at everyone

ewww liam put your shirt on. I hear mysister soft voice

I laugh and kiss her cheek

-skys pov (again)

'im so so sorry sky" harry says playing with my hair

Hazza its ok I smile playing with his hands now..


yes harry.?

"whats t-that" I look down and notice majority of my cuts and scars are showing

I quickly rip my hand away.

Nothing  Harry.

"sky. talk to me what happen

I got depressed I whisper..

he takes my wrist and pulls my jumper sleave up looking at all the scars and cuts

"does niall or liam know?"

no.. your the only one

' here for you please talk to me when you feel like..." he looks at my cuts and nods

I weakly smile and nod

(A/N HEYYYYY soooo I really suck At wrtting and I just got a laptop! so I dont have to write on my phone anymore.. anyway follow me on twitter  @horanFanzTEON and on instargram my one direction fan account

@punkassnialler )


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