Sorry is an understatement

My names Skylar Jane Payne I'm Liam Payne's Sister and Niall Horans girlfriend
The guys have just finished there 12 Month Tour And things have changed with me


2. chapter 2

I angrily throw a vase at the wall making it smash and Cut into my leg and arms

I Fall to the ground and shake In fear.

I can't do it I just can't..

I'm taken out of my trance when my phone starts to ring.

Hello..? I Answer

"hey Sky sky how are you"

Fine Thanks Liam you?

"I'm great. hey the lads and I are at the airport."

alright I'll be there in 10.

"alright love you. Niall misses you"

Miss him to. bye

I hang up and Go to the car Starting it and driving towards the airport




The words echo through my head over and over again. I shake it off when 5 Guys climb into the car.

(btw it's a van)

"SKYYYY!" they all practically scream Laughing at themselves

Hey lads. I reply simply I start the engine and drive back home

"hey Sky what's up with your arm?" Louis asks pointing to a cut with dried blood.

Oh right. uhm I Dropped a vase and it smashed I weakly laugh

"silly girl" Zayn buts in. I roll my eyes getting out and Helping the guys with there bags.

"Paul will be over Sometime tomorrow to help around" Liam smiles happily

We all walk into the house and stop everything. I'm Squished by a group hug from everyone

"next time you have to come Kay" Niall says kissing me softly

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